Thank you Baby Jesus

Submitted by umfan323 on September 14th, 2013 at 3:22 PM

Sometimes you need a wake up call and hopefully this was it


1 percent

September 14th, 2013 at 3:45 PM ^

Yeah apparently time heals all wounds. Effing how many people here remember App St., Oregon, the Ohio losing streak, 3-8, 5-7, 7-5, Toledo, 2 coaching searches, too much practice, sail boats, Gerg. It's about 4-5 years after all that stuff. I remember how I felt after those games ... How I felt sitting in the stands for fandom badge I and II. I am glad they won, I hope they learned a lot of lessons and I hope they come out against UConn and make them look like they should have made Akron look today.


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but the record book still says W and that's what people will remember years from now. Most of us have forgotten scares from Ball State (06) and various Indiana, Purdue, Illinois etc scares of recent years but no one forgets the loss. We won and thats what it boils down to

Yost Ghost

September 14th, 2013 at 7:58 PM ^

this one was on Devin. Single handedly caused 3 turnovers the 4th was a deflection that wasn't his fault. He looked shaky and hesistent after the first couple and only looked good when he was running. The line couldn't run block and the D couldn't stop a MAC offense. Granted Terry Bowden doesn't suck. Having said all that 4 TO's put the D in a bad situation and kept them on the field too long.


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I don't think he told Devin to give the ball to the other team.

 No, this is a shared bullet dodging.  Mattison looked like GERG.  Hoke darn near coached the Horror 2.  The defense...Good Lord.  Nobody, and I mean nobody bothered to prepare for the team they played today.  We were lucky to walk away from this one 3-0. 


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I understand that Mattison Can Do No Wrong on this forum but I think that defensive game plan could have been a lot better. They needed to do something to disrupt the momentum and pace of Akron's passing game and they hardly tried to generate a pass rush outside of their front 4 until the last couple of plays. This entire team AND coaching staff is at fault.

snarling wolverine

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Those IU teams scored a ton of points on us.  Today, Akron moved the ball but only scored 17 offensively, and three of those came after we shanked a punt at our own 31.  It was not a good defensive performance, but it was not Gerg-bad.  Gerg's guys would not have gotten two defensive stops inside our own 5-yard line in the 4th quarter.




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Talk about dodging a bullet.  Quck thoughts:


Devin Gardner is a turnover machine and he is not improving like he should in that respect.

Hoke is too soft on the team. Time to blow it up and get angy coach.

Both lines interior are soft.  Time for Miler to sit down he is soft and it starts with him.

Mattison was outschemed

Can I say soft?

Hard Gay

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