Texas to hire Charlie Strong

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Per Horns 247
@BobbyBurton247: BREAKING: Horns247 first to report that Texas will hire Louisville coach Charlie Strong.



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Seems like a pretty good hire, but I can't say it wows me.  He's a good coach, for sure, but there are thirty programs that would be a step up from UL.  Texas is supposed to be sui generis and be able to get anyone they want.  I'd imagine being rejectect by coaches from Baylor and UCLA is going to stick in the craw of a lot of UT fans.


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Charlie Strong is one of the hottest names around. Texas has basically hired Rich Rodriguez: a hot young name that had a lot of success at a smaller program. To hear this is an underwhelming hire really surprises me.

That aside, am I way out of line to wonder how Texans will feel about having a black head coach?


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Honestly, I don't know if that's even true. But I've heard it for a long time, hence the questioning. Maybe some Texans on the board could comment. 

I know I've heard a ton of racism in Metro-Detroit bars about the Lions/Caldwell situation.


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Strong has a way more impressive resume than Mora, so I'd be happy that it turned out that way if I was a Longhorn fan.

It doesn't wow you because they couldn't recreate Saban to Bama with Carroll or Harbaugh, but Strong was arguably the best DC in college football at Florida and has only stayed somewhat under the radar at Louisville because of the conference they are in. All indications are the man is an elite coach.


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Even though it may not be official - if this is indeed going down - until Louisville's team meeting at 9 AM this morning, I still am not sure that I think this is enough to make Strong a bad fit. If anything, Texas probably needs someone who would rather work (in Strong's case, recruit, develop and do both well) with less such distractions, even if the folks in Austin can't stand it. 


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Is this the ONLY minority head coach at a top-20 college job?  Texas, Bama, Ohio St, Mich, Florida, USC, Auburn, Oklahoma, LSU, Nebraska, ND...these aren't in any order, but this is going to be interesting.

Mr. Yost

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But I don't think it is for Texas.

I would've loved to have seen Strong at Miami with Golden at PSU. The U would've been back in full effect.

I was really hoping Saban would take the Texas job. I've always kind of liked Texas because I kind of view them as the Michigan of the south. Saban just feels "BIG" and Texas is "BIG"...not that Alabama isn't, just seems like that would've been a good fit on many levels.

Briles would've been a nice hire there too.


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Would you admit that Strong is a big step up from Mack Brown? Texas only went to four BCS bowls in his 16 years. Not BCS title games - just BCS BOWLS. He also did not offer Johnny Manziel or Jameis Winston, two kids who have said they wanted to be Longhorns. 

People can say he is a class act and I'm sure he's a nice guy. But given UT's clout in the #1 football state in the nation, he was pretty underwhelming.


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I know it was sarcasm, but sadly that was true here in Austin. The sad thing was it had basically been 25+ years since UT had been relavent on the national stage and yet the guy still got run out of town. Granted there were many reasons, some based on record and team performance, many more behind the scenes issues.

Mr. Yost

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He's a great coach, Mack Brown is basically Lloyd Carr to me.

I think Strong will do well because he'll be able to recruit really well, Tyrone Swoopes might have a shot in Strong's system as well.

That said, I just don't know when you're talking longterm. It'll be interesting to watch.

Mr. Yost

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I just meant in on the field product...

I few good years surrounded by average...eventually the fanbases grew tired of 3-4 loss seasons and wanted a new voice.

Both fanbases wanted BCS wins and when they didn't get them, they kind of pushed the coach out. Texas moreso than Michigan, but Texas and it's "machine" is a lot bigger.


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I get what you are saying. I have a different perspective on Mack Brown and UT given my location and connections to the program. Given my addiction to Michigan this probably makes me more sensitive to the differences.


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He's got a persona large enough to fit the Texas job, commands a lot of respect, seems to recruit well, and obviously has done well on the field. Could be a home run for Texas


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Some more info from other people. 

@ChipBrownOB 11:23 PM
The UT source said Louisville's Charlie Strong will be offered the job, and Strong has indicated he will accept.
@McMurphyESPN 11:25 PM
Charlie Strong hasn't accepted Texas job; wants to talk w/UL AD & Prez source told @espn. Another source: no formal offer but he will accept


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This is the same guy who said Jimbo Fisher was going to be the next coach. I'm going to wait until other people start coming out with info.

Edit: My post looks stupid now since post above has other sources.


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It's not stupid. Everyone is saying everything on Twitter right now, Strong was offered, strong received no offers, Strong will accept, Strong strong strong, Strong will talk it over

That's Twitter for you

@BFeldmanCBS 11:33 PM
Was just told by a source that #Texas has not made any decision on its head coach. The group is still meeting.
@SIPeteThamel 11:33 PM
High ranking Texas official tells @SInow that Strong is the choice to be the next coach. (As other outlets have reported).

Mr. Yost

January 3rd, 2014 at 11:33 PM ^

However, Texas is Texas and of course they're going to leak shit.

I guarantee Strong accepted but said that he wanted to talk to his AD, Prez and team.

He's a great coach and I think and hope he does well, but he's in for a whole new world at Texas.

Strong has good on record about his admiration for Jurich and how he gave him a shot and hung with him. Jurich has also had opportunities to leave and they've stayed and showed loyalty to each other. That said, I don't think Jurich can play Strong for leave if he's going to be making 5-7 million a year and coaching the biggest program in the country.


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If I could have only started thread....IF it happens great hire if not...woe is Texas. With golden leaving Miami and other coaches clamoring for the job....gonna get tight out there