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...days until Donovan Warren and Brandon Minor watch Michigan beat Hawaii by many points.

Donovan played at Michigan from 2007 to 2009. He then decided to leave a year early only to not get drafted, even though the NFL's draft advisory board believed he'd be selected anywhere from round one to round three. Oops. Donovan signed a contract with the Jets, but was released in September of 2010. He also saw time with the Steelers, Lions, and Bears ("oh my"), but never panned out into a viable NFL cornerback.

Brandon was, simply put, a beast for Michigan (at least I think so). He wasn't the fastest, strongest, and certainly not the best running back in football, but the guy just worked really hard and played well fairly consistently. He split a lot of time with Sam McGuffie, Michael Shaw, and Carlos Brown, but at some point, Brandon beat Sam for the starting position in 2008. He, too, went undrafted, but signed a deal with the Bears, from which he was released in September of the same year. Brandon then saw time with the Saints, Colts, Packers, and Broncos.


EDIT: Oh, by the way....there is football next month.



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Will someone remind we what the deal with Warren was? I thought he was a really good corner, and remember being shocked that he wasn't drafted.

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IIRC, he hurt his ankle prior to the combines and performed horribly.  He left after his Junior year when told he was a 1-3 round pick.  His combine performance scared the teams away.


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Minor was underutilized. He had a nose for the end zone too. A combined 19 TDs on just 205 touches during his junior and senior seasons (5.2 yds/carry).

Threet and Sheridan ate up carries in 2008 and Forcier lead the team in rush attempts in 2009. IMO, RR gave too many different QBs and RBs rushes. No one player got the bulk and caught fire until Denard in 2010.