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Theozone published an article on 10 fun facts about Michigan football.  They basically focused on how overrated they believe Brady is and how bad UM was during the RR & Hoke eras.  We all know Brady made himself famous in the NFL more so than at duh.  And, the RR & Hoke eras were some of the worst years in UM football history.  They also conveniently ignored the Cooper era numbers.  Here are some of their points.  


In this century (millenium), there have been more United States presidents than Michigan football wins over Ohio State.

OK :/

The beloved and untouchable Tom Brady threw for 2,427 yards in his twelve-game 1998 season. Dwayne Haskins threw for more than that by halftime of week eight this year.

The game was very different during that era.  How many yards did Joe Germaine throw for?  Brady was 1-1 against OSU.

Brady’s career numbers in Ann Arbor brought him to a total of 30 touchdown passes. The Buckeyes have had three QBs hit that mark in just one season.

Brady only started for not even a full 2 seasons.  Lets compare the OSU QBs with an equal number of starts.

You’d have to go back 110 years to find Michigan’s series advantage in The Game.

As a late-30 something guy I grew up in the late 80s and 90s.  During that time UM was 10-2 from ‘88 - ‘00.  Sounds like a series advantage to me.

Kids born since Thanksgiving in 2003 have seen Appalachian State beat Michigan as many times as they’ve seen the Wolverines beat their rivals.

The Rich Rod & Hoke era’s have been two of the worst in recent UM history.  I noticed you didn’t mention the Bo, Moellar, or Carr eras.  Isn’t that convenient.

The last player to graduate with a perfect 4-0 record against the Buckeyes would be roughly 48 years old today. The last player to graduate with a perfect 4-0 record against the Wolverines would be roughly 22 years old… and graduated this year.

I'm guessing this writer is in his 20's.  Short sighted much?  Again pointing this one of the worst eras of UM football.  Care to talk about the Cooper era?

“The Leaders and Best” have won ten or more games twelve times in the last 30 years. The Buckeyes have won ten or more games in twelve of their last thirteen seasons.

OSU has been on a historic 30-year run.  I’m not sure anyone in that time has been as successful. They’ve also faced some serious sanctions and accusations during that span.

Since the inventions of Twitter and Facebook, That Team Up North has just one victory over the Buckeyes.

Still pointing to the same era.  Are you sure you don’t want to discuss the Cooper era?

The last two times the Wolverines came to Columbus as favorites, they left with sixteen-point losses (1994, 2004).

There’s the Cooper era! 

JT. Barrett got the first down.

Highly debatable.  There are bad calls all the time.  Sometimes teams can overcome a bad call.  With two such closely talented teams UM was not able to do so.  Such is life.


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exactly.  the author of that ozone piece obviously has a rather limited frame of reference.   And yes, it just so happens that when the Rodriguez/Hoke era is still visible in the rearview, a number of M's stats vs good teams look pretty bad.   College football is cyclical and M is fresh out of a down portion of theirs.   Such is life.  If we win this weekend in Columbus, all that stuff matters less.

What I like is that it seems M is now trending upward, with nary a sign of slowing their momentum.  The attitude exhibited by the team this season feels like what a number of us have been waiting years for.  May it continue. 

Beat the Buckeyes.  Go Blue!

L'Carpetron Do…

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Guy sounds like a moron - made the same point like ten different ways. It's like saying since George Bush was inaugurated as president, Michigan has only won X many games. Since Dick Cheney was inaugurated as vice president, Michigan has only won X many games.  

F*** these guys, I hope Michigan destroys them. GO BLUE!


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My response to anybody trying to bash Brady would simply be "our team was so good those years and so deep at QB the greatest QB in NFL history couldnt secure the starting job, hence his limited stats."

Suck on that one Buckeyes.

What's Good Fo…

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Let's see . . . are there any NFL QBs who played for OSU who are as good as Brady? Or as good as Chad Henne, for that matter?

What's that? You say there aren't any current NFL QBs who played for OSU? Interesting...

Well, maybe that's just a recent fluke. Let's consider all of the past NFL QBs who played for OSU. Only two of them have made it since 2000? Wow. OK, let's go back and look back as far as we have to. There's Mike Tomczak, Kent Graham . . . that's about it--maybe 8 guys total, and those two are the only ones who had even a little success. None of them as good as Brady, Grbac, Harbaugh, Griese, or even Henne in my opinion.


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There's some Michigan comebacks to be made, but yeah OSU has dominated us recently and just been better nationally.  Time to start turning that around this week though!  Go Blue!!


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There's some Michigan comebacks to be made

In case it wasn't clear the quotes are their top 10.  The comments underneath each quote are my comebacks.  There are many valid combacks made, most notably the fact that they focused almost entirely on the post-Carr era and ignored the Bo, Moellar, & Carr eras.  It was a typical perspective of a 20 something guy.  As a late 30-something guy my memories of the Cooper era is quite different.

Maize N' Ute

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Michigan Monday was one of those great traditions where it was good and people enjoyed it.  Now it's one of those things that we have to do because of tradition.  No one likes it much, but go along with it anyways.  This is just a pointless Michigan bashing post on the blog.  Should we post every post on TheOZone because it's rivalry week?

The Mad Hatter

November 20th, 2018 at 11:18 AM ^

Outside of Michigan Monday, I'm not giving that site any clicks.

But does the article really sound much different than many of the posters here?  Always picking some arbitrary number of years / games to make our record look as bad as possible.


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It's always relative.  Pick the Tressel/Meyer era everything looks roses for OSU.  Pick the Cooper era, not so much.  Pick the entire UM 130+ years of football history everything looks great for us.  Pick the RR/Hoke era, not so much.  It's all relative.  The reality is our entire history is the most tradition rich in college football, but OSU has had more success.  That's why it's a rivalry.  There are periods of success and failures on both sides.


November 20th, 2018 at 11:18 AM ^

Aw, sad. They should be appreciative of RichRod and Hoke bc it has allowed them to get a little closer in the series...which shows you how far behind they already are. They should be more appreciative of UM in general bc they love our stuff (thank our band for script ohio bc bc they were too dumb to figure it out themselves, thank our bball program for no longer having to wear shorts that hug your nuts, our football program to giving you something to obsess about, etc.)



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I never understand the potshots that include, "Since [insert year] their record is terrible." Anyone can cherry-pick stats.

IMO, there are two relevant records that matter:

1. All-time (Michigan is better)
2. Last time (Ohio State was better)

Otherwise, people are just being homers.


November 20th, 2018 at 11:39 AM ^

From my perspective there are two more eras that are notworthy.  One, being the era you grew up in.  My childhood featured the Cooper era.  I was born in AA and my dad went there in the early 70's, but I have been out of the region most of my life.  So, that era growing up shaped my fandom. 


The other era that I think is relevant is recent history.  This goes back longer than one season IMO.  I'd be less concerned about the last 15 years if we won some of the close games in '05, '06, '12, '13, and '16.  Losing so many close games in the past 15 years makes it more frustrating than simply losing last year, which most expected.


November 20th, 2018 at 11:38 AM ^

It really is amazing how much UM lives in their head considering the success they have had against us for almost two decade. Some very fragile egos over there.


November 20th, 2018 at 11:43 AM ^

Although UM has some crazy fans, I get the general impression that OSU football is more important to their life happiness than UM football is to ours.  We can compartmentalize a bit better and appreciate the rest of life and leave our frustration or happiness to game day, whereas they seem as a whole entirely invested in the success or failure of their favorite football team.  They really seem to relate the success of their team as their own personal life success.  I have told a number of OSU fans during discussions that they realize their favorite team beating my favorite team is not the same as them beating me.  We are not competing against each other, the teams are.  I am not UM and they are not OSU.  I am still me and they are still them.  We don't coach or play for the teams.  I think it went over their head.

Indy Pete - Go Blue

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All of our rivals pick and choose their time frames of comparison.  History has not been kind to any of them.  It is nice to be the winningest and have jealousy imbedded deep into the fan bases of all of our rivals. 

Here is us vs. OSU:
58>49 (H2H), 11>8 (NCs), 953>908 (wins), .731>.727 (All-time win %), 42>36 (B1G Champs)

These facts hurt them way more than we can know - it partially shapes their inferiority complex.  You would think that would not care with their recent domination in the series, but they care a lot!

It's great to be a Michigan Wolverine

Mike Damone

November 20th, 2018 at 11:46 AM ^

I am vowing to neg anyone who mentions those two previous coaching disasters and that absolutely idiotic former athletic director until the season is over.

They sucked - big time.  It was pathetic...

SMart WolveFan

November 20th, 2018 at 12:14 PM ^

Nice, I see they are already getting sentimental for the "good ole days" which don't official end until Saturday. This is like SunTsu: "beating your opponent before the battlefield".

Unfortunately, that only works on the idiot fans; OSU players know they have one way to salvage to this season, so they'll be leaving it all out there.

Hopefully it's a test that they can ace, and propels them to that "special" place. 


November 20th, 2018 at 12:33 PM ^

Tom Brady was the full time starter for his last 2 seasons at Michigan.  He started EVERY game those 2 years and the team record was 20-5 for those games, which included 2 bowl wins and a win over OSU.

I wish that people would finally do the fucking research.  Henson threw about 45 passes the first year, and 90ish the second year.  Brady started every game and threw over 350 passes both years.

Look it up. Lets put fantasies to bed.  They tried to work Henson in but he did not perform well and they always went back to Brady to finish the games that HE started.

And FUCK those idiots from Ohio who are comparing their current QB to the unbelievable.


November 20th, 2018 at 12:37 PM ^

PS:  If you look up the entire history of "The Game", you will see that it has always been streaky.  Michigan started with a long streak of wins, then Ohio had one, then Michigan and its been that way since the start.  Its not unusual for one of the teams to go on a 10-15 yr. run of dominance in the series.  It was only really "even" during the Bo Woody era.