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Let's thank and say nice things about the basketball team and staff before the season ends in 4 weeks.  While there were certainly moments of disappointment for Michigan fans at Crisler and in cyberspace, our disappointments must pale when compared to those of the players and staff.  Or at least it should be so, if we put our participation in proper perspective.  We were one rimmed out tip and one half-court throw from going 27-4 and a #1 seed.  Instead we will have to be content with a 25-6 mark and a #3 seed.  The Horror!

While we are far from assured of a better record next year--you can't lose a Trey Burke without it hurting big time--Michigan basketball has clearly returned to an elite level.  I, for one, am thrilled to again be invested enough to be disappointed in the kind of losses we had this year. 

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Boom Goes the …

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you have it.  We had (still have) high expectations for the basketball program.  This is a good thing.  To be pissed about going 12-6 in the regular season of the best conference is good.  I would have given anything for a season like this 5 years ago.  Go Blue


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and all that. John Beillein is a great coach who has built this program brick by brick, what he has managed to do with an almost perennial bottom feeder in the past 20 years is nothing short of remarkable.

But how the hell are we an "elite" program right now? Why don't we wait until we have some decent level of success in the Tournament before we call ourselves elite again. Not to call you out or anything but are you also one of those people who bitches about the spoiled nature of our fanbase and complains about their lack of perspective while at the same time raising the same expectations you later claim to be unrealistic?


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I actually think it's quite possible that Michigan could be even better next year.  I think THJ and Robinson both stay.  With that, we'll improve at every position other than PG, and I think Walton can be serviceable as a freshman.


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2012-13 Indiana Hoosiers
1 Jordan Hulls G 6-0 182 SR Bloomington, IN
2 Christian Watford F 6-9 232 SR Birmingham, AL
4 Victor Oladipo G 6-5 214 JR Upper Marlboro, MD
40 Cody Zeller F 7-0 240 SO Washington, IN


2012-13 Wisconsin Badgers
31 Mike Bruesewitz F 6-6 223 SR St. Paul, MN
40 Jared Berggren F-C 6-10 235 SR Princeton, MN


2012-13 Ohio State Buckeyes
1 Deshaun Thomas F 6-7 225 JR Fort Wayne, IN


2012-13 Michigan State Spartans
25 Derrick Nix F 6-9 270 SR Detroit, MI


2012-13 Minnesota Golden Gophers
32 Trevor Mbakwe F 6-8 245 SR St. Paul, MN
33 Rodney Williams F 6-7 205 SR Minneapolis, MN


2012-13 Illinois Fighting Illini
1 D.J. Richardson G 6-3 195 SR Peoria, IL
3 Brandon Paul G 6-4 200 SR Gurnee, IL
42 Tyler Griffey F 6-9 220 SR Wildwood, MO
2012-13 Purdue Boilermakers
21 D.J. Byrd G-F 6-5 228 SR Crawfordsville, IN



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This is before GRIII went into hibernation...Would the NBA care or are they just drafting on raw talent?

I hope THJ stays. He seems a little low to go, but does a player gain much by sticking around another year and draining some of the "potential" from their stock?


Goodman's 2013 NBA Draft Prospect Rankings
Rank Player School Year POS HGT WGT
3 Cody Zeller Indiana Soph. C 7-0 240
9 Trey Burke Michigan Soph. PG 6-0 190
12 Glenn Robinson III Michigan Fr. SF 6-7 210
25 Victor Oladipo Indiana Jr. SG 6-5 210
31 Deshaun Thomas Ohio State Jr. SF/PF 6-7 215
41 Tim Hardaway Jr. Michigan Jr. SG 6-6 205
46 Adreian Payne Michigan State Jr. PF 6-10 230
55 Brandon Paul Illinois Sr. SG 6-4 195
58 Rodney Williams Minnesota Sr. SF 6-7 210
59 Branden Dawson Michigan State Soph. SF 6-6 220
63 Nik Stauskas Michigan Fr. MTJAS 6-6 185
69 Trevor Mbakwe Minnesota Sr. PF 6-8 245
76 Gary Harris Michigan State Fr. SG 6-4 205
91 Aaron Craft Ohio State Jr. PG 6-2 195
96 Keith Appling Michigan State Jr. PG 6-1 180
101 A.J. Hammons Purdue Fr. C 7-0 280



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Though we might be slightly worse with the departure of Burke, I think that the upside of our freshman and the incoming class could make up for most of the loss. We would also gain in relative terms as I don't expect the BIG to be as brutal next year (right off the bat I can see Indiana and OSU not being as good).


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thing to do with such a young team. But with everyone else having a year under their belts, I see a more balanced and powerful squad if Walton can distribute the ball to them--and all signs are he will be quite solid in the role to kick off his career here. He is arguably quicker and a better passer at this stage than Burke was as a senior, and that's saying quite a bit. 


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I agree and disagree with this point, if that makes any sense.  I agree with the premise that Michigan will be a better team next year, but I think that will do more with the record than the actual talent on the floor.  I think without Burke, this team takes a step back.  However, I think the majority of the teams (particularly in the Big Ten) will take a bigger step back than Michigan, especially Indiana, who is likely to lose a ton of their production.  

If you assume GR3 and THJ stay, that gives Michigan 4 returning starters, 8/9 of its top contributors in terms of minutes, and a grand total of 9/10 of its top players in terms of minutes.  That's a huge haul, especially considering Michigan will be bringing in three 4* players.  When you look at it, it's hard not to believe next year's team will be better, but that also overlooks the sheer quality of play Michigan has been getting from Burke and the way he impacts the game.  If a few guys step up big and Michigan at least gets decent production from the recruits (notably Walton), it seems likely they could be just as good as better, but I still just don't see the quality of play being better than this year.  I mean, just check out some of Burke's highlights, they're insane.


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The right perspective should be an acknowledgement of how good this team full of freshmen is, especially in a program that was irrelevant for nearly 15 years up until two seasons ago.


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My friend missed the game and I've been looking for video of the Watford foul on Robinson. I haven't been able to find it on google or youtube. Its probably on mgoblog somewhere, but I haven't seen it.


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I am a newcomer in terms of following M BBall. I watched few seldomly in 2005, and skipped a few years. Came back to the team in 2008 for a few games. 2009 I probably saw ~75% of the games, and then in 2010, I moved into a house with one of the most obnoxious college basketball fans ever. I swear, every day I woke up to this kid walking in from class screaming "HE'S A SHOOTER!" like Dick Vitale.

Since then I haven't missed a game, and am shocked by how this team has just turned it around. We have gone from barely making the tourney, to surprise Big Ten Champs, to a team that I expected to win the Big Ten, in a matter of a few years. I am really proud of these players and this staff for turning Michigan into a program we can all be proud to call ourselves fans of.

Now neg away for me being pretty much a bandwagon fan I guess.


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As someone who graduated just as the basketball team was starting to find its footing under Beilein, I'm both proud and envious that new Wolverines get to experience real college hoops.

Dutch Ferbert

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But the season is not over. The 89 team lost to Illinois badly to end the season, and IU won the Big Ten that year. The Fab 5 never won the Big Ten, but made it to back to back championship games (even if they don't count now). The 76 team made the final (and lost to IU again).

There is no great team in basketball this year. There are probably around 10 teams that have a good shot of winning it all (3 or 4 from the B1G) if they get hot and get the right draw in the tournament. Michigan is one of those teams. Except for the debacle in East Lansing, UM has been in every game. They can play with, and beat, anyone in the country. They have lost some close games, but they have also gutted out some close ones too.

Enjoy the ride, and Trey Burke, for as long as this team will take us.

Go Blue!


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I barely remember IU from that year.  Jay Edwards is the only player I recognize from their roster.  I do remember Nick Anderson hitting a buzzer-beater three from the Ben Burst spot to beat Indiana in Bloomington.  Google shows Illinois also beating Indiana in Champaign.

Also from the internets, I learned that Kendall Gill broke his foot during the year, and missed 12 games.  The Illini went 8-4 over that stretch. Gill returned for a 118-93 win over #15 Iowa and then the regular season finale at #8 Michigan which the Illini won 89-73.  Following those two wins, Illinois was awarded a 1-seed.  Indiana was deemed a 2-seed in spite of winning the B1G and lost to 3-seed Seton Hall in the Sweet Sixteen round.

Michigan was the first team to beat Illinois that year with Kendall Gill in the lineup.


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If I am not mistaken, the last time we had has many as 25 wins was in the 1997-98 campaign, so it has take some time to get back to that (even though we had 24 last year), and indeed, this season is another chapter to the overall steady turnaround that we are enjoying under John Beilein.

We finished the regular season with an offensive efficiency of 1.138, which is 5th in Division I, and an effective FG% of 54.9% as a team, which was 12th in Division I. In the conference, we were 2nd in average scoring offense and first in FG percentage, 2nd in 3-point percentage and first in assist-to-turnover ratio. This is merely some statistical backing to the statement that this team did some exciting things. 

We did not win a share of the conference title this year sadly, but we have gone from a team that, not very long ago, was occasionally making the NIT to a team that could find itself in the Sweet Sixteen potentially (given the right bracket and path) for the first time in almost twenty years. This team is another step in the right direction along what has been a long road for Michigan basketball. 

Mabel Pines

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Men's and Women's BBall teams and good luck in the tournaments.  And Thank you, John Beilein, for being our coach and not Tom Crean.  His whack job antics are all over the sports channels today.  I didn't see it until a few minutes ago.  He looks possessed.


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I've been a Michigan hoops fan since the early 70s. I still remember how thrilled I was when we led Indiana at halftime of the 76 NCAA final. I was there when they upset the 79 State team with Magic Johnson that went on to win it all. I watched the talented Frieder teams disappoint, thrilled to the ultimate season in 89, rode the Fab Five wave and suffered through the crash and burn.

John Beilein is by far the best coach Michigan has had in all that time. His teams are as much fun to watch as Johnny Orr's, more talented now than any since the Fab Five, and done the RIGHT WAY.

I was crushed yesterday. Anything short of the Sweet 16 will be a huge disappointment because you don't get a player like Trey Burke very often. But whatever happens, I'll never forget this team, and I'll support coach Beilein to the max no matter what his record going forward. For now, I want a another shot at Indiana on Saturday. Their coach showed what it's like to have a man who isn't John Beilein.


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Rickey Green & the pre-injury Phil Hubbard led at Indiana by two with, if memory serves, 13 seconds left when Steve Grote was fouled.  He missed the front end of the one-and-one (there was no double bonus), and Kent Benson scored to send it into OT.  Which we lost.

But for that missed free throw 37 years ago, the 1976 Indiana Hoosiers would not have been the last D1 college team to go undefeated.


March 11th, 2013 at 5:59 PM ^

I'm proud of the team!  They play with integrity and style.  They won more than I expected and they played harder than I hoped for.  I couldn't be any happier with our team. 

Best part is... there's still more games left!


March 11th, 2013 at 7:34 PM ^

Was going to post something like this either last night or this morning. Glad somebody beat me to it.

Despite three crushing losses*, one understandable loss, and two really bad losses, this is still the best Michigan basketball team I've seen since a 9-year-old me held back tears after watching Chris Webber call a timeout from the small television in the kitchen. We were ranked #1, Trey Burke might win NPOY and has already won B1G Player of the Year, and will be the highest seed in the NCAA Tournament since '98 (with the possibility of getting a 2 seed and making that since 1993).

*Damn you Ben Brust, ummm whatever caused us to lose that Penn State game, and missed free throws*


March 11th, 2013 at 9:38 PM ^

I have become possessed at times with disappointment, but it's because of how good this team still can be. I am beyond thankful for those expectations. They are starting to show fight more consistently, and giving optimism for a tourney run. Hopefully not lost in however this season ends, is how truly special Trey Burke is. Most players of this level leave after one year after just showing promise. He, at the very least, stayed to show what a full season as a seasoned player could do.


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Its been a crazy season but to finish in top ten has been a dream for all of us, at one point we were number one and it makes me proud that we play in a kick ass division when it comes to BB...suck on that SEC..B1G is the sec of BB and i would love for us to play alabama or lsu in BB and freaking destroy them..most importantly i want to say thank you to Trey Burke who carrie this team on his shoulders more than we can count.. So please Trey dont leave, come back for another kick ass season, i guarantee you will win big ten of you come back :)


March 11th, 2013 at 10:56 PM ^

november, december and january were a fan's dream.

february and march have been a tough dose of reality. 

be hopeful for tournament time--  the team's chance for redemption!