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Team 133 Photo up in the Michigan Photo Store. Not sure how to link the other pictures (got this one off twitter). Looks like Denard and Kovacs are team captains with possibly Roundtree a third. There are couple others with just the seniors at the link.




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as several have pointed out. It also highlights how many people are involved in coaching, training, managing, eats the team. I counted 46.

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Kind of cool that the center point of the Block M stops at the football that Kovacs is holding.  (Shakes head in sadness thinking that there's only one more season to see #32, flying in from all angles to make tackles).


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One possible explanation: To permit Toussaint and Clark to participate in the photo.

I read somewhere on the interweb that Fitz and Frank were not permitted to wear any UM garb until recently. Presumably, that would have prevented them from appearing in the photo.

I seriously doubt that is really the explanation, but it is possible.


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You guys really don't seem to get how asinine this "Team 133" stuff sounds, do you? Just because Coach Hoke pukes some words out in one of his "interview" abominations doesn't mean you have to mindlessly parrot them every chance you get.


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This is the first year (at least in a LONG while) that the team photo was done in sections 25/26. For the last decade or so, it's been shot in the north end zone, dead center behiond the goalposts. The head coach or captains have had to sit on concrete blocks and boards used to bridge the aisle. It never looked that good.

This year, it was moved to avoid the aisle issue. Seat cushions were already being placed in section 23/24, so the team shot was pushed down a few sections for a nice clean background. The Block-M is not such a bad thing to have in the shot. 

The team was positioned on the west side (facing east) to avoid having them all stare into the sun.

Yes...I know a guy.


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Borgess is fatter than ever. Dude better slow down or he won't see the end of the season. Hoke looks like he hasn't missed many meals either. They better watch that, I'd like them to be around awhile and not end up having a heart attack on the night of their first Rose Bowl like another coach we knew and loved.

Leaders And Best

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But love the fact Hoke puts the team in the center of the photo with the captains and seniors in front.  Most teams would have the head coach sitting front and center, but Hoke sits on the left with the entire defensive staff, and the offensive staff sits on the right.

Second year in a row they have done it this way, and it fits the philosophy he preaches of putting the kids and the team first.  It's also the way Bo used to do it as well.  For comparison:


Bo's legendary first team


OMG those coaches shorts. Also, Dave Brandon (#24) in the back row third from the left.


I love how Bo used to sometimes put his hat on the ground in front of him like the players with their helmets when kneeling in front.


Of note, that is Cass Tech HC Thomas Wilcher (#27) sitting next to Bo, and freshman Allen Gant's father Tony sitting front row on the left (#14). Freshman Bo Dever's father Dave sitting in the sixth row 5 from the right (#57).


Curt Mallory #39 standing in the back row sixth from the right.


Bo's final season.





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Does anyone know if there is a limit on the number of players a team can have on its roster?  I know there are dressing rules and such for away games, but wasn't sure regarding just people listed on the team.