Thank You for a 2nd time Michigan

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   A few weeks back I posted here about how Michigan saved my dad's life because they invented the ECMO machine.  Its been a hard road and dad is doing better but still in the Hospital.  He has been watching all the games from his bed and I got a video from him today.  I could not embed in this post but it will try below, any help would be appreciated.  Thank you again to all the fans that sent your thoughts and prayers to my dad!




Bo Glue

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the last three games in hospitals. Two at UM with my fiancée who is a resident, and one at NW where my dad was getting fixed up. Watching tonight at a buddy's place so I'll be 3/6.

Also, totally expected to open a thread about Jordan Poole. Might want to change the title.

5th and Long

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While in undergrad at UM I worked for Dr. Robert Bartlett in his ECMO lab and his metabolic diagnostic lab at UM's department of surgery.  Bartlett pioneered ECMO, and at the time (early 90's) our research in the lab and in the ICU was focused on improving the ECMO results for adults, as it was originally pioneered on neonates and infants.  It's used for both heart or lung failure or both.  It pumps blood out of the body, oxygenates it, removes CO2, rewarms it, and then pumps back into the body.  Because it has a warmer, it can also be used in hypothermia cases.  But the bottom line is it can take over the function of the heart and or lungs, while the doctors work to fix the underlying problem for the failure.


FUN FACT #1: Bartlett was Chief of Surgery at UM and through his research, discovereed that  ICU mortality rates at teaching hospitals (like UM) were higher in July & Auguest -- this coincides with the time of year newly graduated medical students begin their internships and rotations.  Moral of the story, if you're having elective surgery at a teaching hospital try not to schedule in July or August.

FUN FACT #2   Bartlett also pioneered anothrer landmark study about caloric deficits accumulated after surgery and an increased mortality rate.   it was common not to give any nutritional support after surgeries prior to the studies.  They found that patients who accumulated 10k+ Kcal deficits had a increased mortality rate.  So after that study, everyone started making sure patients got nutritiion after surgeries...but the thought was "if some is good, more is better."  Bartlett's subsequent research found that overfeeding patients after surgery could lead to a host of other complications.  His research paved the way for the modern approach of nutrtional support after surgeries.






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This is unreal. I have a similar situation. Without details. One is alive and one just called me with a diagnosis. No matter what happens in San Antonio tonight, what happens in Ann Arbor trumps it by infinity.