Is there anywhere I can watch UM games online

Submitted by Timnotep on August 28th, 2010 at 1:38 PM

Disney's hold out on Time Warner is reaching Revis like proportions, they've already blacked out Cable Vision and Dish network and may do the same to Time Warner in the next month or so... which gives me a dilema, as Disney owns both ABC and ESPN. So does anyone know where I can watch games online (My ISP - Road Runner doesn't carry If not I'll be watching a lot from MGoBlue's Gametracker.



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But that's what I've been told is that they're blacking out Dish Network... probably around when the season starts... this came via an email from Time Warner;

To Our Valued Customers...

At Time Warner Cable, we're currently negotiating new contracts with Disney - the owner of ABC, ESPN and the Disney cable channels.

While we've been working hard to reach an agreement, Disney has been threatening a blackout - and telling Time Warner Cable customers to switch TV service providers.
But the fact is, only Disney can take their channels away from you - and this year alone, they've already pulled-the-plug on Cablevision and the DISH Network.


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I called Dish Network to find their version of events.  They say that it is not what Time Warner is saying.  They say the dispute is over rights for games and that Disney is withholding the rights to games to all providers.  Therefore a company (say Dish Netwok) can buy the rights to broadcast ESPN during a certain segment of time (say during a Michigan game).  So that means that only people that have Dish Network would be able to view that program.  They also say that rights to the games won't be certain until 5 minutes before air time.  Finally they sat that ESPN has not "pulled the plug" on them and regular viewing will continue uninterupted. 


To me this sounds insane.  I sure hope this guy at Dish Network got it wrong because this would cause chaos. I do know that I have Dish Network and I am still watching ESPN right now.


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It uses justintv and ustream to stream games (NFL,NBA,NCAA, even just ESPN), it's not the best video quality, but it works in a pinch, especially if you're out of market.


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My ISP (Road Runner) is owned by Time Warner Cable, and they are the ones in the contract dispute with disney (who owns ESPN)... so the legal route doesn't help me... and right now I'm all for screwing disney out of money... bastards trying to jack up the prices of my cable!


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Why isn't plan C to just go to a bar ?  Get wings, drink a beer, watch football.  Boom, you're in!

EDIT: I See your post below.  Do you have to be 21 to get into a Buffalo Wild Wings?  I could have sworn i've seen little kids there.


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I moved to Toronto in 2008. That year I was able to see all but one of the games on Rogers. In 2009, though, I wasn't able to catch any of the games on the Big Ten Network, so I wound up watching and streams for those games. Unfortunately the BTN played whack-a-mole with those streams, so I couldn't get anything consistently.

At some point last year Rogers inked a deal with the Big Ten Network, which is now included in my cable package so I had damn well better be able to see all the games this year.

The audio feed, however, worked out just fine.


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If you are old enough, and are not trapped at work or someting, go to a bar. Or go to a friend's house. Bribe some chick with a six pack or something (emphasis on the 'something'). But dont rely on the internets to watch Michigan football - it's just not there yet. I spent much of last season trying to watch the games online, and it was an exercise in frustration. ESPN, ABC, BTN, and the like, track down the feeds on JustinTV and similar sites and have them blocked - so you never know when the feed will go black. And when you are getting the feed, it is often quite poor quality. No, I tried the online thing last year, but not this year.


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Ouch, you are in a tough spot. It actually might not be worth it to watch with your nutty, probably still is. But if you do try to watch online, dont make the mistake I did and take it for granted that ESPN360 wont stream it in in MI and OH - last year I watched the first quarter of a game on JustinTV, waddled in frustration due to the poor quality, before realizing espn was streaming it in near HD for free here in AA. Every now and then you will get lucky.


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doesn't work with my ISP, especially now, since Time Warner provides my Cable, Phone, and Internet. I'll try some of those links if I can't watch it at a friends house... hopefully Disney stops being retarded and they can fix this problem... I remember Fox was holding out on Time Warner last December so a lot of bearcats fans thought they wouldn't get their bowl game... luckily Time Warner was able to come to an agreement with fox without raising prices (that I know of).

Mitch Cumstein

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For saturday day games, there are still a lot of bars that will probably let you in to watch Fball, just not drink.  Places like BWW and Dave and Busters don't ID at the door.  I think you can still watch games at these places if you aren't of age to drink alcohol.


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There are a lot of cam sites where you can show anything. So in reality anyone with good internet speed could aim a cam at the TV and the chances are slim to none that it would get shut down.  I cant really post a link because some show nudity and not sure how this site feels about that.

If I didn't have sub par streaming abilities I would be happy to do it for you.