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Submitted by Look Up_See Blue on November 24th, 2012 at 3:22 PM

It's unbelievable how our staff rolled over and died.  I am sick to my stomach right now.  This game is completely on the coaches.  They didn't put their players in a position to win this football game.  And don't delete this thread, beacuse Brady Hoke will be the first one to tell you the same thing I just did.




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"beacuse Brady Hoke will be the first one to tell you the same thing I just did" 

Wouldn't that just make it redundant? Come on people, I'm up for some epic flaming out but there's no reason we can't be concise here


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Mattison is undoubtedly an evil genius unmatched by any other so it's not the whole staff

Borges' playcalling certainly did not 'put us in a position to win' though. I do feel like we went 3-and-out with the same 3 plays in the first few drives in the 2nd half.


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This one is all on Big Al. Defense was solid, holding them to two field goals in the second half despite constantly being put in bad positions.

Champ Kind

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They shriveled up big time.  The second half was awful.  Mattison has been awesome and did an amazing job today.  Borges and Hoke were terrible in the second half.  They blew it for the seniors.  I'm not totally on the fire Borges bandwagon, but I wouldn't be against it.  It's hard to defend him after today.


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If you were to date a girl who was married 5 times in 12 years would you keep dating her? FUCK NO! So my point is why hire a man who has had 5 offensive coordinating jobs in like 10 years??!! He's a dunce.


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Some of you are unbelievable.  It is a loss to a good football team in a rivalry game on the road.  Could they have played better? Sure.  Could they have coached better? I'm sure they would the coaches would admit to it. 

I think after every loss we should fire a coach or cut a player because that is rational.  ////ssss

I know I will get flamed but some of you need to grow up.  


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I agree and I am not a Borges apologist.  His play calling did not work at all in the second half but people need to chill out a bit.  Its not like we have loads of talent at the skill positions.  This is not a knock on any player but we are pretty thin on elite talent.  Hoke has had one full recruiting class.  It takes time.


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 A great or bad coaching staff makes all the difference in the world. Don't you think Michigan deserves to have one of the best if not THE best staff in the country? Lord knows they can afford it.

 Look at our defensive turn around after Mattison took over, Look at the 49ers after Harbaughs staff took over and look at Ohio after Meyer took over.  Bill o' Brien took Paternos 3rd and 4th stringers and turned them into a better football team than they where last year. So yes i believe coaching staffs should have a short leash. If they prove they can do great things then by all means let the leash out but if they prove to be inept then get someone in to do a better job.


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Thanks to Hoke and Mattison for a great season. If it weren't for them we'd be 5-9 instead of 8-4 this year. Air Force, Sparty, and Northwestern would've edged us without great defense to hold and keep us in those close games. Of course if it weren't for Borges dicking around and wasting entire drives, quarters, halves, games, and maybe wasting this entire fucking season team 133 could've easily been 11-1 this year too. So Notre Dame, Nebraksa, and Ohio thank you Al. Fucking thank you so very fucking much. Fuck!

Look Up_See Blue

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Is it just me or did the play calling on offense completely change in the second half?  

I don't fault Hoke for going for it on 4th and short, but the play calling/play selection is what I don't understand.  I feel like that's been a consistent fault all year long.

Generic MGoBlogger

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Is the only reason Borges is still around... That was complete shit. And shame on the execution. 4 turnovers wasn't going to get it done... Feel especially bad for the seniors on defense who played their asses off in the second half.


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Borges put together one of the most creative gameplans i've ever seen. It was beautiful for a game and a half. Not sure what transpired here at the end.

that said though... no great team should be incapable of running for one yard the way we were today. Thats not coaching. It is never one person.


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The D played tough all game while Borges refused to have the best players on the field together and refused to do anything other than call the most predictable and unsucessful plays I can recall.


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Played really well considering they played the entire second half. Magnus 3 years ago called for Smith never to carry the ball on third down. He did it twice in a row and lost 4 yards


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Borges' kindergarten granddaughter could have called better offense in the second half. To those who say we're overreacting after one loss, it's not the first time Al has lost us a game.

SF Wolverine

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then there wasn't much to do in terms of personnel and this is a lot of nosebleed about play-calling.  If he was able to go, though, then Borges was not able to tell that Denard is better than Rawls/Smith, which is pretty hard to do.  He essentially benched the most prolific offensive player in Michigan football history in the fourth quarter of  the Game when he was down one score.  If that is the case, pretty hard to excuse it.  And, difficult to understand why Hoke cannot overrule that call.


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why no FLY look with Denard, how about them both in at the same time?  no designed DG Runs? 

I dont mind losing when you get beat, but i hate losing when you beat yourself.


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Playcalling aside, there is no excuse for not utilizing the tools you have available.  With the most electrifying player in college football rushing for over a hundred yards in the first half, Borges' adjustment is to take him out of the game.  With a quarterback who has done nothing but win offensive weekly awards since starting out of the blue, you decide to run it up the gut non-stop for an entire half, not making it past the 50 yard line the entire time.  


This is not about Borges "not having the tools".  It's about him not having the expertise to use them.  Find somebody who does.  Or, at the very least, can learn how.  That is the hallmark of a good OC. 


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Every single Michigan fan from age 4 to 94 all over this country knew that we had to have Devin and Denard on the field at the same time and yet that fact somehow eluded Borges. Even if Denard was hurt so badly that he couldn't come in, I'd wager a tidy sum that anyone on the board could have called a better fucking game than Borges. Run between the tackles for no yards, like, a thousand times? Really?! Has that EVER worked in, oh, that last 15 fucking years?

I hate Ohio SO much and we totally could have beat them and everyone would be happy and there would be muppets. Now there's just misery and despair as we slide into a long, cold, dark winter. FML.


November 24th, 2012 at 4:02 PM ^

It's even worse than that. He did use it, and it was incredibly successful, then he abandoned it in the second half, and the offense lost all effectiveness. We didn't cross midfield in the entire 3rd quarter. So in the 4th quarter instead of going back to what was so effective, he just  sticks with the hapless gameplan. He used it, saw how well it worked, then threw it away to lose instead. 


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The Borges press conference is gonig to be interesting to say the least.  If he even TRIES to justify all those runs up the middle, I'm going to bash my head into the wall.


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Ohio had some of the worst tackling and most yards after contact in the country, and a great interior defense. We had a horrible interior offensive line, and a bunch of experienced, fast, elusive, spread personel. So what do we do? Run it up the gut over, and over, and over, and over again. Many times without a passer even on the field! It hasn't worked against anybody all fucking year!  This isn't difficult. If something never works, then you try something that likely will. You certainly don't keep trying the same negative yardage play over and over again.

kid a

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When you can't run the ball, play action passes are not going to work. Meaningless. Denard not on the field at the end in some capacity is total mind-boggling.