June 13th, 2018 at 1:26 AM ^

Inserting Images In Posts

That Imce File Manager system involves many more steps to insert an image than what was relatively simple in MGoBlog 2.0.  Through trial and error, I had to learn that I (a) first had to save an image to my computer, then (b) click on the Images icon in the Imce File Manager box, then (c) click on the Upload button, then (d) click on "Add File", then (e) find the image in the Photos file in my computer, then (f) click on that image, and then finally (g) click on "Select" in order for the image to appear in the body of the post.   And I still have no idea what it would take to resize the image OR how to embed a video -- two things that were relatively easy for me in MGoBlog 2.0.