Teams we're rooting for go 4-7 on Friday

Submitted by sirnack on March 10th, 2018 at 8:08 AM

Based off Seth's post yesterday, we went 4-7. Alabama and Askansas gave us upset wins in the SEC tournament, and WVU and UVA held serve. UCLA forced overtime but couldn't win. 9 of the 11 teams we were rooting for were underdogs, so I guess this isn't too bad. Also, Maryland got back to 75th in RPI, so our win against them is still quadrant one.

Today, we're rooting for Memphis, Bama, Arkansas, Houston, Kansas, and UNC.

We could pull for Buffalo and St. Bonaventure to beat Toledo and Davidson, who are in front of Penn State in RPI, but PSU needs to move up 3 spots and I don't see how that happens.



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If Duke wants to play that zone like they did against UNC, I will be more than happy with the match up in Sweet 16. Their backline just stands there and the lane is wide open. Luke Maye would just casually flash into the paint and no one even tried to disrupt him. With our ball movement and passing, I think we can carve up that zone. Not to mention pushing the ball on them...they arent very good at stopping the ball coming up the court.


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I'm afraid Bagley and Carter would offensive rebound us out of the gym. Duke's guard play doesn't worry me, but it would be a blood bath on the inside anytime Wagner came off the court. Bagley's second jump and athleticism would pose a huge challenge.

I'd rather see UNC in the Sweet 16. May can shoot but both Wagner and Teske could guard him down low. Matthews and Livers would also match up well on Pinson while Z locks down Berry.

Cali's Goin' Blue

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are the top 2 in the scouting community. Bagley at best is going #3 and most likely in the 4-7 range. If Bagley works on his 3 pt shot and gets a more consistent form than he will be a good player. Doncic and Ayton both have the same potential and have shown much more consistantly that they have clear paths to being a superstar. I love Bagley btw, but definitely not the clear #1. 

Steve in PA

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The same thing that drove me crazy about JB before this year.  Providence is a tough matchup for a lot of teams but to blow a 17 point lead is inexcusable.  Xavier has been blowing big leads all year and good/great offense covers up the problem.  I'm somewhat surprised because I don't remember their defense being this horrid before.

Indy Pete - Go Blue

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Thanks for the update, and I will cheer for those teams, too. I would like to step back for minute and point out again just how ridiculous this whole quadrant thing is. If Penn State and Maryland manage to get up to number 74 and 75 in the RPI, Michigan was a juggernaut that deserves seeding at an elite level. However, if those two teams are ranked number 76 and number 77 on the RPI, Michigan is just another team that had a pretty good regular season.  This arbitary categorization that is black and white, all-or-nothing has no place in a sports world that has more data and nuance than ever before.  These type of categorizations are what allow the committee to support unjust decisions that have hidden biases and agendas.  By the way, I am still floored by the ridiculous joke that is the KPI - a legacy gift from the terrible Mark Hollis.


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We handily beat MSU and Purdue last weekend.  We can beat anyone in the country. Wherever we end up and whoever we face we have to beat.  We do our job and we will be fine.


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No argument, but as long as humans, working under the guise of numbers, make the selections there is a good likelihood that we will be disappointed. But one can hope.

If there were ever a case to be made to use computer rankings, the NCAA tournament is it.  Lots of variables but it could certainly be done.



True Blue 9

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We know Joe is a terrible Bracketologist BUT his update this morning...yes please. #3 seed in Dallas playing College of Charleston and then the winner of Florida / Western Kentucky. I’d prefer Detroit but like those match ups!

True Blue 9

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I know this likely isn't how it would stick but whew....gotta think Providence would give UNC a run for their money and Missouri / Virginia Tech would be an outstanding first-round matchup. 

True Blue 9

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CBS also updated this morning and moved us up from a 4 to a 3. Playing Bucknell in Dallas, we'd play the winner of Arkansas and Loyola Chicago. Not sure I love playing Arkansas that close to their home. UNC would be the 2 in that region and Xavier would be the 1.  Curious if anyone prefers ESPN or CBS prediction? I'd probably prefer ESPN. 


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Can someone tell me the rules, if they exist, for when they will seed you for a potential rematch? I feel like I heard them say if you played a team once, twice, etc then you won't face them until certain rounds.


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From this article referring to changes made for the upcoming 2014 Tournament:


*How early conference rivals can meet in the tournament will now be based on how many times they have already played prior to the tournament. If teams only have played once previously, they can be bracketed to meet as early as the "third round" (i.e. Round of 32). If they have played twice, they can't meet before the Sweet 16. If they already have played three times, they can't have a potential matchup until the Elite Eight.


  *The rule that required the top three seeds from a particular conference to be put into different regions has been changed. Now, the top four teams from a league will be separated only if they all land within the top four seed lines (i.e. top 16 teams on the 1-68 seed list).


 "It is important we avoid the top teams from leagues receiving multiple bids to the tournament from playing one another when they are seeded in the first quadrant," said Wellman in the NCAA release. "But after those first four lines are seeded, we want to remain as true to the seed lines as possible."


 *The committee will avoid regular-season nonconference rematches in the First Four, and also in the Round of 64, if possible. If two teams from the same conference are in the First Four, any of the rules can be relaxed to help accommodate that scenario.



Based on this, we couldn't face MSU or OSU until the S16 nor Purdue until the E8. A non-conference rematch could occur in the second round.


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where we play.  Much more concerned with potential match-ups, just for path of least resistence purposes.  I think we've proven we can beat anybody on a neutral floor.  Lets do this already!   HAIL