Thank you, Muhammad-Ali Abdur-Rahkman

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Following the 2013-14 season, Coach John Beilein suddenly faced significant roster depletion. In addition to the graduation of senior, Jordan Morgan, Sophmores Nik Stauskas and Glenn Robinson III opted for the NBA. Unexpectedly, sophmore Mitch McGary also took the NBA route and Jon Horford opted to take a 5th year grad transfer to Florida. Beilein already had a 4 man class comitted for 2014 that consisted of Kam Chatman, D.J. Wilson, Ricky Doyle and Austin Hatch (who had reclassified from 2013). He would add Aubrey Dawkins and on April 19, 2014 receive a late verbal comittment from Muhammad-Ali Abdur Rahkman.

Abdur-Rahkman, from Allentown, PA CC, was a 6'4" guard that 247sports listed as a 2 star and ranked #434 on their composit. This year, the senior was a team captain and made All Big Ten Honorable Mention. With game(s) still to play, he already ranks in the top 40 in numerous Michigan career statistics: #3 in games played at 138 (Jordan Morgan 141, Zak Irvin 142), #11 in games started 110 (trailing Sims/Relford 111), #8 minutes played at 3,933, #26 in minutes per game at 29.0, #33 in field goal attempts with 976, #39 in field goals made with 438, #12 in 3 point attempts with 397, #13 in 3 pointers made at 149, #14 in 3 point % at .375, #18 in steals with 104, #20 in assist with 279 (Zak Irvin 282) and #35 in total points scored with 1,227 (Trey Burke  1,231). 

By all accounts, he is a fine young man and a credit to the University of Michigan.  Those who stay will be champions.



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This is why getting upset about a given commit is a fool's errand.  The coaches know what they are looking for (even when looking at a diamond in the rough).  I refuse to devote any energy to being upset about a commit who is excited about coming to play for Michigan and who may not reach his full potential until 5 or 6 years after his commitment date.


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I would say that the coaches have an idea of what they're looking for, and even then they are suprised and disappointed depending on what the players put in themselves.  MAAR has been a rock, or rather a "Rahk," in that he has provided steady, consistent play from almost the very beginning and has improved at a constant rate.  He never gets too emotional and has a quiet confident toughness about him.  We all love the stars, but he and Jordan Morgan are two of my favorite players to ever don Maize and Blue.  They both allowed the team to shine by being reliable in what they did, and MAAR still has a chance to be that star!

Chalky White

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You can't say that. There are times when the coaches bring in low rated players and they leave as low rated players. In this case, MAAR worked out for the best.

The example I always think of is when Colton Christian ended up in the 2010 class. Beilein offered a no star recruit from Detroit Northwestern who had the audacity to slow play Michigan. They pulled Jarell Pratt's offer and gave it to Colton Christian. I had to dig deep to find Pratt's name.…

Chalky White

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Of course no one bats 1.000 but if every recruit Beilein brought in was a 2* that you had to hope works out for the best, you would think he suffered a closed head injury. I brought up an example where they tried to give the same scholarship to two players who wouldn't have worked out. Obviously Spike and MAAR are two last minute offers that worked out. Let's not pretend this happens all the time.

Indy Pete - Go Blue

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Nice tribute to a folk legend.  This generation of Michigan fans will always fondly remember MAAR - even when a new generation does not.  He got better every year, and always seemed to fill a new role each year.  This year, he is the closer.  He gets his own shot at the end of the shot clock, and he wins the game in winning time.  I previously called him MAARiano Rivera.  He is one of several reasons that I don't foresee this team falling to a 13 or 14 seed, even if we cannot hid the broadside of a barn for some reason.  


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when the original Fab 5 arrived on campus and RR was ready to go from a physical perspective. He made the biggest impact out of the group as a freshman

Their NIT run was epic. The first three games were ar Crisler and tickets were sold on a first come-first served basis at the ticket office. We queued up early each time and got floor seats for the games at Crisler -- the lower bowl was full of rabid fans and it was as loud as I've ever heard it at Crisler even though there were very few people in the gold. 

Mike Damone

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act w icewater in his veins, who lets his play do the talking.  Reminds me of how Joe Dumars carried himself on the court.  He has been absolute money of late - down the lane or from downtown. 

Key in the postseason to have a veteran leader at one of the guard spots.  Sparty does not have it.  We do. 

Keep it rollin, MAAR.  Go Blue!


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he will be a household name. 

Indeed, by the end of the BTT he already started receiving his deserved accolades:  Even announcers admitted that he was a strong candiate for Player of the Tourney.

Good press will only grow as M wins games during the NCAA Tourney, and more eyeballs notice MAAR's work.  It will increase MAAR's stock with the League.


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look at the others in that class. Hate to see recruiting misses at all but in a tight scholarship sport like basketball the situation can be made worse. M really is fortunate that the rest of that class washed out and were replaced with upgraded parts. The engine wouldn't be be running like it is now without the new pieces.

Steve in PA

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He played high level ball at a high level program and his pop is a coach.  There are much worse things than spending your years helping to shape the lives of young men and women through sports.

Whatever he does decide to do I believe he will be successful because of what he has already accomplished and how he did it.


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It's been so much fun watching MAAR's transformation from a freshman who was obviously in over his head to the senior alpha on a potential final four team.

Godspeed Muhammad and Go Blue!


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i've said before that he is one of the most underrated players ever at UM.  also, i never did understand the lack of interest in him; especially from all of the PA schools.

i believe he was one of the top scorers in PA history.  i think he also won or went to a couple high school finals.

he is 6'4" with good athletic ability.  it's not like he was 5'8" and can't jump.  when will people finally trust JB instead of the recruiting services?

how about now?!?


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MAAR is the basketball equivalent of Jordan Kovacs. Might as well have been a walk on given his scouting and the fanbases expectations. Honestly just another in the line of excellent guards to come out of this program. All hail Coach Beilein.

UM Griff

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MAAR has been such an inspiration this year. His ball handling skills have elevated the play of all the team around him. He will be greatly missed next year, but for now on to the tournament!!


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my favorite quote from that hello post: That last bit means MAAR is probably closer to his ceiling than your average incoming freshman, which can be a benefit in the short-term but does add some concern for how much he'll improve over the long haul.


as comments in this post articulate - we've seen MAAR's game grow significantly during his time as a Wolverine; he was far (faar) from his ceiling.


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These numbers are nuts. So glad you posted them. This guy has been amazing and his name will be remembered for a long time And if we can win the tourney, his name will be legend..

So excited to see what happena


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My Director's son played AAUs with MAAR in Allentown PA.  He told me that MAAR was coming to Michigan before it was public knowledge. 

I was like "Who?"

I had to learn to pronounce his name so I could puppy up to my Director and talk about his progress at Michigan. (Which I did, and it worked really well.  I wound up chummy with a guy three levels above me who wouldn't even know my name otherwise, thanks to MAAR.)

Beilein has this network of old-school guys that he trusts all around the country, especially the east, that give him tips on recruits he should take a hard look at.

Apparently MAAR was one of those guys at the time.  Somebody told him he needs to take a long look at this guy, and he did.