There are...

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days until Carvin shuts down the Western attack.


There are also...

days until Shaw and take down N.D.


There are also...

days until Jibreel becomes Kirk Cousins worst nightware.


There are also...

days until Terry and Joe watch their future team beat Ohio State.



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I know this is kind of spamming a thread, but I couldn't get anyone to respond to my previous posts in more topical threads and this is important. Sorry if this is super annoying, take it as an honor to be so envied by a high schooler...


I know this is a biased source, but I'm also wondering if, assuming I get in, UM is really worth the massive price difference due to me getting an automatic half-off at tuition at MSU since both my parents work there. I know I would certainly prefer U of M. =)

I would just like some advice on getting in, what to do on my app, and some realistic chances. This is kinda long but I would really appreciate some feedback.


-4 years of Band, including Marching Band. Will be editor of Band newsletter during senior year.
-A year of forensics (impromptu speech) over junior year, won numerous tournaments and came 5th in the state
-National Honor Society, including tutoring my former 8th grade English teacher's students (since 10th grade)
-3.84 UW gpa, idk weighted
-Honors English since 9th grade, All A's there
-A.P. World History in 10th grade, Government in 11th: 5's on both their exams. A's in both classes.
-Self-studied European and US history junior year, got a 4 and a 5 (classes not offered at my school, few APs are)
-Took Spanish for 2 years, will have taken German for 2 years. Will have Spanish for 3 years if they can fix my senior schedule.
-30 ACT score
-Taking AP Lit, both AP Econs, and AP CPS next year. Econ might not run since a few people are dropping it, but I'll still take the exams. 
-Top 10 percent of class
-I have kythosis (spinal issues) due to almost dying at birth, so I've had weekly physical therapies since the beginning of my life, sometimes up to 3 a week at certain points. This takes up more time than any extracurricular or anything, but I'm not sure if I should mention it. 

Everything would be higher if not for freshman year...I had lots of emotional troubles and got 2 C minuses in Geometry, and somehow, an A minus in band! (gasp!)

After a 3.65 freshman gpa, sophomore year was 3.96, junior year 3.9. So, do you guys think I have a shot at UM? If I can get in, I have another question: because my parents work at MSU, I get automatic half off tuition. Is UM worth the giant price difference? I doubt I'll get any aid there. 

Additionally, I am in state. Are there any other schools I should apply to?


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You will EASILY get in. I got in with about the same GPA and a lower ACT. You have good extra-curriculars, and I had the same thing happen with my freshman GPA being lower than Soph-Senior. Definitely mention the medical thing and how you overcame/are overcoming it in one of your essays. Finally, UM is definitely worth the price (I decided between MSU and UM as well). Good Luck!


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some programs are a lot bigger difference than others.

it also depends on what type of student you are. g

etting a 4.0 from state is easier than michigan and finding a job with any 4.0 is easier than michigan with a 3.0 (which might take comprable effort as that 4.0 at state.) Even with that being said the difference in wages and jobs might not be noticed for 10 years.


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Agree with karpodiem, yes you've got a great shot (although I'm hoping you were asking just for self-assurance and not evaluating your odds before deciding whether to apply - you should definitely apply).

With respect to the tuition difference between Michigan and State - granted I'm biased, but an in-state education at the University of Michigan is possibly the best value you can find in post-secondary education in the country.  Yes, it's more expensive, but the opportunities that will be opened for you at Michigan will be far greater than at State.  

Just look at the companies that recruit on campus at Michigan versus the ones that recruit at Michigan State - it takes much less effort to get in front of the recruiters at top tier organizations when you go to Michigan than when you go to Michigan State.  Not to say that it's impossible coming from Michigan State, but you have to be much more proactive and get "luckier" when reaching out to organizations that aren't recruiting on campus.

Best of luck to you!


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I'm thinking you should mention the spinal issues, don't think they'll hurt your chances. I'm pretty sure you'll get in because I got in and I'm out of state, I only took AP Chem and got a 4. I didn't even take the ACT, just the SAT, which you should probably take btw. However, many people have mentioned how much harder it has gotten to be accepted in, the good news is that I was a freshman only 2 years ago so it can't have gotten that much harder. As for the price, I'm paying out of state tuition (~44,000) but I have half off because of scholarships and I have no connections to the school so I'm sure you'll recieve some aid, depends on your parents' financial situation. I love this school and the price is worth it to me because it has always been my dream to go here since I was like 8. Do what's best for you....even it means becoming a sparty (dry heaves).

p.s. If you make it here and can handle it (re: spinal issues), I suggest you try out for the MMB. It's a great experience.

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As a Michigan grad (out of state) I can safely say that I got an excellent education and don't regret my decision for a second. Fortunately my parents were able to pick up my tab, but I had plenty of friends pay their way. You seem like a motivated kid and are definitely competitive for U of M. I don't know what the price difference is for U of M vs. MSU at half-price, but it shouldn't be unbearable. Do you know what field you want to go into?? That makes a difference. If you're thinking business or engineering (well anything that you will get a job right out of college) going to a school with a big name, big companies that interview nationally is a huge benefit. Every single one of my friends who went through engineering or business is very successful right now, including my fiance. I decided to go the medical school route, and I think it doesn't matter as much which undergrad you went to if you are applying to law or med school (or any sort of grad school). They look for overall achievement while at school rather than which school you went to. I graduated from U of M with slightly above a 3.5, and I'm sure I could have done better if I went to State. However, I took a lot of pride in the quality of the institution, so I don't regret my decision.

Ultimately, you need to worry about where you feel most comfortable. If you keep the same motivation that you have right now, you shouldn't have too much trouble paying off your loans eventually. Also, I would look at privately offered scholarships. Even 1,000 here and there can add up and you seem like you have a pretty good story, which never hurts for personal statements.


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If U of M is your goal and thats where you want to be at then do it. Over-prepare, do everything you possibly can to make it happen and work your ass off as hard as you possibly can. It will be huge character building experience to set a really high goal for yourself and achieve it. You might get in or you might not, but at least you'll know that you gave it your absolute best and you will be a better person because of it. Are you a lebowski achiever?! Or not?!

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and you have the means (i.e- accepted), don't compromise, no matter the cost.

I was born in Royal Oak but raised outside of Cleveland, and settled on staying in-state for college. I went to a MAC school. I had a good time.  Yet I often look back wistfully upon what I missed (I would have been in school in '97) and realize that the additional monetary cost ends up being negligible in the long run when viewed on balance with missing the opportunity to truly make a dream come true.



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I've been playing in the same softball tourney for 20 years in the thumb area, over the labor day weekend.  I always watch the 1st game at the Port Hope Hotel, which is actually just a restaurant/bar. 

Can't wait for the ND game!  Go BLUE!