Texas Bball leading scorer Jones is out indefinitely

Submitted by robbyt003 on December 12th, 2017 at 11:35 AM


Sophomore guard Andrew Jones is out indefinitely with a fractured wrist, which will change things considerably for the Longhorns. Jones led the team with 15.3 points per game. He was also a 43-percent 3-point shooter. 


Not excited for our matchup with Bamba, but that helps our case.  Big game tonight!



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I have decided to return to being just a reader. I am nowhere near persistent enough to stay commenting. I have seemed to turn into the most hated person on the board, and I have no clue why.Yesterday I made a post in the depth chart thread that had Doyle at #2. Not #1, #2. It got 30-something downvotes. I left a comment about why I didn’t choose to wrestle as a kid and people don’t like it. I think the board will be happier without me, and as long as everyone else is happy, I am happy. In the week I have been registered, I have had moments of anger, especially when people have claimed with no evidence that I am a banned user. I felt I was being attacked every time I commented. It was driving me mad every time I got on. My grandmother would tell me to channel anger into energy to do something good, so thats what I did. Last night I went to the local animal shelter and adopted a 4- year old Pitbull-mix. He was one day away from being put down. I named him Wolverine. He’s a great dog.

Without any of you guys, I would have never adopted Wolverine. I will still read the blog every day, but after I post this comment I will never log back on to my account. Thank you.


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You can't take it personally. If you're going to post, you have to have pretty thick skin. The reality is that from Brian on down, pretty much everyone gets roasted, some time or other. The reason why? All of us say stupid things. Even WD. (Especially WD?) But trust me, we've all written things that bring an insta-downvote. I have a couple particular areas I now largely avoid because I've been burned enough to know that certain things gbet the hackles up on certain readers.

Anyway, imhe, it always is good to give an honest opinion, and to support it with facts. Many, many years ago on the board, I remember some epic flamewars, where longtime readers turned bitter and negative about everything. It was kinda entertaining to watch, but not really. Like watching a bad car wreck. You can't take your eyes away, but you leave shaking your head, and being thankful it isn't you.


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Also spell and grammar check.  Also only post when you have time to finish the entire post. I have been at work, like now, and started a comment and had to come back to it 3 times and had a grammar error that I was roasted heavily since my comment was about poor grammar.  #badideajeans


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The way you learn to competently contribute around here is by taking your lumps early on.  As long as you didn't say something truly offensive, it will be forgotten within a day.

Just remember, don't let Ricky do whatever he wants.  When you do that his brain immediately goes to piss.  Next thing you know the sky is raining down with piss jugs, and Ricky doesn't hold back.  He goes right to fuckin piss jug alley, and gets the gnarliest old pisses he can find.


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1) If you make an error, you will have rotten fruit thrown at you.

2) If you post garbage, you will be chastised and get downvoted.

3) No matter how hard you try, there is no way that 100% of your posts will be winners.

4) Comb through the threads and make absolutely certain that your thread idea/concept has not already been posted. If it has and you've posted a new thread about it, prepare thyself.

In summary, keep a thick skin and pay attention and you'll be fine. Gotta know the prison code to survive.


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I think this is serious but....it sounds like you're taking tbis too seriously. Don't mind the jackals around here. You'll know when the downvotes should be taken seriously and opining about quarterbacks doesn't even come close to approaching that territory. Keep typing and keep the drinks coming...


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Frankly, you have said a bunch of stupid shit and this is the internet where people are going to tell you that. Doesn't make you a bad person and if it affects your mental health, then leave. I also question whether reddit and mgoblog are on the whole a net positive for me. 

The Man Down T…

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I spend hours on the ask reddit section.  What's the worst Christmas gift you received (someone got a regifted expired gift certificate), Hey lawyers, what's the dumbest thing your client said in court..  Stuff like that is hysterical..


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Like others (such as StepehRKass) have said, most of us have had our moments. I even dropped the word "Spartina" a couple of times in my early days (you can imagine how that went). At one point I made a really dumb comment about a former player who is very much respected and I took a real beating. I decided to lay low for a few weeks and everyone seemingly (hopefully) forgot about it. However, it helped me to realize that my comment was dumb and I deserved the beating, and it made me wiser for the future.

Honestly, there is also an element of people joking with each other, and the tone can sometimes be difficult to discern over the internet. Try not to take it personally.

EDIT: I just looked at your posting history. Yeah, you're obviously a troll.

Mr Miggle

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to draw suspicion. That's not typical behavior for long time lurkers. Add in trying to act as board police, talking about banned posters and points and popping up a day or two after other new users doing the same things got banned. It's either a really strange coincidence or you are a previously banned poster.


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People can be jerks around here. We should have a better sense of community around this parts since we are all so passionate about the same thing. Unfortunately, sports can bring out the worst in us sometimes. Also, it will help once you have more points. I just upvoted your posts so that may help you get in the right direction.



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Don't worry, it's only because you appeared mysteriously like THE VERY SECOND that Franklin Hatchet got caved, posted with the same frequency, viewpoint, style, etc- basically everything but the Ebonics. Then you came on and made the identical "You Guys Suck; what's your problem, I'm just a regular dude..." post that hatchett did.

Enjoy the dog, Frankli...er, Julian.


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I'm not sure if this is a serious post but you can't take it so serious. It's a message board full of anonymous people. The board is a little more stuffy than others but I rather enjoy it. Most of the message boards I go to are bodybuilding related and it's rough...

In the last three months on a board I go to a member selling steroids to another got ripped off and showed up at his house and shot his dog 5 times...that's a real story. 

That isn't happening here, which is nice. Lot of good people here...put a smile on your face, keep posting, and enjoy it man. 

If you are just a troll jokes on me and kudos for the effort.


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"Saginaw Arthur Hill product Eric Davis may be in line to get the start for the injured Jones." Welp, I don't like the sound of this. And I think Davis was a 4-star recruit.


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A loss to a good Texas team wouldn’t hurt too much but a win would help a ton for getting into the tournament out of a bad big ten. But if we lose to a bad Texas it will really hurt us while a win won’t move the needle much.

Perkis-Size Me

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After getting run off the court in the second half by an awful OSU team, I have to assume every game with this team is going to be a battle against any opponent not named Rutgers. 

Losing their leading scorer helps, but knowing this team's luck that means that some little-used walk on will come off the bench and go full Luke Hancock on us. 


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Regardless of who shows up on the opponent’s side. The boys need to be aggressive early and drive the seams. Taking the 3 when the opportunity presents itself is a good thing with this team but they’ve gotta keep an eye on where the bread and butter is and that’s with the higher percentage shots closer to the rim. Also I’m curious as to how Wagner will step it up on defense. He’s shown before that he has a lot more left in the tank than how he’s performed in the last couple games. I think we win this one and keep gaining confidence. Go Blue!!


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I just wish this were at Crisler arena so I could see lots of Mo Bambi signs. Or probably none. But in my head someone in the student section would have cropped a photo of Bamba's face onto Bambi's body.