The team! New tunnel paint job.

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A friend posted this to my Facebook group. This is pretty cool if it's real. I'm attempting to resize but failing miserably..




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I was there over the weekend and the three concrete headers in front of the one that says, "GO BLUE" have 'The Team, The Team, The Team."  Looking in from the mouth of the tunnel, each one gets a little larger than the last.  Pretty cool effect, and I am loving it.

One other change that we noticed is outside the Michigan locker room door.  There is a red rose now painted as well as the years that we won the Big Ten Champion.  I think that it all looks really great.


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Kindof a personal question (somewhat complicated by us being anonymous posters), but I'm curious if that makes you all in for Hoke.
Interested in hearing the journey of a hardcore RR fan and if you are now hardcore for Hoke. I understand many of the RR leans now love Hoke, but what of the die hards?


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Being 100% behind RR and 100% behind Hoke are not mutually exclusive in my opinion... I wasn't happy with Rodriguez's treatment here or his dismissal, I really wasn't happy when we hired Brady Hoke, but he was so masterful in his introductory press conference - that did a lot to gain my confidence, the rest has come as a result of both our amazing recruiting class and the fact that Hoke is a bigger homer than me.

lexus larry

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Should also include "No player..."  and "No former player..." but that seems to be a bit much to ask of the alums from the last 20 years, or quitters from the last 5... 

I fully supported the team for the past decade, despite some awful position coach and coordinator choices, and their mind-numbing play-calling.  I support the team today.  Don't ask that the yardstick becomes whether or not I support Hoke or any other coach...not supposed to work that way, right?

And as far as amazing recruiting classes, many HS players had their impressions of U-M set during earlier years, not just the past 6 months.  Much like Tate Forcier having a good impression of U-M during the LC days, and signing on with RichRod, despite Tate's academic distress over the past year...  Not to say Hoke hasn't made good of the opportunity in front of him, but let's not overstate how HS players get to the comfort level they have when they start making their selection known.


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completely with your 100% theory. This is interesting for me to hear at this point, and I was hoping to hear that those fanatically loyal to RR are also so to Hoke. We all want to believe we've risen above differences. Actually, it's probably most exciting to me to see everyone getting excited about Michigan football together, no matter where the lines were drawn before.


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How is that such a hard concept to grasp? When the University you love decides to go in a direction, you get behind it and you support it. It's where you spent your formative years, it's where you send your money, it's where you travel back halfway across the country just for a Saturday afternoon. Why would you do all that of you were only going to halfassly (my creation) support the person chosen to leas your team and university? It's people who can't come to grips with that who were a huge problem for the RR administration. If everyone had gotten behind him instead of thinking of themselves as if they had the right or deserved to be the judge, jury and executioner, the program probably would not have fallen on such hard times. Sorry but that's the truth. The RR era may not have been the most successful in Michigan football history but the most shameful part of it is not what happened on the field, it's how those who should've been most loyal failed the university and the program.


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that's what you want to call it. Even after the bowl game loss, I though going forward that he was the best coach for Michigan, given his offensive strides. However, I could also understand why many thought it was his time to go (based on past performance, not necessairly expected future performance).

I still wouldn't say that I love Hoke, but he is making good progress getting alumni back in the fold and in recruiting. Until I see the team play the 1st game, I can't say I love Hoke. Anybody can "talk the talk".

Even now, I think RR is a good coach (better than Hoke), but the situation at Michigan was wrong for him and his poor results lead to his firing. I'm sure he'll end up as a HC next year, and I'll follow him out of curiosity, but my main love is Michigan, not the coach (whomever it is, unless the dude is awesome!).


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I was a huge fan of RR and still am. I completely agree that he was a good coach that was handed a really terrible situation and was tossed to the wolves by the very people that were supposed to get behind him. I do find it extremely disingenuous for people that didn't back RR to now act as if everyone should get behind the head coach of Michigan football no matter who it is. 

That said, I like Hoke as a person. He is very likable. I just don't think he is really the caliber of coach that UM needs to become a nationally elite program. There is a reason he was not the first choice and there is not another top tier program that would have even considered hiring him as a HC based on his resume. Having coached the defensive line at Michigan a long time ago and being familiar with traditions doesn't really enhance the merit portion of a HC's resume, it is a 'nice to have'. Mattison could be the saving grace of the entire process, but I think they should have showed RR the same courtesy of giving him a $650K budget to go get  a top flight DC 2-3 years ago and I think we would be looking at a different situation. 

Will Hoke make Michigan a nationally prominent program? He might, but in terms of probability I don't think he is the person that presents the greatest chnace of that happening. I love Lloyd CArr as a coach and as a man of character and how he represented the University, but I do think that by the end of his tenure that a predictable and somewhat basic level of scheming on both sides of the ball was catching up to the philosophy og here is what i am going to do, stop me. I fear that we are going back to an outdated brand of football that will see us being moderately successful in the Big10 during the regular season, occasionally winning it all, then praying for a favorable post-season match up against a team that doesn't have the ability to exploit us and make us look silly. 

Furthermore, and I am just being honest about the type of football I like to watch, I find the 'manball' approach boring. I understand many of you do not, but I watch a lot of college football and there is a reason I would easily watch an Oregon, Clemson or Alabama game way before i would ever flip to a Wisconsin game.


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Out of curiosity, have you ever watched a Hoke-coached team play?  SDSU last year did not much resemble a Carr-coached team from a schematic standpoint.

Gary Moeller and Lloyd Carr were not clones of Bo Schembechler, and neither was Rich Rodriguez a clone of Don Nehlen (who himself was a former Schembechler assistant).  I don't know why fans assume that Hoke is a carbon copy of Carr. 


August 8th, 2011 at 7:01 PM ^ SDSU and Ball State.

I am basing my fear and trepidation (/sarcasm) on:

-the lack of any real creative or innovative philosophy in the schemes at either SDSU or Ball state

-what I saw in the spring scrimmage (yes, i realize basic and early, but still)

-nearly everything I have heard about what they plan to do and how since they took over

I am not saying he is going to scheme exactly like Carr, but I do think it is entirely possible that he will be employing an outdated approach that depends on being able to out "manball" opponents and "blow them off the ball". I do not think it is realistici to belive you can win by doing that against teams that have an equal (or greater) amount of talent/muscle/speed. A team with that mentality is vulnerable to being out-schemed on a regular basis.


The Barwis Effect

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Gary Moeller threw the ball on 4th and 1 against ND because that's exactly what his mentor, Bo Schembechler, would have done in the same situation.

Brady Hoke coached under Lloyd Carr, therefore the only logical conclusion one can make is that Hoke will be an exact clone of Carr, just as Moeller was a exact duplicate of Bo.



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Think of it like dating.  You love who you are with.  Sometimes it doesn't work out.  You break up.  You move on to the next one.  You love the new one, but it doesn't make you love the previous one any less or more.  It just didn't work out and you moved on. Now your loving every minute with the new one.

Unless you were dating Jim Tressell who lied to you and now you hate his guts.  Oh wait, that's how a normal fan would react.


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of Hoke as anyone. The 47-50 record scares me. However, he also turned 2 programs around, hired great coordinators, and is recruiting well. So yeah, that gives me plenty of reason for hope.


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I was always a huge RR supporter, but now that he's gone I wish him happy trails & I'll definitely root for wherever he ends up next. However that being said I've been 100% behind Hoke for a few months now (His intro conference was a huge step, but I didn't really get fully behind him until he landed us the best linebacker class in the country)


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They must have did that over the weekend...... I got a chance to actually walk down the tunnel Friday morning and that wasnt there..... thats siiiiiick though.


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I get chills from watching that. Given the fact that I am still an M student, I unfortunately don't ever remember Bo coaching a game. However, the stories from my dad about Bo, and the things he did for Michigan, were enough for me to become a Michigan fan from a very young age. I got chills from Hoke's first press conference, and Hoke's whole demeanor reminds me exactly of this man.

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In all honesty, do you think it's possible they pipe in Bo's speech into the tunnel as the team waits to take the field?  maybe only for the last home game of the year or something?  thanks for posting this pic!  I think this is perfect.