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40 days until we take the field! Go Blue!

Fact about Mr. Johnson: Set the school record by rushing for 347 yards against Wisconsin in 1968.


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I made the mistake of leaving that game at halftime because the weather was miserable.  Johnson went wild in the second half and I missed seeing it live although the game was televised and I watched it at a friend's apartment.  With rare exceptions, I have always stayed until the final gun since then--win or lose.

Sadly, Johnson has Alzheimer's and last I knew was living in a care facility in New Jersey.  Truly one of Michigan's leaders and best.


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Thanks for the tickets, Don Canham! I have never been as cold as I was during that game. My junior high school football team ended up huddled as a group in front of the pressbox. I can clearly remember being miserable just after half-time, but RoJo's performance in the second half washed a lot of that misery away. We were still happy to climb back aboard the bus. That was November 16, 1968. Touchdown Tim came close, but that record still stands after 45 years.


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Unfortunately some peope feel differently, as said some people think they're for weddings. FIRST DAY OF THE SEASON I have to attend a damn wedding. I am sure there are others in the same boat and it just sucks.

When I complain about this (which happens yearly it seems), some people always say, "Well the Michigan game will be over in time" or something to that affect (effect?). Well, it's not just the Michigan game I want to's all of the other games. Saturdays are chock-full of football and I enjoy watching as many games as possible.


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There was another Ron who wore #40 - Ron Simpkins, a consensus selection at LB to the 1979 All-America Team, a team which included selections like Billy Sims and Mike Singletary. 

LINK to Bentley Historical Library page. He racked up 516 career tackles in his Michigan career.