Terrelle Pryor considering forgoing his senior year

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He's thinking of entering the NFL in the supplemental draft.  No idea why he's thinking about it right now.


EDIT: The link is dead but MGoShoe found a different link which is a similar story.  Kudos to MGoShoe for providing this link.  http://collegefootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2011/04/11/terrelle-pryor-considering-an-early-jump-from-buckeyes-to-nfl/



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Wow. Regret that now.

At least I didn't start it as a thread...

Edit: it counts against whatever round they pick him as for the next season, so he could still get first round money if a team was willing to pay it. Same order as regular draft.


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Teams have a chance to draft players who declare late, but for example, if they spend a 2nd round draft pick on Pryor in summer 2011, they would not get a 2nd round pick in the regular 2012 NFL Draft.  So you're essentially getting your 2nd round pick a season early.

no joke its hoke

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He has nothing to come back for,he isn't going to raise his draft stock any. Also he see's the writting on the wall at OSU and knows the shit is about to hit the fan there.

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You don't think there will eventually be a season?  

I didn't really understand why he came back in the first place.  I don't think he's going to be an NFL quarterback.  He's suspended for five games which will probably ruin any season goals he may have.  Maybe his injury led him back?  

If I were him, I'd figure out what position he could be succesful at in the NFL, and now that he's getting health, train for that position and hope a team takes a flyer on him in the supplemental draft.


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If Pryor was to enter the Supplemental Draft, then the NCAA would no longer be able to compel him to speak with them.   If he is no longer part of the university, then the NCAA can't force him to talk, and he can simply decline their requests.

Similiar to the Reggie Bush situation, where he simply declined to talk with them.  Once a player/coach leaves the school, the NCAA loses all control over them and they lack the subpoena power to force them to talk.


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I think he'll choose gold in his pockets over another pair of gold pants.

As disappointing as the last three years were, I'm really glad he went to OSU. I'll take Denard —and even Tate Forcier—over Pryor every time.


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I understand why everyone would rather have denard but for an 18 year old factors like role models around him and culture of the organization he is in can greatly influence who he becomes as he matures.  I think that with better role models (RR and the other coaches) along with a better support system of teammates here at U of M, and a culture of doing things the right way, which is evident that doing things the right was was not the culture at OSU, along with the correct coaching for his playing style (RR) he probably would have become a much better player and person if he would have chosen U of M and we would be talking about how awesome he is and how we can't wait for his senior year, regardless if RR would still be here if he could have gotten pryor.

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Pryor has been a problem since day one.  Physical freak, but not a good person.  Denard, on the other hand, is a physical freak himself with an infectious smile, a wonderful personality, and seems like a great person.  I'll take my chances with a Denard over a Pryor every time.  And I am not buying that the environment makes all the difference--or how do you explain Larry Harrison, Cissoko, and others who have gotten into trouble at UM?


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the NFP link is dead. In this article, NBC's CFT cites the now deleted NFP piece, but adds this:

A source with knowledge of Pryor’s thinking tells CFT that while the subject of the supplemental draft had been broached by some close to the quarterback in the past, “if you’re going to put odds on it, there’s a 99.99-percent chance” that he sticks to his word and returns for his senior season. With that said, we would not be surprised by anything that Pryor does, up to and including leaving OSU early for the NFL.


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Sell cars? Get tattoes? Seriously, he's going to leave Columbus....aaaaaand? Play football? Where?

I didn't realize that there was a huge market for QBs in the NFL who couldn't throw. Pryor's a great athlete, a pretty good college QB...and he'd be a crap NFL QB. Troy Smith isn't exactly tearing it up in Baltimore and he was a much better passer.

That said, it would only rank about a "5" on the "Stupid sh*t Terrelle Pryor Did Today" list.

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Also, he needs another year to imoprove to even be drafted in my opinion.  In a weak year at QB, I don't know if he would have been selected in the normal draft, let alone the supplimental draft.  He has too many character issues, not a good enough arm, extremely inconsistent, and doesn't really prove to have much leadership.  Don't get me wrong, he is a very good college football player, and someone may take a flyer on him and he would certainly get a FA tryout, but it would be a mistake for him to do it, even with all that is going on around him at OSU.


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Honestly, Pryor jokes are fun and all, but there's no way NFL teams aren't going to take a chance on him. Not first round, but 2-5. He is a physical freak. He could easily put on 25 pounds and be a beast tight end or WR. He is too big and too fast to not be used in some capacity at the NFL level.


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I agree - I think his ceiling is late 1st round as a TE, but that's only if TP states he's willing to play TE and if there isn't 1 or 2 very good TE's coming out the same year. More realistically, he's a second or third round pick on athleticism alone, maybe worse depending on attitude and what position he says he's willing to play. If he's insistent on being a QB, he might fall further.