Texas Tech reinstates player who punched woman

Submitted by boliver46 on July 17th, 2014 at 4:14 PM

Wow. Just...wow man.

Texas Tech has reinstated a highly regarded defensive back from Miami who last month broke the jaw of a Lady Raiders basketball player.


Berthel punched Amber Battle her during a June 28 pickup basketball game at the campus recreation center and was dismissed from the football program the next day.

I guess this is part of the decision:

Lubbock County grand jurors declined to indict Bethel on an aggravated assault charge Tuesday.

I would hope they implement some sort of anger management and personal development plan into his punishment - I just can't envision punching a woman unless your life was in danger.

Good work Texas Tech.  The SEC approves this message.



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Kind of in line with the above poster. The victim has come forward and said she actually started the fight. I can't tell you if that means she started throwing punches or verbal abuses first. But I think that's part of the reason for reinstatement bc her penalty for the altercation was only a month suspension.

I will say though that while he has the right to fight back, in no way should he be hitting a woman hard enough to break her jaw. At most he should have subdued her till both heads had cooled off.


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People don't always intend to do the damage that they do.  A friend of mine in high school got punched in the back of the head by a guy that hated him.  My friend turned around and threw one punch, hit the guy right in the face.  Shattered the guys eye socket and left him blind in that eye. 

DA attempted to charge him with battery with intent to do bodily harm.  Jury found him not guilty as they stated they couldn't believe that throwing one punch after being attacked could constitute intent to do bodily harm.

Sometimes things land just right and go together with several other mitigating factors to produce the end result.  See Kevin Ware.


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Video shows that she hit him first, he gave her a medium-weight "pop" immediately after then backed away.  Honestly didn't look like something that would break a bone.  And the girl looked to be almost exactly the same size as him (he's a CB, she's a basketball player).  Certainly not one of those "BUT HE HIT A GIRL!!!" instances.  


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My purpose here is to discuss the reality of life not how men are raised with regard to women. I, like the vast majority of men in my generation, was raised not to hit a woman. Period. As an ideal I think that is laudable. In the real world women do hit or otherwise assault men and when that ends up in court or in front of a college dsciplinary commitee sex must not be an issue. If assaulted someone has the right, and in many people's eyes. the duty to strike back.

While generally men are larger and more physically capable than women that is not always the case. I was in court a number of years ago to get a judgement for a failure to pay. As I waited for my case to be heard a couple appeared before the judge. He was perhaps 5ft 8 inches tall and 140 lbs soaking wet. She was a solid 5'11" and easily pushing 300lbs. Both were in their 20s. He was in court to arrange police protection to gather his possessions to prevent being beaten. She had called the police claiming that he assulted her and, despite the fact that when the cops got there he was a bloody mess, he'd been removed from the premises to protect her. 

The judge, a man in his late sixes, asked the woman if she'd ever hit him. Her response was "all the time whenever he pisses me off".  "How often is that?" "All the time. He's just a fuck up and a beating is good for him". The judge seemed taken aback, perhaps at her candor, but ordered the police to escort him while he gathered his things. Then the case moved on to her request that she stay on his health insurance despite the fact she'd thrown him out.

A friend of mine is married to a woman who is very athletic and while small, maybe 5' 2", in very good shape. He is over 6ft and maybe 220 lbs. He's been taught all his life not to use physical force against a woman so when she gets mad at him and picks up something to use as a club and attempts to beat him, he's reduced to fleeing his own home until she calms down, leaving his children behind. 

People regardless of gender should not go around striking another person. Generally a man should not hit a woman. That said, once she hit him first, he's within his rights to hit back. The real world is not black and white.