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The Indianopolis Star has an article on Purdue's chances of making it to the B1G championship game in Indy.  At the end, there is an interesting quote from Purdue QB Caleb TerBush that seems to be perfectly made as bulletin board material for the Michigan locker room:

 "We don't want to get caught up in looking ahead, and then you miss those games you should win," quarterback Caleb TerBush said. "We have to stay focused on the task ahead, and that's Michigan."




Now I don't think Michigan needs any extra incentive to play hard on Saturday; the poor play against ND and taking the first step toward winning the B1G should be enough.  And I don't blame TerBush for showing confidence, either, but his sentiment does seem like a stupid thing to say to a reporter because it can so easily be construed as meaning he sees Michigan as a trap game, a game that Purdue should definitely win. Perhaps the only reason Purdue might not win is that they are looking ahead to prepare for better teams later in their schedule.

From the context it appears he's saying something different, talking about defending the home turf, being sure to play strong at home.

Or, maybe in TerBush's eyes Purdue really has arrived and is superior to Michigan.



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OK we'll the high school I went no in GR had a TerVeen, a TerMeer and one others can't recall. It's certainly not as common as a Vandenberg, Dykema or Zuiderveen, but its not rare enough to make a post complaining about it.

Find your old West Michigan white pages and go to the Ter section and you'll see.


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I know, which is why I said I have no beef with Jenison.   My wife grew up there and teaches at the same school your grandmother was the secretary at.  I didn't even know there was a big rivalry between Jenison and Husdonville.  If it makes you feel better she will be cheering on Jenison against GRCHS (my alma mater) tomorrow at the Kid Cats game.  I would go and cheer them on as well but I work. 

+1 for epic thread drift.


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Never thought I'd see the day. I'm a UCHS grad, worked in the muck as a kid, and yes, I'm Dutch.

Quick hits:

Most Dutch name might be VanKlompenBerg (knew a few of those growing up).

My son is named Ezra...for the Bible book not the band

Married a Dutch girl from Chicago with an Italian last name

Hudsonville ice cream not made in Hudsonville (formerly Burnips, now in Holland)

LSA Aught One

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You get myriad uninformed people that think it sounds neat and choose to name their kids Caleb anyway.  I am going to make up a completely false statistic now.  82% of children named Caleb after 1990 were named that because it sounds neat while only 17% were named that due to the biblical/Hebrew ties.  The other 1% were named such due to their parents inability to spell Charles correctly.


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Unfortunately, most people do not know why the Biblical Caleb was given his name. He was from a mixed family, rather than being exclusively Israelites. Thus,  they called him by a derogatory slur--- Caleb="Dog" in Biblical Hebrew.

The name became popluar in our society because Caleb was a great hero of the faith... but they fail to understand the true meaning of his name.


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...but I think you're confusing "true meaning" with "original meaning". Meaning changes and as you rightly noted, Caleb was a hero of the faith. Therefore, the current meaning of his name is more complex than its original derogatory connotation. 


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I don't think we need any extra incentive.  Also, I don't think he is sounding too overly confident, I mean I guess a bit.  I would hope that in his eyes Purdue is better than Michigan, because I sure thought that Michigan was better than Alabama going into that game.


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The thing i find so funny in all of this, is just because we lost to Bama and imploded at ND.  Everyone thinks we can't even compete with average B1G teams anymore..


I guess we should of played more scrub teams so we could of averaged 40+ pts a game like purdue did.. Then we would of at least been 3-1 and been heavily favored in the game


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Not in that context.  You say "all right" when describing something as being in order.  "How are you feeling?"  "I'm feeling all right."  

When using it merely as filler, usually at the beginning or end of a sentence, you say "alright."   

"Are you sure you aren't sick?"  "I said I'm fine, alright?"


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Actually, no, it is never standard grammar to use "alright" instead of "all right." http://www.thefreedictionary.com/all+right

Of course, everyone knows what "alright" means, so it's a word in that sense. Also, the merits of standard or prescriptive grammar (not descriptive grammar) are debatable. 

If I had to choose one, then I'd pick "alright" over "would of." I'd pick both over "then" used incorrectly in place of "than."


I think Epic Thread Drift is winning the internetz today.


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Well it really depends on whether you think Denard's preformances against Alabama and ND are an aberation due to good defense or bad luck, or if you think it's a constant that will continue throughout the season.  I would like to think that counting on multiple turnovers every game from Denard is wishful thinking and a sign that you're outmatched if that's what it takes to win.   But I also can't fault them for thinking that way at this point.