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Ty Wheatley watches Meeeechigan run wild all over the gators!!  GO BLUE!!

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Mr. Yost

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I just made my viewing schedule for 9/9...I don't think we've seen a week of football like this, ever. There have been some AWESOME "JUDGEMENT DAYS" in the past where it's late October and you've got a bunch of highly ranked conference matchups...but this early in the season? This is special.

TV #1: #11 Michigan vs. Cincinnati [ABC/ESPN/ESPN2]
TV #2: #16 Louisville @ UNC [ABC/ESPN/ESPN2]
TV #3: ECU @ #22 W. Virginia [FS2]
TV #1: Pitt @ #6 Penn St. [ABC]
TV #2: TCU @ Arkansas [CBS]
TV #3: W. Michigan @ MSU [BTN] / (4:30pm - Nebraska @ Oregon [FOX])
TV #1: #7 Oklahoma @ #2 OSU [ABC]
TV #2: (7:00pm - #12 Auburn @ #5 Clemson [ESPN])
TV #3: #15 Georgia @ Notre Dame [NBC] / (8:30pm #14 Stanford @ #4 USC [FOX])
*PREV CHAN*: (8:30p - #15 Georgia @ Notre Dame [NBC])
TV #1: Boise St. @ #24 Washington St. [TBD]
TV #2: Houston @ Arizona [TBD]
TV #3: (10:15pm - Utah @ BYU [TBD])
*PREV CHAN*: (11p - San Diego St. @ Arizona St. [PAC12])
Other Watchable Games Not Listed:
12pm: FAU @ #9 Wisconsin [BTN] (Kiffin and Last Chance U!)
12pm: Charlotte @ #20 Kansas St. [TBD]
3:30pm: Fresno St. @ #1 Alabama [ESPN2]
6pm: Marshall @ NC St. [ACC]
8:00pm: Memphis @ UCF [ESPNEWS]
10pm: Minnesota @ Oregon St. [FS1]


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Hot takes:
PSU has lots of trouble with Pitt and escapes a squeaker.
MSU does the same against WMU.
ND looks listless against Georgia and BK turns magenta and blames players.
Stanford/USC is a close game and SC wins at home.
The headliner:
Baker Mayfield goes off in Columbus and Barrett never gets going. OK by a touchdown.


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A game is a big party, and I'm not sure this party is going to happen. At least not anywhere in Texas. 

I've been up much of the night messaging people in the Houston area (where I grew up). Up until about midnight, people were typically stoic about it. By this morning, those same folks are rattled if not panicking. They're moving to second floors. Some people are now on the rooftops. 

No, the storm is not going to shut down Dallas. But tens of thousands of people are going to hit the roads when they can escape (which may not be until late this week) and they're going to head for San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas. That means those cities will be setting up to receive people who have no relatives or others they can stay with and can't afford hotels. 

I don't know if Jerryworld will be a camp by next weekend. It's not unthinkable. But even if not, I can tell you the notion that there's going to be a massive party in the Metroplex while this human castrophe is still unfolding down the road a few hours on I-45 may be hard for many to stomach.

If I had Warde's ear this morning, I'd tell him get on the phone with UF's AD and move the game somewhere else and make the plans staring now. Have an alternate venue chosen by close of business Monday. 


August 27th, 2017 at 1:17 PM ^

This is stupid. 


Besides the fact that the Dallas/Ft. Worth metro is not going to be impacted in any sort of severe way, moving this game away from Dallas would: 

  • Hurt the Texas economy even more than it already will be this week. 
  • Cause 10s of thousands to lose out on the hundreds they paid for flights and tickets, for no discernable reason. 
  • Sports bring people together in times of tragedy. One of the few things that don't divide people in such a divisive time for our nation. 


Should the University of Texas also cancel their game with Maryland? How about Baylor's home game? Austin is much closer to the impacted areas than Arlington, as is Waco. What about Houston at UT-San Antonio? That's also closer. Much of Texas is also much further from the impact areas than most of Louisiana and Arkansas; should those states also shut down? 


This makes sense for the BYU-LSU game given that was located in Houston, but Texas is a gigantic state of more than 27 million people. You can't shut the entire state down just for solidarity purposes. 



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and I doubt they would ever do it out of "solidarity," but by late-week we're going to have a sense of how large the "refugee" (or more accurately, internally displaced people or IDP) flow from Houston to surrounding metro areas will be. It has the potential to be massive if the 4th largest city in the US becomes completely paralyzed. God forbid, if the body count starts to soar, who knows how sentiment in the state will run. 

They would never, ever move a Cowboys game. College football between two out-of-state teams? I don't know, it's not totally beyond the realm if things get bad enough in a few days. Admittedly, it's a little hard to imagine Jerryworld welcoming IDPs the way the Astrodome did post-Katrina (Reliant Stadium was open by then so there was no conflict with games), but the Alamodome seems like a maybe. Memorial Stadium in Austin and McLane in Waco are both open-air so those seem like non-starters. My guess would be at least one or two convention centers in those cities get co-opted by FEMA and the Gov. within days, though. 


The Fan in Fargo

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Yeah if they haven't tried working out a venue change by now then they all need to hire someone to smack them in the head and be a reminder to do every part of their jobs. On a less important note, I don't think I've thought of or saw the old Reebok pumps for over 20 years. The clown in number 99 is wearing them for ND. Honestly, if that wasn't the biggest crock of shit in the history of shoes. I know I stressed many hours because I didn't have pumps and other kids did. I know why my mom and dad wouldn't pay for them either. Junk junk junk. Stupid Reebok idiots.