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days until Greg Mathews watches the Jim Harbaugh-led Wolverines take the field at Rice-Eccles in SLC!

We're watching football in less than 2 weeks people!



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That is one of 5 or 10 moments of the RR era that are just hard for me to watch these days.  One of those moments where I was so certain that we were going to be an ass-kicking ball of knives for 10-15 years under his watch.  God damnit.


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I never noticed until just now re-watching the clip but this actually looks like a designed play-action rollout pass which was blown up by the DE, so Forcier just took off.

QB doesn't really look to be making a read at the mesh and the receivers are all running legit routes and looking back for the ball.

Either way, one hell of a play.


August 21st, 2015 at 11:57 AM ^

It is cover 0. Probably close to the snap is when he recognized it because the safety rolls up late. ND doesn't help its cause by having an angle to the right where the flow of the play goes. It takes everyone out of the play except for the unblocked DE and the safety covering the H-back dragging underneath.

A perfect storm of no-nos for ND and the perfect play to run against that defense. 


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Totally random, but not thread worthy - I got PFT Commenter to challenge Darren Rovell to a blood test on Twitter yesterday. Rovell had posted this info about a blood test he took with a company in MA that calculates your internal age (compared to your real age) based on your blood composition and I said I bet PFT can score higher than Rovell. The blood test company and PFT responded that they'd set it up. Thought it was pretty funny.


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Next week is going to go so slow. The only thing that will help is high school football is back. I'm very excited to see my alma mater play again. 


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This play was one of the highlights of my fanhood to date. I remember sitting with my dad watching this and quite literally calling the play before it happened - Forcier rollout left to Matthews on an in-and-out for the score. I was almost WD-level obsessed back then.


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I too was watching this play with my father. I was thinking that we were back as a program and Rich Rod has found his savior at qb. Funny thing is that I thought the same thing the following year when we won in south bend. I always put too much stock in beating an overrated Notre Dame team


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I don't think there has ever been an offseason where the wait has felt this long. Quite possibly the slowest 13 days of my life coming up

Prince Lover

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I feel like that old commercial where the woman is outside the glass door to the mall with her face pressed up against the glass repeating, "open open open open" over and over again.
Can't get here soon enough, especially considering I will be able to watch the game! No more evening work hours for me!!