Texas [would like] to interview Dantonio

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Here is the link.  If he goes to UT, then Narduzzi will become the head coach at MSU.



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Hoo boy - that news won't be distracting to the team today at ALL.  They couldnt've waited one more day to make that announcement public? Timing is everything.

To be fair that is NOT what the article says though.  It says they "want to" interview Dantonio - not that they are.  That's a pretty big difference.


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Good coach with personality of a wet towel, but honestly for the Big Ten I think it is not really a good thing to keep losing good coaches.  It is starting to feel like a MAC+ coaching launch point.

I am surprised MSU cannot find some $$$ to get their coaches at least into the upper half + of the conference.


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That is a strangely enduring myth that is largely untrue. For homework if you're in the mood, look at Dantonio's famous '09 class (the one that supposedly includes hordes of local 4-stars that RichRod "ignored"). Tell me how many of them were major contributors to Sparty's rise.

Truth: Dantonio and Narduzzi have gotten it done mostly with a bunch of 3-star Midwestern run-off. Quite a few of their guys weren't even recruited by Michigan. Darqueeze Dennard (a @#$%ing 2-star from Georgia who's projected to be an NFL first-rounder) is a good example. Their DE Calhoun was a 3-star from New Jersey.


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What's interesting about this is that the majority of the 4+ star guys he has recruited have underachieved their expectations. Baker and Caper, Will Gholston, Andrew Maxwell, Fred Smith, just to name a few. Obviously some of them have panned out (Bullough, Lewis) but I would say the majority didn't end up as college stars by any stretch. I'm not sure what that means but it is interesting.


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That's weird. Because Michigan has generally been getting the guys they want within the state, and MSU has been beating good teams that aren't Michigan, too. It's not like they're boosting their win totals from 6 to 11 just by winning against the Wolverines.


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Michgan was NEVER out-recruited by Michigan State, even when the "evil" Rich Rodiriguez was in Ann Arbor. In fact, Michigan had the second best recruitng class in conference every year under Rodiguez behind only Ohio State. Something that has happend for the past 15 years.

This is something the "Michigan Man" and "MANBALL" set keeps hanging on and it is simply not true. Michigan has consistantly had better recruits than Michigan State but just have not gotten the job done against them and others. Dantonio is taking 2 star and 3 star recruits (Dennard, Bell, Greg Jones, to name a few) and has had three 11 win seasons in 4 years.


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I'm not saying he's not legit, but there are coaches with better resumes, like Nick Saban, Les Miles, Urban Meyer, Bob Stoops, Bret Bielema, and several others who are excellent coaches with a better connection to recruiting Texas and vicinity like Art Briles, Mike Gundy, Kevin Sumlin, Bobby Petrino, and Gus Malzahn.  

My point isn't that Dantonio sucks or should never be considered for a position like Texas, just that I wouldn't think he would make an initial list of ideal candidates. 

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Given that it's been about three weeks since Brown's resignation/retirement/whatever, I'd guess by now that they've reached out to a lot of the guys you mentioned by now.

Texas may be a good gig but it may not be so good that a guy already making a ton of money and having success elsewhere would want to go there and start over.  (By the same token, I doubt Dantonio would leave MSU at this point.)



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Doesn't that say "wants to"?  That means little.  Dantonio could decline, or they could hire one of the many other candidates mentioned before talking to him 


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To the OP, I might have been making my edit at the same time you made yours - apologies for that. 

As for the list on Orangebloods, I would have to think that Franklin, Richt, Strong and even Schiano might be more likely than Dantonio. I don't see him as having a compelling reason to recreate the transformation he has accomplished in East Lansing elsewhere at this point in his career - that's a situation where he is adored by the school and the fans and doesn't have the same sort of pressure that would exist in Austin. 

Regardless, if Patterson want's someone by the 15th of this month, he seems to have a rather lengthy list of interviews and suggestions to wade through. Who knew that the first hire of your career as the Texas AD might be the most pivotal for the department? 

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My guess is he's just throwing a bone to the Texas people high on Dantonio. I almost read "would like to interview" as "not interested in".


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Completely agree.  I have a hard time imaging Texas wanting a 57 year old midwest coach with zero ties to the Texas high school football network.  A real hard time.

But I have zero difficulty imaging Mark taking their call if they should make it. They would significantly increase his compensation overnight.

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The article doesn't substantiate that a contact has been made.  In fact, it's basis in the article is  rumor and speculation.  In the past few years Dantonio hasn't publicly come up on any coaching search radar, therefore I highly doubt he'd be on the short list of the biggest coaching search of our day.


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certainly just a lot of people hoping. I think Dantonio has made it pretty clear recently that he will never go anywhere, MSU is a destination...lol. Besides, I want to kick his ass, i don't want him going anywhere.


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Orangebloods has proven over the last few years to not be a very reliable source.  Also part of this article has already been debunked by other sources (the part about Strong having already interviewed for the job).

They mention 7 or 8 coaches in that article.  Basically they are just throwing stuff agains the wall hoping something sticks.

All articles like this accomplish is to scare a couple of fan bases and maybe some recruits.


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'Usual Suspects' were mentioned in that article... Article could have been titled... Texas plans on interviewing every coach that has been doing well as of late....

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I don't think Dantonio is going anywhere. His sole purpose in life is to wake up and plan how to beat Michigan. He can't do that at Texas. Besides, MSU is a destination job, guys. /s

I'd like to say let him stay so we can finally turn the tables and kick his ass for a change, but we've shown a blatant inability to do that over the past few years. I'd be alright with seeing him leave, especially if he takes Narduzzi with him.

Yeah you can neg me for wanting our rivals to return to mediocrity so we can finally beat them, but at the end of the day, would you rather have that, or have your rivals outclass you and kick your ass every year? I don't know about you, but I'm tired of seeing the latter. I should clarify that I'd like them to be good when we're good, but it doesn't help us at all if they're good and we're not.


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Some would say competition breeds excellence. Of course right now the perception, and perhaps the reality, is that the Big Ten is a weak conference. Another point to add why we want the conference including our rivals to be strong is recruiting. Do you really think recruits want to play in a conference the is considered bad?

I hope he stays though if Texas does recruit him and he stays at MSU that will give him even more power as now he will be considered a good coach if traditional powers come calling.


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Rumor whores who never saw an idea they didn't think was worthy posting like it was undeniable truth. There are websites devoted to how wrong Chip Brown is


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first, Noah Spence has been suspended for 3 games starting with the Orange Bowl for violating B1G rules...tough break for Ohio


Second; Jabrill was named top performer at UA practices by Scout thus far..big surprise, right? Actually, Scout does have Tony Brown, a DB ranked ahead of Peppers in their overall rankings and he is below Jabrill at UA practice.


TVH stated the two PSU commits at UA game will talk with family before making decision on future at PSU....