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...days until Tate Forcier and Jonas Mouton watch Harbaugh & Co. smash the Rainbow Warriors.

Tate started for Michigan in 2009 and had a pretty solid season overall for being on a 5-7 team. He is likely most remembered for the game shown in the picture above, which was a thrilling victory over Notre Dame. Tate lost the starting job to one Mr. Denard Robinson in 2010 and the rest, as they say, is history.

Jonas was a freshman in 2006 (red shirted that year) and made his Michigan debut in 2007 against Notre Dame (we won that game 38-0). His first start was against Miami University in 2008. I feel that Jonas was an overall good linebacker. He was drafted in 2011 by the Chargers. He was placed on injured reserve that season. Jonas then tore his ACL in July of 2013 and missed that entire season. He was waived in 2014.


UM Fan from Sydney

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Everyone knows Jabrill; he is the easy pick for 5. Also, I have never heard of Wangler and Bell. I started watching Michigan football in 1991. Rob was great, too.

Or how about this? I can choose whomever I want. No one is stopping you from creating one of these threads. There are still 50-57 days left for these threads, so by all means, make one.

UM Fan from Sydney

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LOL, I don't need to solidify anything. I'm a die hard fan. I'm also sorry for not knowing every player to run onto that field, especially a guy who played before I was even born. I have seen that play to Carter a thousand times, but don't recall the quarterback's name. Again...sorry.


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By the time Carter crossed the goal line, I was 10 yards onto the field. The band personnel sitting on the field couldn't see past the team and crept out further and further.  That was my spine-chilling moment for a long time until Robinson to Gallon, followed a play later, Robinson to Roundtree.


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I want to avoid badmouthing people too much, but I will say this - I briefly met Tate and his family at a Michigan bar the year before he started out here in San Diego, and "Manziel-esque" is not an inaccurate description.  Also, a friend of mine from high school works at a limo/party bus service back in Ann Arbor, and once mentioned Tate had a standing friday night order (I hope/assume in the off season).  


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Could have been a really special player if he could have kept his head on straight.  Really a shame.  But on second thought...who gives a fat shit!  HARBAUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Those years existed!  And they stand as a monument to coaching hires - you screw it up, well, your program is toast.  As distasteful as they are, we need to remember, lest we forget and allow history to repeat itself.

"Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it."

   -- Winston Churchill