Thad Matta has no clue what ironic means

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OSU did us a big favor by de-pantsing PSU yesterday. 3bler had 10!! 3-pointers in the game. This quote from Matta was a little confusing though:



"Ironically, I told him in shootaround, 'We need a big night from you tonight. You're going to get your shots," Buckeyes coach Thad Matta said.
  Um...why is that ironic coach? He is just doing what he is paid to do. Bazinga!



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Rain on your wedding day would only be ironic if you were marrying Ra, the Egyptian sun god.

Conversion of Ironic by Alanis Morissette to actual irony:

Most situations quoted as ironic are actually "major bummers" or "coincidence" so I abandoned quoting irony a few years back.  My life got boring so now I only speak in rhymes:

'No more rhymes now, I mean it!'

'Anybody want a peanut?'



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rub shoulders with AAU runners/handlers to secure the highest number of one and doners in the last 6-7 he's got that going for himself

El Jeffe

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It sounds like Matta gave Diebler some good advice, which he, Diebler, then did, in fact, take.

Wouldn't that make the exchange the opposite of ironic?

Don't you think?


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If you see a grossly obese person tucking into a kebab, this is not ironic. It is exactly what you expect them to be doing. If you see a fat person deciding to give their heart a break for once and instead of going to KFC, they cross the road to get to the salad bar and are then run down by a truck transporting diet pills which, this is ironic.


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Thad WAS correct in his use of irony! It must mean that he expected his player to suck, and telling him "score more" was an attempt at a sarcastic joke. But the real irony in it all was the fact that his sucky player actually didn't suck!

Or something like that. 


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Regarding Alanis Morisette's song "Ironic": I don't know much about her intelligence, wittiness, or creativity level, but I want to give her the benefit of the doubt. It is absolutely ironic ("don'tcha think") to write a song without any lyrical irony at all and then to title it "Ironic." That certainly satisfies the "denotes something opposite its literal meaning" requirement. 
Moreover, I remember seeing or hearing an interview of hers in which she called herself "The Queen of Malapropisms", in which case (though I admit this part could be seen as stretching things) maybe "ironic" is a malapropism for something that the song actually is... like histrionic or harmonic. Or something like that. (Or not.)