TEAM appreciation thread

Submitted by Michifornia on March 4th, 2018 at 6:35 PM

HAIL!!  Bo has to be smiling down on Coach B and his guys.  This is what he meant when he said THE TEAM!  THE TEAM! THE TEAM!

I trust every single guy on this team to do their job.  Truly incredible.  5 guys on the floor at any given time working like a well oiled maching.  TOTAL CONTROL.  This is truly unbelievable.

We are witnessing something really special.  One senior starting and playing like a senior leader.  Great shooters who don't miss often because they shoot within the system.  Simpson is getting better and better.  Going to miss MAAR.  Hopefully we can make a deep tourney run for him.  AND MY MAN TESKE!!!





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With the terrible weekend I have had up to this point I am at a loss for words. Back to Back b10 tornament champs has a nice ring to it. Thank you for cheering me up.


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Teske: intimidating presence down low

DRob: constant threat from 3 land, blocking shots like Mutombo, and most consistent FT shooter

MAAR: ice in the veins, 3 pt threat, offense creator

Matthews: while not always consistent, he flashes brilliance in creating offense and hits timely and unexpected 3s,

Zavier: freaking amazing point guard, assists that parallel magic Johnson,

Wagner: shot blocker, 3pt shooter, creates post offense where we were not great before, all around star

Poole: flashes brilliance like Matthews and shows incredible talent and potential

Livers: see Poole

This team is one of my favorite of all time! Go blue!

Indy Pete - Go Blue

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Mo, Jon, Z, MAAR, Duncan, Poole, livers, Matthews, Simmons

Talk about a special group of young men!

Beilein, Haynes, Yaklich, Washington

Talk about a special group of coaches!

Mo’s mom, MAAR’s dad, Jude stamper, the beeline, maize rage

Talk about a special group of fans!


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I love watching this team.  So many different people have their roles and they are the epitome of an unselfish basketball team. 


As John Belein is getting up there in his age lets all really take the time to savior these last two special seasons.  I believe the future will be bright for Michigan basketball for atleast another 5 years but we may not see something like back to back conference championships for a long time.  

So proud to have Belein as our coach.  He truly inspires me to be a better man.


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This team, I believe, has just matched the win total of the 2014 team, who won the B1G regular season title outright by 3 games and went to the Elite Eight. What an amazing turnaround and development of this team, especially on the defensive end!


March 4th, 2018 at 7:13 PM ^

I'm so proud of this team.

Z and C-Matt are the ultimate team guys and even when their shots weren't falling, their defense kept us in games. Poole and Livers with that freshman swag making big plays when they needed to. MAAR and Duncan kept making big shot after big shot all year long. Moe and Teske winning on the inside consistently against the likes of JJJ and Haas.

The coaching staff was great too. JB being an offensive wizard and putting this team together. Yak completely turning around the defense. Saddi being a big whisperer, etc.

I hope Iggy, DD, and Johns are ready because next year we go for the threepeat. GO BLUE!


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I think the two best teams in the B1G ended up in the final and today we were the better team.
Actually, I think, right now, we are the best team in the Big Ten.