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Submitted by victors2000 on November 29th, 2010 at 2:33 PM

Thanks for your efforts concerning all sports Michigan, especially the football. It's been another trying season, but through it all you have maintained this blog to it's high standards of performance. I too had 7-5-ish expectations for the team at the beginning of the season, but the "5" portion of the record I did not expect to beat upon my psyche as it has. With every loss I have written less and less forum content. I can't; all I can come up with is pathetic gibberish. We've all suffered as the season progressed; for the most part forum content degenerated to a mixture of petty squabbles and blah,blah,blah. Chaos. Then the flock comes together as the shepard appears; an entry from you. Each week you are able to rise above the angst and whip up something insightful, informative, and entertaining. This, despite knowing that you too have recieved the dongpunches we the readers have felt and has us all spiritually bentover in some freaky agony. I went to school here at Michigan thinking I was smart, but left knowing I was less so (I did garner a truckload of character, though); I don't know what it takes to maintain a top-notch blog, but I apperently would not have that either. So, thanks, Merry Christmas to you and yours, and god bless; I feel I can safely say from all of us who partake of the blog, that it is both a blessing and a pleasure to read what's on your mind concerning Michigan sports.

Go Blue


Young Pretty a…

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Mgoblog is amazing.  and Brian is the reason for that.

Maybe Brian can take some time to be the D Coordinator.  The LOL Cats would motivate the players more than a beat down teddy bear


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Brian, you really do a hell of a job running this thing.  It was probably a hell of a lot more fun three years ago, but you have stuck with it through this difficult period in Michigan football. 


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I went to school here at Michigan thinking I was smart, but left knowing I was less so (I did garner a truckload of character, though); I don't know what it takes to maintain a top-notch blog, but I apperently would not have that either.

Amen, my thoughts exactly!  Thanks Brian, this blog has gotten me through tough times.


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I've emailed Brian on more than one occasion to thank him for his tireless and extraordinary football content.  Its an amazing website primarily because of his efforts, along with all the usual suspects (Tim, TomVH, moderators, etc.).  Especially with the installation of the spread option offense, this website has included outstanding analysis of the Xs-and-Os.  The knowledge passed on to the readers is invaluable and I am forever indebted to the teachers.


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Be sure to share some of that gratitude and holiday cheer with the Beveled Guilt button!

There was a day when I'd arrive at work and read, in order, and MLive.  Since 9/1/09, I've reluctantly but necessarily weened myself from the Freep in favor of, which is just meh. is generally useless, more of a conglomeration of links to the insights of others.  So now, I spend most of my day hitting F5 on this site.  It's so much more reliable than MSM, which is really saying something.

Six Zero

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on several occasions, demanding that he step up and FIX THIS DANG TEAM AND MAKE THEM WIN.  And yet still nothing.

I'm beginning to honestly believe he has no control over this football team.  At all.

PS. Brian,  I think there's a compliment in there, somewhere.


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I am much more knowledgeable about the intricacies of the game due to this blog and all who contribute, including the MGoCommunity!

Thank you, Brian, for your countless hours of work! 

Thank you, Mods, for keeping this place "clean"!

Thank you, MGoCommunity, for the endless amount of enterainment and information!


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I have said numerous times that I am going to wait until the end of the season to evaluate this blog, as I do all other blogs on this University.  And it's not going to just be about good articles and bad articles.  I'm going to take an in depth look at the overall state of the blog, the educational growth of the diarists and board posters, quality of posts not only on gamedays but during the week.  I want to make sure progress is being made both on and off the keyboard.  Once all that information has been compiled, after the season, I will be able to effectively evaluate the state of MGoBlog.


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I used to read the the sports pages and get my analysis from ESPN (was that a collective MGoGasp?).  Then I found MGoBlog and felt like I had gone through deprogramming after being rescued from a cult.  My eyes were opened, and for that I thank not only Brian, but all of the regular and irregular contributors to the site.

Waters Demos

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I used to read the enlightened spartan (gulp).  I know, I know - there's not much excuse for that, even for an MSU grad.  The guy is a self admitted ranter.  Yikes. 

So you can anticipate my reaction when I first came here.  I became enthralled with the content, the high standard of information and humor, the intriguing self-policing scheme that keeps this blog the best I've yet seen, etc...

Keep it up Mgocommunity. 


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But if you wait until after the blogging season is over, all it does is let Brian twist in the wind. Meanwhile, the supporters of Tom Hagen will continue to clamor for him to replace Cook, and the recruiting of new 4- and 5-star diarists goes into the dumper. As the last three seasons have proven, you can't compete in the Big Ten with undersized 2- and 3-star diarists and walk-on posters who wouldn't even see the keyboard at other B10 blogs.


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I have been reading the blog for less than a year.  I had been searching for reliable M football news for a long time before discovering the site.  I went from Coach Rod hater to Coach Rod lover.  I hated the spread offense, always lover old school pro style, to loving the spread.  Found out that Coach Rod was much more of a real person than the MSM make him out to be.  I didn't want us to keep him for 2 years, not I want him for at least another year.  Special thanks go out to Brian, Tom, Tim, moderators and the diarists.  Without reading the decimated defense, I would still be in the dark. 

PS-my girlfriend hates you and my boss wonders why I started to come in early and work so late.  Thanks again.


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We're all waiting for Michigan football to look like Michigan football again.  It's been a nightmare to watch the last 3 years.  So I have plenty of admiration for Brian having to cover this extremely painful time for the winningest program in college football.  I wouldn't have the strength to do it.  I've been walking around like a zombie since Saturday even though I expected us to lose big. 


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for keeping my head up, whenever I have a bad day.  So many times almost late for dinner or movies, and I just had to finish the UFR.  To the mods, Tim, and of course TomVH thank you as well!


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good call with the original post and while the brown nosing dog pic is hilarious truthfully Brian and the others deserve an appreciative shout out for all the info, analysis, comment, insight, passion, and overall entertainment.