Team 133 Captains?

Submitted by Perkis-Size Me on August 7th, 2012 at 7:44 PM

I'm somewhat surprised this hasn't been brought up on the board yet, but:

1) Does anyone know when the team is supposed to announce who the captains for the season will be?

2) Who do you all have pegged as captains for the year? Personally, I think Kovacs is a lock, and then Denard and Roundtree both have great chances. Maybe Demens, too. But if I had to narrow it down to three, I'd go with Denard, Kovacs and Roundtree. Thoughts?



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At least that is what Hoke said in one of the first day of practice transcripts.


I would say Denard/Kovacs, however would also say the Roundtree or Roh would be solid choices as well.

Edit: yes, sorry for being redundant, I guess being interrupted mid sentence caused a couple minute delay on clicking "save.". Pretty touchy around here these days.


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of someone like Taylor Lewan for captaincy? In his 4th year a M, hence a senior, but only a rJr title beside his bio. I think he would be great choice as well.


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Given all the interviews he has been doing lately where he keeps talking about "not being the funny guy" and "stepping up as a leader" it wouldn't surprise me if that is what Lewan is hoping for. It wouldn't surprise me to see him chosen.


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I think the roster of guys we took to B1G media days is telling.  Telling?  Telling.



Junior Taylor Lewan.  Everyone has been talking about how much he has matured and his work this offseason.


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I remember when it was just one for offense and defense. I think there are several now from offense, defense and special teams.

I would have to go with Denard as the offensive team captain and Kovacs as the defensive team captain.

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my guesses are Denard, Kovacs, Roh or Roundtree.

I would love to see Big Will get the nod, he has put a ton of work in this year and I hope he goes beast mode (defensive Minor rage please...)


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Denard -- absolutely for certain ... book it.

Kovacs -- very, very likely.  He's got all the right mojo.

Roh -- maybe, but I don't sense it.  I admire the guy, but I just don't sense the force on this one.

Roundtree -- good chance ... a lot depends on how he takes charge during fall camp.

Campbell -- maybe ... see "Roundtree"


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I'm kinda surprised no one has mentioned Vincent Smith. Hard worker, toughest guy pound for pound, stuck around after RR left despite high chance of decreased playing time, etc. 

If I was picking it'd be really tough to pick 2-4 guys from the following 6...

Denard, Smith, Tree, Kovacs, Demens, Lewan

Edit: Totally forgot Roh - who deserves it as much as anyone (Save for maybe Denard and Kovacs) - I'm glad I don't have to figure this out. How does it work? Do players vote? I remember being voted as captain of bball team Sr year in high school, and it was a huge honor. If I was a captain for a M football team, that would be unfathomable. 


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Methinks. Demens is the leader I think. Very well spoken, a hard worker and leads by example as well (and he's from my hometown, which is rare). Then Kovacs for his kovackian work ethic and commitment. Third is Denard. I really like Mealer too, and his beard.


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If there is a captain for offense, defense, and speiclal teams...

Offense is obvious - Denard

Defense is obvious - Kovacs

Could special teams be...Floyd Simmons? He's a senior leader, and special teams stand out. I can't really think of another senior special teams player that would deserve it more. Don't think red shirts usually become captains, but maybe it could happen!