Thaddeus Gibson Says OSU players knew selling items was against rule

Submitted by IvyLeague on December 28th, 2010 at 3:13 PM

Just on ESPN; a couple of columnist spoke with Thaddeus Gibson and Gibson says the coaches told the players clearly that they could not sell items when he was a player at Ohio State. Important about this is that Gibbson was a linebacker at OSU from 2007 to 2009, and according to OSU's AD Gene Smith OSU did not tell players during this period that they could sell items. Considering Gibson has no reason to lie, I call BS on Gene Smith. Good for Gibson for being honest. One more reason to hate Ohio State and sweater-scum.



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I can't follow your logic.  Are you saying that because someone, somewhere has said or done worse things to a student athlete that anything that falls below that threshold is ok?   If so, that's beyond idiotic.

For the record, I didn't neg you


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I didn't call you an idiot, I said your reasoning was idiotic. It's a subtle difference, but if you go back and, you know, actually read what I said, you might be able to pick up on it.

If I were you I'd spend more time on MLive. Reading comprehension and the ability to add anything meaningful to the discussion aren't as important over there.


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I'll agree that "shit head" is a bit much, but are we only allowed to call people in the working world a shit head?  He has a a right to his opinion, and the fact that the people in question are college students should have no bearing.  Maurice Clarett was a shit head in college.

I regularly use harsh terms to describe members of rival teams.   What fun are sports if we have to watch our language?  I'm pretty sure those guys hear worse on the sidelines of away games.


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Don't get me wrong, I don't totally disagree with you. It's a bit of a stretch to call someone a derogatory name when you don't actually know them.  We just can't go around policing peoples' opinions because we disagree with them.  If he wants to think Pryor's a shit head, let him.  That type of anger may lead to problems down the road. 

Urban Warfare

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Clarett wasn't a shithead.  I think Maurice had significant emotional and mental health issues off the field, as seen in his post-OSU spiral.  There was a lot of speculation around Columbus that Maurice was bipolar or schizophrenic when he got arrested, and I know the judge hearing the case was concerned enough to order a mental health evaluation.

Pryor, on the other hand, doesn't have any issues beyond a huge ego and a lack of ethics.  He's a shithead.  Clarett isn't.


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Pryor is shithead, not because he plays for our rival, not because he says some stupid things and not because he isn't the most mature college athlete there is.  He is a shithead because by selling his B10 Championship Ring and Gold Pants he pissed over the tradition of (I hate to admit) a historically great program, as well as the M-OSU rivalry.  Do you know how many players work their asses off every day just to get a chance to win a B10 championship?  His ring meant that little to him?  And the gold pants, something that he should treasure as it represents a win over OSU's most hated rival - sold like an old textbook.

Sorry, this guy is a shithead.  He is all about TP and not about the team.  He looks at OSU as nothing more than a potential stepping stone to the NFL.   

kevin holt

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the best thing I have ever read. Seriously, this deserves a +100 way more than snarky and witty comebacks, but oh well.

Really, this is true. Calling someone a shithead for dropping a pass is the wrong way to do it. That's a think-of-the-children-they're-people-too moment. But pawning off the ring that other people work all their life to get, that we would kill to have earned on our fingers, that makes one a shithead who deserves no place in Big Ten lore. Let it be remembered if there is ever a piece on TP as a B10 "great" or anything of the sort.

Urban Warfare

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I completely agreed with you.  I never thought Pryor was a great leader, but I didn't think he was this stupid.

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if, behind the scenes, Tressel makes it clear to these guys that they shouldn't come back next year, or at least that their lives will be a living hell if they return.  Tress really does emphasize tradition and he doesn't take the pants or rings lightly.   When he found out that the 1942 team never got rings because of the war, he bought all the surviving members rings identical to the 2002 team, but with 1942 and their names and jersey numbers on it.  He paid for it with his championship bonus.  I can't imagine his reaction when he heard about this crap.

Urban Warfare

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OSU does a series of classes and workshops on compliance for their athletes.  It's not like they just hand them the rulebook and say "Here you go, don't break any of these rules."  At the time they sold the items, they hadn't had the class on "Don't sell Big 10 championship rings, gold pants etc."  My guess is the compliance department thought no one would be stupid enough to do that, and wanted to cover more common violations like boosters and jobs and stuff first. 

When they were given the lecture on selling rings and things, OSU's compliance staff asked the players if they'd violated the rule.  Pryor et al lied and said they hadn't.   That's why it's a five game suspension instead of a four game suspension. 


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OSU has one of the LARGEST complicance offices in the NCAA...I'd say yes the players knew but its ok 20 minutes of extra practice is worse than selling items to go out and show your girl a good time...or your bros!