Telluride: M v Hawaii Game Meetup

Submitted by Esterhaus on August 26th, 2016 at 6:08 PM

Some of us alumnae are attending the Telluride film fest over Labor Day. There will be a small group in town watching the Hawaii game together at the Brown Dog, former Wolverine football player Jeff Smokevitch's award-winning pizza pub:

Please join us in camaraderie as we root for our favorite team. I'm buying some Detroit-style pizzas and perhaps, just meh-bee, a round or so of drinks. Hope to see you mountain and film types then and there.

Go Blue!



August 26th, 2016 at 6:51 PM ^

I was unaware that "some" and "bunch" were completely exclusive of each other, probably because they're not.

It is just as correct to look at 8 cats and "there are some cats over there" as it is to say "there are a bunch of cats over there."

And, as for reading comprehension, the quotes are indicating a specific type of post that is common on this board, not directly referencing the OPs exact statements.

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Behind enemy lines never looked so sweet. View is from the top of Koko Head, looking towards Waikiki and Diamond Head.

No viewing party though. I like to enjoy the games from the confines of my apartment at 6:00am local time. Best time of the day to watch football. And a Michigan win sets the mood for the rest of the weekend. 


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for the game, and opening weekend on the slopes!



No, that's a lie, I'll be binge drinking in a warehouse in West Oakland. 

Anyone is welcome to come by, but it's BYOB.


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I think Colorado is a great place to ski by most standards, but it has long seemed as overrated as Utah is underrated. I believe that's mostly the LDS factor, which matters little when one is measuring quality of skiing. (I'm too old to place much value on "night life.")

Utah's important features IMO:

1. Many hills within an easy drive of SLC and different kinds of experience (and $). Powder Mountain, for example, is vastly different from Deer Valley. Logan != SLC != Park City

2. You have much of what you'd expect to find in a big metropolitan area available to you. No "company stores" at remote resorts or anything resembling them ...

3. Related to point 2, lodging of all levels can be found (Motel 6 near the airport right up to the Cliff Lodge at Snowbird).

Billy Ray Valentine

August 26th, 2016 at 6:52 PM ^

Smokevitch opened another place in Denver a little over a year ago. In my biased opinion, it is absolutely the best pizza in town. If Brown Dog is anything like Blue Pan, the pizza will be world-class.