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the Lions won the Championship 1957, the halfback was Number 40

Howard Hopalong Cassidy.  

I barely remember him in the 60s, He was very good. and I loved him until my dad told me in college he won the Heisman for osu.  Oh my. 

philidor's legacy

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UF 5th year senior safety Marcell Harris (who led UD in tackles last season) is out with a torn Achilles tendon. He was one of the sure things for a D-unit looking to replace 7 players. Warm up that arm Wilton...


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That play is my greatest Michigan football memory.

Sitting in the student section and watching that play develop right into us. The stadium exploding when eveeryone realized what was happening. Having grown up in the shadow of the golden dome, ND was the big rivalry for me. At that moment I truly understood OSU and why we HAVE to beat them.

40 more days!


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Was a great defender.  If memory serves, he was old school with the neck roll.

Bring on the season!!  Start it off with a huge win over Florida and keep it rolling.