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days until Jordan Kovacs watches his alma mater beat the heck out of Florida!!!

EDIT: (I know, he changed numbers from #32)




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There is definitely a hierarchy when it comes to my college football game consumption, but much of that goes out the window when the pickings are slim.


The hierarchy goes like this:

Any live/DVR'd Michigan game in which the outcome isn't known by me.  Try to interrupt me when I'm watching & I will rip out your lungs and grill them for a halftime snack.






Any live game with a key matchup of national powers OR upset possibility in the 4th quarter.  Try to interrupt me when I'm watching & I'll be visibly irritated.


Live generic Power 5 matchups.  Try to interrupt me and I won't care.


Replays of Michigan games of yore



But things change when coming off an 8 month dry spell.  I distinctly remember watching Hawaii vs. Cal at like 1am last year, simply because I was football starved & Hawaii was going to be our next opponent.  It's like the Tier 3 game suddenly rocketed into the #1 position.


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Semantics, but Kovacs changed numbers from 32 to 11 to honor the Dave Brandon "you're a Senior so change your number to a retired number and piss off your fan base" era. 

Also, if you're going or honor the 11th day with #11 Kovacs, you have to at least mention the Wistert Brothers, who are being honored with the legends patches.

Duval Wolverine

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Just passing along some info from Sam Webb's inside the sub from yesterday-  John Runyan is now running with the ones and DPJ is impressing the most right now of all the receivers.