Thank you, Seniors.

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I just wanted to take this opportunity on Senior night to thank the seniors for what they have done for Michigan Basketball. It wasn't always pretty, or flashy, but these young men gave their everything for 4 years to help restore Michigan Basketball to its once proud state. It's a shame that their last home game was a loss, but they should know they will ALWAYS be appreciated and loved by Michigan fans. They are true Michigan Men.

Now let's win this thing with house money.



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I have been a Michigan fan since 96... FYI I was 16 years old and missed out on all the great b ball years. Well if it wasn't for RR I would have never followed our great basketball team and after that 3 win season I turned to a sport where I knew we could win more than 3 games. Now 5 years later I'm really sad to see these seniors off because it's like seeing your best friend move away....Well thank you guys for the GREAT memories and turning a football fan into a maize rage fan!!! Now Ricky strike the mother fucker out and bring home a title

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When Michigan wins another National Championship or a Big Ten Championship.

Hell, if they win the conference tournament this season I would be in favor of Novak andD Douglass having a banner in Crisler along with the honored 5.

Keep in mind, only one of the five numbers hanging in the rafters are actually retired. #33 for Cazzie. Colton Christian sports #45 and McClimans wears #22.

Here is perfect example: If you watched Blue Ice: The Story of Michigan Hockey, there was a former player from the early 90s which the name escapes me who said "When they won that 1996 NCAA championship. That wasn't just one group of guys in Cinncinati that night, that was all of us. I was a national champion." Michigan Hockey was in the dark ages in the 80s and the guys on Red's early 90s teams helped build what we now have today.

I think that's how Zack & Stu will feel when Michigan eventually wins it. As they should. They set the foundation and brought the program out of the darkness.


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I like this idea as well.  These guys came to a broken down program that hadn't seen success in a long time stemming from a scandal.  They were lowly rated recruits, the not-so-athletic, white guys that could stroke it from Indiana and have turned the program around.  They truly are the differences makes for this program, not just this team and I don't think we could've gotten any two better players that stuck with it for four years and battle adversity like they did.  Just looking at Novak's play against 6'10 centers signifies this the most to me.

I need a Novak jersey as well.  Feel bad for Stu for being left out but Novak's play against the huge disadvantages that he has just constantly amazes me.


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It's the fact that any championships we win in the near future would not have been possible without them. There have been plenty of great players, but legends are so much more than what they do on the court. Bo never won a MNC, but he is still considered one of the greatest coaches in Michigan history because of what he did for the program. I think their heart and dedication should be noted in some way, though maybe not that.


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When we beat Duke during Novak's freshman year (my junior year), I drunkenly bet my housemate that his number would be retired. I got a lot of flak from my housemates over that bet throughout the years, but I think in many ways Novak (and Douglass) were far more important than the star player that gets his number retired.

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seniors exemplified how Michigan Men should be. Strong, hardworking, and never quitting. Ben Cronin and Corey Person are 2 players overlooked a lot. Cronin lost his knees and Person has been riding the pine since they got here. They didn't leave, they didn't whine, they continued along the path of education and getting a degree. Stu and Zach will forever live in my basketball heart for their play, Stu's ridiculous 3's at Uconn to keep us in the game, Zach's ridiculous work ethic up and down the floor. Love these guys and the way the prgoram is headed. GO BLUE!


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Seems like yesterday that they upset duke. I'm sad that I'll never hear Bob Vergiels say ZACK NOOOOOVACK WITH THE THREE POINTER or BASKET BY STUUUU DOUGLASS ever again. Also thank you to Corey. You didn't play as much as the others but you still helped build the foundation.

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I started watching Michigan in the late 70's when I was a young young pup.  I went to Michigan 89-93 which many considered the glory years.  I was  a varisty athlete at Michigan during those years.  But these two seniors (Novak and Douglas) are the two athletes that I have the most respect for of any Michigan Men that I can remember.  Two studs who demonstrate what a Michinga Man is all about. No entitlement amongst these two.



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Novak is my all-time favorite michigan basketball player. Kid's a baller - I think he could play in the NBA given the right opportunity on the right team. If not there, then 100% overseas somewhere.


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When its all said and done it was these two kids who led the way in the process of: "bringing Michigan back". It wasn't Manny Harris, Courtney Sims, nor Deshawn Sims it was Zack Novak and Stu Douglass... They will be sorely missed next year not only for their 3-pt shooting but for their great defending (incredible at taking charges) and most of all their leadership... I know we have a great class coming in but they have HUGE shoes to fill if we want to maintain this level of competitiveness