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days until memories of Michigan’s College Football Hall-of-Fame, All-American running back Rob Lytle bring HOPE, inspiration and encouragement to the 2018 Wolverines football team as they run roughshod over Notre Dame in South Bend to get the new season off to a great start. Go Blue!



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For today’s videos, here are some Michigan football highlights in memory of and to honor the late Rob Lytle, courtesy of Dr. Sap and Wolverine Historian. LINK 1, LINK 2, LINK3

Added to MGoBlog 3.0 at the request of JWG Wolverine who’s away from his computer today.



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Six weeks from now I'll be sitting down to brunch with my wife somewhere in the vicinity of South Bend, Indiana proudly wearing my Michigan gear & enjoying the afterglow of our victory the previous night.




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You are correct, sir!

At first, I considered using this photo, but (a) it's a road uniform and (b) the full number is blocked by his arm raised across his chest. I knew that the photo I used wasn't showing the actual game helmet he wore, but the photo I used allowed me to show the full number and also insert the word HOPE in my comment.

As someone who remembers watching those Bob Hope Christmas Specials with the AP All-American College Football teams as a teenager in the 1960s, I recall that players typically brought the shiniest helmets they could find for their introductions on the show.

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This photo might've been better.

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...and of course, Lytle's hometown of Fremont, Ohio would eventually also give us someone we will undoubtedly run into in the "There Are..." posts as we get into the week before the first game. 

You all know who, of course. 


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FUN FACT:  On October 9, 1976, two days after that other Michigan player was born, Rob Lytle ran for 180 yards on ten carries to lead the Wolverines to their seventh straight win over Michigan State in a 42-10 smashing of the Spartans at the Big House.  It was the most points Michigan had scored against Michigan State since 1947 and the Wolverines ran for a total of 442 yards on 62 carries.

Here's one of Rob Lytle's highlights from that game -- a 75-yard touchdown run to open the scoring for the Wolverines.