There are...

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days until Jonas watches Cam and the rest of the D shut down Western in a blow out.


There are also...

days until Michigan defeats Sparty.


There are also...

days until Michigan defeats Ohio.


Welcome Erik and Tom!! A duo of studs join the family!!



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Ever since the 100 day mark these days have bee            n moving              ever              so             slowly.


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OT (to this thread)...I don't have enough points, so I figured I'd post this anyway.  I met Jim Harbaugh, and his dad, at a software user's conference a couple of weeks ago.  He kind of wandered in and just happen to sit in the group of couches I also occupied.
My initial impression was that he is a really nice guy, though that may have something to do with the fee he was getting to sign autographs?!  He signed a few things for me (which will not be for sale!... ZING tSIO) and I snapped a pic of me, him, and his dad on my phone!  He also stayed well past the scheduled time to make sure everyone in line got their change for a signature and he seemed to genuinely try and make conversation with each person he met.
We got to shoot the breeze for a bit.  I mentioned that I was a '00 grad and he smiled and said "Go Blue!"  I brought up the fact that much of the Michigan fanbase, including myself, had assumed that he would be our next coach after RichRod, though our current coach seems to be doing pretty well for himself.  Interestingly enough, he responded with... "I was this close to taking the job (making the inch close sign with his fingers)".  Just wonder how true actually was considering all the questions that were previously raised about The Process?
Anyway, sorry for going so far OT and reviving the whole CC topic.
All-in-all, I think we are in a great position with the guy we have!  I'm just hoping Mattison makes this D world beaters this year and Borges uses just the perfect amount of zone-read option to win Denard the Heismen!  Hey, one can always hope, right?!
Go Blue!


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They had us at sixth before those additions, but Florida (in fifth) has 8 four stars and 2 three stars (8/2) and Texas A&M (fourth) a whopping 11/7/2.  We're at 7/8/1 now according to ESPN (they consider Strobel a three star, and our 1 unranked is AJ Williams), so I'm thinking we maybe would've leapt into fifth ahead of Florida on sheer volume, but there's no way we could've passed A&M.


June 11th, 2011 at 12:42 AM ^

No, I just looked and we are still at 6 with an updated recruit list including the 2 from today. Florida, who is no. 5, has one more 4 star than us and 2 more ESPN 150s. I'm extremely suprised Magnuson isn't an ESPN150 considering how highly touted he is on other sites, but I'm not a football scout so I can't claim any opinion either way.


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Well we cant complain with sixth class for a first year coach who hasnt coached a game with this team and were already seeing the impact of recruiting off the field. Its no suprise Greg Mattsion is working his tail off getting these guys. Cant wait for those fall days on the couch listening to the victors after every touchdown. The thing I miss the most is our defense, boy do I miss LaMarr Woodley and his company.


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Can't wait to roll out of bed at 9, crack open a coors , catch the end of the arsenal match and then scream hail to the victors at the top of my lungs with my best buddies. Hoke will bring us back. I just know it...