Tebow to the CFL

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SBNation with the scoop.  What surprises me about the CFL is the whole jav-in or jav-out scheme.  And also, the bound-for-street rule.  Is there any reason the NFL hasn't instituted these yet?

What an adventure!

Edit: To ensure the longevity of this thread, I feel like I must inform all that this is satire. Or is it?


Marley Nowell

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While I am nor have ever been a Tebow fan I feel like he got a raw deal.  He led the Broncos to the playoffs and even won a playoff game but wasn't even given a chance to start again the next year.  I realize he had a ridiculous run of luck but he still produced while he was starting. The reason he never got another chance is that he doesn't function like a typical QB which seems like a dumb reason to me.


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That hellacious defense that scored TDs in something like 6 of their wins "led the Broncos to the playoffs and even won a playoff game." Simply happening to be the quarterback on a team that wins does not equate to being responsible for the team winning. Go look at the scores from that season, there's a handful of games where the Broncos' offense scored like 7-10 points and they still won. That's not a credit to Tim Tebow.


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I think they gave him a chance to run the offense they wanted and he couldn't do it.  That was his tryout; most NFL teams aren't going to alter their offense so profoundly as to allow Tebow to be successful.  In college you are more flexible, but the offense Denver was going to run with him puts a huge pressure on your defense to keep the game close and let you grind out wins, which isn't going to win you a title.  I think Tebow is a great college player who was never going to succeed in the pros - nothing wrong with that.  Eric Crouch won a Heisman that way, and that's fine.


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Some NFL guy was on Dan Patrick like a week ago and was asked why Tebow isn't a back up anywhere and his answer was basically, "a backup QB has to be able to hit guys in practice consistently, and Tebow throws it ten yards over a guys head and its just a wasted practice rep. He has no value unless he's starting." It was pretty interesting.


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The way I see it is for Tebow to be a top tier quarterback he would need the entire offense revamped to something similar to his Florida days. Easy reads in the passing game, read-option runs, and lots of QB run plays. This offense would require new players and coaches across the board. No way that kind of risk is worth it to maximize one guy's talents, especially considering there's no telling if such an offense would even work against elite NFL defenses. If Tebow wanted to succeed, he would have needed to embrace a non quarterback role, but he was so stubbornly set on being a franchise quarterback.


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Speaking of my home town.....

I don't want Tebow to sign with the Canadians. After watching the shitstorm that passed for NFL Quarterbacking last night from my Browns I gotta believe they've got old Touchdown Timmy all qued up and ready for signing.

And you really think I'm the wierdest thing on the board Turd?  I don't know if I should be increadibly fllattered or start crying.


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I was honestly, truly, thinking this morning why Tebow wasn't in the CFL (he isn't, right?) and then I see this post today.  But really, he should play in the CFL, it seems perfect for him and a team can make an offense around him.  However, his "marketability" in Canada is probably miniscule compared to what it was here, so maybe it's not worth it to them.  They also have more sophisticated players and offenses these days, I think, than in the past.  But odd to think he's not even on an NFL roster somewhere, somehow.


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These Chronicles are a MUST READ for football fans!

No, but if you enjoy anything that Jon Bois writes for SB Nation, you will like it. I think it blows everything out of the water. I am no Tebow fan,but that doesn't matter. Entertaining, adventurous, and a bit weird. 4 thumbs up IMO.