UM Fan from Sydney

July 23rd, 2018 at 1:56 PM ^

You can type whatever the fuck you want. I could not care less if you do that. I was simply wondering why you did, especially considering it's two extra letters and takes less than one second to add to the word. I have never seen "vid" be short for "video" until you started doing it. I was simply curious. That's all.

Wow. You need to calm the fuck down, man.

JWG Wolverine

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My apologies, I had absolutely no idea that people (especially those here who seem to use other abbreviations and spend time on the internet) haven’t heard that abbreviation before.

Your original comment carried the tone as of which you had seen that before and it just bothered you for no reason. I’m pretty sure other people took it the same way based on these other responses and the fact that you got negged.

JWG Wolverine

July 23rd, 2018 at 1:31 AM ^

I would like to give another HUGE shoutout to chatster. Thank you for doing those two posts while I was gone!

Should be smooth sailing from here on out. Happy Media Days!


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Ron Johnson is a great choice for 40. Runners-up could include LB Ron Simpkins, who stripped the ball from USC tailback Charles White in the Phantom Touchdown in the 78 (I think) Rose Bowl. Also John Kolesar, the speedy WR who caught the bomb from Harbaugh to put away Ohio State in 85.


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Just had to share this. Our family just moved back to Ann Arbor in 2016. Today I was driving my 3 oldest kids down Stadium Blvd. As we pass Michigan stadium here’s the conversation:

Catherine (9 yrs): Danny did you know green is a bad color?

Danny (8yrs): no why?

C: because green is for Michigan State. And we hate State. 

Me: now, we don’t hate people from MSU - we just don’t like their sports teams. 

C: it’s ok to hate their team. Not the people in the team of course, but the team isn’t a person so we can hate them

Thérèse (6 yrs): and we don’t like Michigan State because they took a name that copies Michigan, the greatest team. I bet they did that because they wish they could be a good as Michigan is.  

I am SO proud!

The season can’t start soon enough! Looking forward to taking them all to their first game this fall!

JWG Wolverine

July 23rd, 2018 at 3:49 PM ^

Of course we don't hate people from MSU, but we aren't afraid to admit that they can be bad role models at times....

Glad to know people of all ages are pumped up for this season! I hope this anticipation climaxes with a successful and loud maize and blue invasion of Notre Dame Stadium, to witness Coach Harbaugh and the team beat a rival!


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As a long-time New York Giants football fan who remembers going to Giants' pre-season training camps at Fairfield University in Connecticut and regular season games at the old Yankee Stadium during the 1960s, seeing Ron Johnson's photo and the video clip reminded me that his life's story has come to a sad ending.

After being diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease in 2008, Michigan's College Football Hall of Famer Ron Johnson has been in an assisted-living facility in New Jersey. LINK to the September 18, 2011 New York Times article that describes what Johnson's living conditions were like seven years ago.