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I thought I would write something about The Game to add to this post, but this speech -- from a man who means so much to us -- beats any attempt I could make at it.



"We want the Big Ten championship and we're gonna win it as a Team. They can throw out all those great backs, and great quarterbacks, and great defensive players, throughout the country and in this conference, but there's gonna be one Team that's gonna play solely as a Team. No man is more important than The Team. No coach is more important than The Team. The Team, The Team, The Team, and if we think that way, all of us, everything that you do, you take into consideration what effect does it have on my Team? Because you can go into professional football, you can go anywhere you want to play after you leave here. You will never play for a Team again. You'll play for a contract. You'll play for this. You'll play for that. You'll play for everything except the team, and think what a great thing it is to be a part of something that is, The Team. We're gonna win it. We're gonna win the championship again because we're gonna play as team, better than anybody else in this conference, we're gonna play together as a team. We're gonna believe in each other, we're not gonna criticize each other, we're not gonna talk about each other, we're gonna encourage each other. And when we play as a team, when the old season is over, you and I know, it's gonna be Michigan again, Michigan."




I'd like to thank the seniors on this Michigan's 132nd football team. Hats off to you.

No men have had to go through such such adversity like these men have. No men have tried harder to succeed even though success seemed impossible.

In my book, every one of these seniors is a true Michigan Man.

I hope these great men get carried off the field after the last home game of their Wolverine careers with a win. No players have ever deserved it more. Do it for them.



As I finish this week's last 'There are...' post, I've got one last thing to say...





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I remember feeling scared about this game for the past several years.  I never really felt like we could win it since Lloyd's last season.  I was intimidated by OSU.  Tomorrow, I want our Wolverines to dominate them in such a way that they feel unsure of their team, and scared of ours.  I want Ohio fans to feel what I've felt.  Tomorrow could build the foundation of tides being turned.  Tomorrow's game is more important than any game we've played in quite some time.

I have never set foot in the state of Michigan.  I expect every last one of you that are lucky enough to be in The Big House to scream until you're spitting blood. 

I look forward to the day I can visit Michigan Stadium for the first time; being surrounded by fellow Michigan fans 100,000 deep - I've never been surrounded by enough Michigan fans to fill a Toyota Prius. I will most certainly cry on my first visit.  I get chills, and come close to tears watching old replays.   

Scream for, cheer for, and love my Wolverines for me tomorrow.


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From the big house. I passed it on the way to my friends apartment. It was so lonely, so beautiful. I could hear it whispering beat Ohio. It wants this. It needs this. I need this. We need this.

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So fucking excited I can't even wait. I can see the stadium from my dorm room right now, it looks so quiet in the night. Tomorrow I can't wait for it to be filled with the maize and blue faithful.