There are...

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...days until Curtis Greer (DT 1976-1979) watches the 2018 edition of his team give the ND QB some pressure, just like he did to some guy named Joe Montana in 1978.

5 days into the countdown.

It just keeps getting closer, and the excitement is just starting to build!

Go Blue and To Hell With Notre Dame!


JWG Wolverine

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Here is that 1978 Michigan-Notre Dame game, which also renewed a lost rivalry between the two teams, and also was a maize and blue victory in South Bend!

Ricky Leach and Joe Montana battle it out.

Bob Ufer has the call!

Thanks as always WolverineHistorian for great vids!


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Rudy sold the use of his name, via the selling of one of his legal business consulting/motivational entities.  There was a proper contract insisting on proper legal behavior by which the purchasing partner did not abide.  The scam artist used Rudy's name to suck in others and then ran off with the money. 

Rudy demonstrated an ability to work hard.  He is not a strong legal or business professional.

He paid back all the money he received to the victims (at least that was the court approved agreement.)

I still like the movie (with its many flaws and fictional moments.) 

Dan Devine reported that if anyone dared turn in their uniform to him that they would never see it again.  And of course, he does what he can to get every senior walk-on onto the field during a game.


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Love the countdown during the summer months. The team reports to summer workouts today with coach Herbert. There will be some battles in the weight room on Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri during the strength and conditioning sessions. Some OL need to make a move before fall camp. 


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THE POSITIVE: Move up the depth chart to solidify a starting position or becoming a reliable rotation player who can be counted on as a good contributor.
From what I've read here, it seems like (a) the interior of the offensive line is set with Ben Bredeson, Cesar Ruiz and Mike Onwenu, (b) Grant Newsome's future remains uncertain, (c) Juwann Bushell-Beatty, James Hudson and Jon Runyan are among the most likely starters at tackle and (d) the coaches are comfortable with Stephen Spanellis as the utility member of the group. Are Chuck Filiaga, Joel Honigford and Andrew Stueber those who "need to make a (POSITIVE) move" during these workouts? Will any of those three be expected to be in the rotation this coming season?
THE NEGATIVE: Move to a different position, or worse, to a different school.
Will the coaches be evaluating the work of the offensive linemen during these summer workouts to determine whether any of them won't be invited to participate in fall camp? The spring football roster listed 16 offensive linemen, including Grant Newsome, and there are only two offensive linemen in the 2018 recruiting class. Won't the additional offensive linemen be needed for the scout team? Are any of the returning offensive linemen in jeopardy of being asked to switch positions or consider transferring?

Prince Lover

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Go Blue!!!

I do love these countdowns.
I don’t open them every day, just every now and then. That way I get surprised at how fast the number jumps.


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We're getting into the months where the "There Are" threads are, on some days, one of the few threads worth opening because it contains a bit of reminiscing about seasons past as well as a bit of anticipation about the upcoming season. Those of you who provide these threads are indeed doing the board a service. 


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We are getting much too close to the season without the scholarship roster set at 85. As an outsider to Schembechler Hall, I have no idea whether someone is going to get told they have to go or whether we have a few that actively want to. But with M. Lawrence playing a key position for us depth wise, I really doubt any of the departures are 5th years. Which could mean the roster has been mishandled and suggests an upcoming media maelstrom. For the kids, if relevant, and for that media nuisance, for sure, this is probably going to suck.