Terry Richardson press conference today/this week

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I just woke up to this tweet from Royce Jenkins Stone, : bro terry press conf. is today i so lets hope he make the right decision too.


I hadn't heard anything about Richardson pulling the trigger. But I love me some monday morning speculation.





EDIT: just saw this tweet from 247 sports: SWiltfong247

Four-star CB Terry Richardson possibly deciding soon. http://tinyurl.com/636pefl





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I'm pretty sure I can text my younger cousins during school and get a reply quicker than I would someone who works at a desk all day with their cell in front of them.

Its been crazy to see the progression of mobile consumption over the last 8 years.  I graduated HS in '04 and at that time we all left our cells in our lockers (small enough school where you actually knew everyone in your class) as there was no need to call/text/tweet anything until you got out of school. 

Nowadays, I dont even go to the bathroom without my phone by my side and like my point above I can get ahold of my little cousins better than their parents who have :cell, work phone, and email available to them.   


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I'm getting echoes of DeAnthony Arnett's little show before he announced to Tennessee. A lot of people on MGoBoard absolutely hated it. I wonder if T-Rich will get the same sort of reaction. 


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This was my sentiment when Arnett was announcing. It still is. I just remember there being a huge negative reaction to Arnett doing this type of thing. "If he's gonna be this kind of showboat, I don't want him here." Of course, Richardson hasn't insulted our coach by calling him Brady cHoke or anything (Arnett called RR Dick Rod.

I don't see any problems with having fun with your recruitment. It makes things more interesting IMO. 

Cigarro Cubano

May 9th, 2011 at 10:50 AM ^

That's old news.  Forget Arnett & UT.   So what if he tweets,  " Go Sparty Go".  You want me to go out running on the street yelling NOOOOOOOOOOOO ?   Or what.


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It sounds like RJS let the cat out the bag a lil early and now TR is just doing the little damage control. Since his friends are in the fold I think he will join very soon.