TGIF Indiana is coming to town

Submitted by 2Blue4You on October 18th, 2013 at 9:39 AM

Alright, are we done with the Borges bashing and slitting of the wrists?  Let's move on and let's get excited! I know we had a long week and are emotionally drained from Michigan football but it is Friday, we have a home game tomorrow to begin to heal the wounds, we are 5-1, we are mid-tailgating season, this is Michigan, and on and on and on.

The best way to begin the healing process is to get back out there and PLAY! We wait all year for these 13 weeks and specifically these 7 home games to tailgate.  Saturday mornings are the best b/c getting up early does not seem so bad.  Get a light workout in, Washtenaw Dairy donut, some breakfast and bloody marys, and on to break in a new tailgate spot. 

I do not expect a win to fully heal the pain of the last loss, but it can start the process and hopefully we can have a stress free wife day next weekend.  Beating Sparty will have us back to feeling pretty good about Michigan Football.

Go Blue! 



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But really, I'm glad the week is winding down. And win or lose, there's nothing I'd rather do on a Saturday than drink some ice cold beers and watch Michigan play football. 

Go Blue!


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I will say that, from the standpoint of being both a board regular and a moderator, this is one of the longer weeks in recent memory. Indeed, it was long enough that yesterday I was happy just to find out that Arian Foster was putting together a personal IPO. 

After all the analysis, we don't ultimately change the outcome, but merely understand it. For myself, I am looking forward to tomorrow as I look forward to any time Michigan plays football, opinions on various aspects of the game aside. 

Sextus Empiricus

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The content this week on Michigan blogs in general has been overwhelming. I accept Borges' apology in the form of a resounding win today. I'm eager to see the OL work today as well. These are positions I would not hold if it weren't for the blogging community as a whole. Special shout out to the Source of our blocking issues - poster (too lazy to look you up) who started the posts out well and to Space Coyote.

Thanks LSA for doing the work.


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Why do you do this to yourself?  Frustration = Expectation/Reality

Stop boosting the expectation part of this equation back up man, you'll only make it worse for yourself. 

Al Borges is  the worst offensive coordinator Michigan has ever had in the modern era.  In his third year he has  not accomplished  a single thing he purported to accomplish.

Pro-style, non running QB? Derp

Pro-style RBs carrying the load? Derp

Mauling offensive line? Derp

Mauling tight ends? Derp

Enlightened play calling and check downs? Derp

QB coaching? (See Bellomy last year, Gardner's regression) Derp

Name me one thing Al Borges has done right since he got here aside from needing Bellomy's epic ineptness in the second half of the Nebraska game to smack him in the face and move Gardner to QB?

As  long as Al Borges remains this team's offensive coordinator, optimism is a recipe for miserable frustration.  

For those saying to give the Borges bashing a rest, sorry.  I've watched UM play for 35 years and by a LONG shot, Borges is the worst coordinator we have ever had.  Worse than Debord by leaps and bounds, worse than GERG.  Feel free to get excited for the rest of the seasons, I'll nestle comfortably over here in the world of reality.


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I was hoping that, in threads here and there, I was fairly clear that there would be consequences for the gratuitious Borges vitriol expressed in threads where it is clearly not being solicited because it is way out of hand and indeed out of line in threads like this.


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You are hardly alone in your feelings.  Hearing John U. Bacon this morning on WTKA say that the PSU loss ranks as one of the ten worst losses in the history of the program suggests why many of us feel the way we do.

Regardless, tomorrow is a new day, another game and a chance to right the ship and see some of the issues that bother us start being mediated by coaching and experience as the season progresses.

With all due respect to our mods, while we do go over the top at times with our passion for Michigan football, and need our knuckles rapped on occasion, would you really rather have it any other way.


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Hearing John U. Bacon this morning on WTKA say that the PSU loss ranks as one of the ten worst losses in the history of the program suggests why many of us feel the way we do.

I just listened to that part of the podcast, and you aren't accurately describing what he said. He said it was one of the ten most painful losses in Michigan history. Not exactly the same thing.


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Why do you prefer to be a pessimist over a football team? What is there to gain from being a Negative Nancy about something that has no tangible effect on your well being? Why would you want to spend the better part of a year walking around in a bad mood instead of just taking things in stride and cheering your team on, win or lose?


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Of course I cheer for the team, but you bring up an interesting point about the extent of fandom.  Human nature drives a tendency to project extra signficance upon what's going good in life.  A mental health lifeline if you will.  I.e, someone with a failed career might divert focus toward family or faith in order to sustain their mental health.  Conversely, someone going through a divorce might focus on work instead, again to insulate their mental health.  We value what's good in our lives.  Just human nature.   That's why most Michigan grads will tend to care a little more about how their college football team is doing than say, Emory or NYU grads.  Because Michigan football is something that happens to be good in our lives. That's also why Ohio State has such a rabid fanbase.  It is a point of personal pride and affirmation, so I disagree with the notion that a team's success has no tangible effect on the mental wellbeing of the fanbase.  The extent of that impact however, is what separates the healthy fan from the pathetic one. 



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Troll much? One thing I'm sure everyone has who has watched and enjoyed the sport of football over the years can agree on is that nothing is certain. I believe we have a reasonable shot to beat every team that is on our schedule from here on out. I mean even with the turnovers and lack of  inside running game it still took a series of miracles for Penn State to pull off this latest upset!


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tailgating with 3 growlers full of beer from various breweries over here in needless to say, I'll be drunk before, during and after the game! Cheers!!!!! GO BLUE!


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I'm going to try to take a massive step back tomorrow and just enjoy the fact that football is being played in the Big House...It's fall (the best time of year).  I'll have plenty to eat.  The people of earth haven't been enslaved by an alien race bent on stealing our Tungsten and sapping our precious bodily fluids.  There are things to be happy about. 


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we run the crap out of the ball tomorrow, though, often with pretty limited results. And I say this as somewhat of a Borges apologist. They want to establish the run. And they will need to have it, at least a bit of success with it, going into the final tougher games. Even if, as I suspect, they mean to open up the playbook lots more then. 

The complaining isn't likely to stop tomorrow; I will personally be staying far away. 

Indiana Blue

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I'll be there too.  Decided to forego the Fire Borges label on the back of my home jersey (FOR NOW).  

Does everyone remember the theory that states:  you can set up the pass with an effective running game AND conversely you can set up the run through an effective passing game.   This is JUST a hypothetical question, because I know of 1 offensive coordinator, that believes this statement TOTALLY conflicts with his THROW ROCK theory.

I expect to see ROCK, ROCK, ROCK tomorrow ... and I also expect to hear BOO, BOO, BOO.  

Should make for great theater in Michigan Stadium tomorrow.  Wow, can't wait!

Go Blue! 

Victor Hale II

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Let's see how shiny and happy you are when Al Borges runs right into the middle of your fancy little tailgate.


Just kidding.  I think this IU game should/could be VERY cathartic for the UM fan base.  Man, I hope so.  Go Blue!!


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Cowboy the fuck up everyone!!!

I'm trying to talk my wife into going to the game tomorrow. We don't have anything planned for Saturday, but she feels some non-descript need to stay around the house and get non-descript things done (to be fair, we have been out of town like the last 3 weekends). Really hope to make it, we always talked about going to more games once we moved back to Michigan, and we've been here 3 years now and don't go nearly enough.

GO BLUE!!!!!


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I was a freshman the last time Indiana won in Ann Arbor and I'm getting ready for retirement now!  Just to put things in perspective, Indiana had to rally to win -- and Indiana played on New Year's Day that year in Pasadena!!!  Neither event is likely to happen this year!!!!!


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I'm not entirely conveninced we can beat Indiana so it looks like I'll be picking up a case of beer to get me through Saturdays game.  If we cant win, at least I can drown my sorrow and believe its all just a bad dream......


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I will say this I'm not sure if Funk or Borges is the answer long term but I really want Michigan to do well. Let's beat Indiana by any means necessary and start the road to at least being a factor (hopefully something more) in the final Legends Division race.