Texas C transfer Jake Raulerson NOT heading to UCLA after all

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Jake Raulerson Won't Be Coming to UCLA

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June 8 -- The offensive line graduate transfer from Texas, Jake Raulerson, won't be transferring to UCLA after a snafu in the transfer process...

Texas graduate transfer Jake Raulerson was expected to be at UCLA this fall, but that won't happen, according to sources.

Raulerson, who graduated from Texas in three years and had the capability to transfer and play for two remaining years under the NCAA graduate transfer rule, verbally committed to UCLA last winter. 

Having started some games at center for Texas, he was expected to provide some much-needed help on UCLA's thin offensive line for 2016. 

Raulerson applied for admission to both the MBA and Masters in Applied Economics programs at UCLA. He was given assurances that, if he wasn't admitted into the MBA program, he would have a spot in the MAE program.  

He was subsequently turned down for both programs this spring. 

He was then offered a spot in the Masters of Education program, with the chance at internships in Los Angeles, but Raulerson, according to sources, wasn't comfortable with that option. 

Raulerson wants to pursue a career in sports management. 

Since it's so late in process, Raulerson finds himself without spots available at many of the schools he was considering last winter.  Even though he was told he'd be accepted into graduate programs at Stanford, Michigan and North Carolina, it appears that there aren't spots open for the graduate transfer at this late date. Raulerson, more than likely, will end up staying locally and enroll in the MBA program at SMU. 


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I don't know how large the applied Econ program is at Michigan relative to USC's. Some terminal Econ masters programs are in the hundreds, while others are in the teens. It's a lot easier to make room for a student with fringe qualifications if it's your 151st member of the class instead of 21st.


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Michigan is a great school. They have a great undergraduate sports management program, but not a great masters program. Unless they changed it, the program is only 1 year long. It's also a newer progran as well, so they are still figuring things out. I've worked with graduates from Michigan's program, and none of them had positive things to say about the program. When I was looking at graduate programs, I was not impressed by Michigan's SM program.


June 8th, 2016 at 2:59 PM ^

UCLA's program has a size of 25, with over 700 applicants. He never should have been told he'd get in there as part of his recruitment unless he had some great test scores.

Michigan's program appears much larger, and has rolling admissions. If they've got a football scholarship open, I'd think they could make a spot in that program unless his test scores are abysmal.

But Econ masters programs at top schools are not for the faint of heart (having been through that grinder myself), so I'd encourage him to seriously consider his ability to succeed in one based on UCLA's decision.


June 9th, 2016 at 1:47 PM ^

There's also a push beginning in many schools to admit a small pool of atypical applicants as well. It helps round out the cohort.

Getting a bunch of differently-thinking, different-perspective minds in the discussion can contribute to creativity, discussion, and unique problem-solving.

But yes, as you move toward the "harder" sciences/mathematics, this benefit diminishes but not completely.

Also, typically graduate programs in Applied Economics and Pure Economics are night-and-day different and even moreso that the less complex one is not a stepping stone to the more complex one, their aims are that different.


True Blue Grit

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in the long run.  If you assume his chances of playing pro football aren't that great at this point, he needs to have a strong plan B in place.  So, getting into the master's program that fits his goals is going to help him much more than one more year of college football will. 


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Not trying to imply anything or start a discussion, but it does suck to keep being told something and then that something vanishes at the 11th hour.


June 8th, 2016 at 3:23 PM ^

If you're implying that SEC schools don't give real educations to those who want it, then I've got nothing.  

If you're saying that they wouldn't open a spot for him to come there because he wants to play school, then I disagree.  I would assume an SEC school would take a guy like him and allow him to actually succeed in the classroom.  But what do I know?

Cali's Goin' Blue

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It takes less than 30 seconds to look up the which business schools are the best in the United States, and UCLA and Michigan are equal in almost all of them. Here is Forbes(One of many independent sources) coming out with REAL INFORMATION that states that Ross is #15 and UCLA bus school is #17 in the US, which amounts to a 2.4K dollar difference in 5-Year MBA Gain, and the same amount of average time of payback. Once again this is just one of many sources saying the same thing. For someone with over 10K mgpoints, and someone who's input I typically appreciate, this is pretty ignorant. 

Forbes Top Business Schools in US


June 8th, 2016 at 4:42 PM ^

Dude...I simply looked at ranking from about a handful of sources (US news, Forbes, Business Insider, etc.) and none, including the one you just cited, had UCLA's MBA program ranked higher than Ross's. Obviously there are concentrations within an MBA, some of which UCLA may be slightly more be respected in, but when Michigan is ranked higher than another school - whether it be by 1 spot or 10 - it should be called out, not downplayed. If Michigan were ranked 4th at the end of the regular season and UCLA 5th I certainly would not spout to the playoff committee that we are "basically the same". We are better. I take that level of pride in everything Michigan. When you're born, raised, educated, and coached a Wolverine that happens. Sorry if that offends your Michigan Arrogance guilt.


Also, you may want to reassess your understanding of the term "ignorant".

Cali's Goin' Blue

June 8th, 2016 at 9:45 PM ^

"lacking knowledge, information, or awareness about something in particular."

Dr Tobaggan, I like you and really do appreciate most of your comments. But you last comment was indeed very "ignorant". Don't tell me to reconsider my definition of a word when obviously you have shown little capability to even look up the best business schools in the United States. You are making yourself look like an "ignorant" ass

Cali's Goin' Blue

June 8th, 2016 at 9:50 PM ^

I just posted the link to Forbes saying that they are very much equal in terms of 5-year MBA repayment. Funkywolve and I both provide sources and links, and then you just go throw out that you "looked at these sites" without posting any links? I'd be impressed if you could get through your first semester at Michigan

Cali's Goin' Blue

June 8th, 2016 at 9:48 PM ^

Funkywolve, you put all the websites down that I looked at. I thought one would be enough for another michigan grad to at least do some digging, but instead he decided to be stUck in his little world of MICHIGAN IS THE BEST AT EVERYTHING LA LA LA LA DONT GIVE ME YOUR FACTS. This is what we make fun of other fan bases for. Dr. Tobaggan, you are definitely above this. 


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To me this just further justifies late switch's like Davis Webb's.  If getting into a grad program is going to be an issue, then hold off, make sure the scholarship is still there and see where you get into before making a final decision.

That said, why exactly, did he try for an MBA?  Those typically require work experience and it's really hard to get in otherwise.  He may have been sold a bill of goods, but shooting for the MBA program feels like a bridge too far.

UCLA screwed themselves with this approach, too.  They knew what he wanted and trying to offer a masters in education feels like total horsecrap, getting future grad transfers is going to be harder now and their O-line depth for this next year is AWFUL.  Adrian Klemm is about to earn his money big-time.


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SEC right now, "I see nothing wrong this and how it negatively impacts a student-athlete...now here is reason 58 why satellite camps are the Devil's camps."