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Submitted by AAK15 on August 5th, 2012 at 2:35 PM

Not super significant, but I think it's an inidication that it's gonna be a good season. Many of my friends on the team have been posting Facebook statuses stating they're going to be off Facebook from now until the end of the season because they're on a mission. Twitter is beginning to look like that too:


We'll see how many more players pick this trend up, and if it effects their play at all.



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Hopefully this decision will also eventually include staying off of car hoods and staying in a taxi instead of behind the wheel after indulging in the sacrament.  Go Blue!

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Do we need to "recruit" the guys who are already enrolled  and who are part of the program?  Do the guys who are enrolled and who are part of the program need social media for recruiting, particularly during the season?  Shouldn't there be basically no contact between current student-athletes and serious recruting targets?

Shane Morris can contact his fellow recruits all he wants, given his status as a mere oral-commit to Michigan.  He'd better not contact recruits after he's enrolled.

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It is my question, and I don't even understand it.  Other than as a question that is obviously self-answering. 

Of course the current members of the football team don't need Twitter or Facebook for "recruiting."  And any use of Twitter or Facebook for recruiting, if it ever existed on the side of the University, is a nullity in the cases of the guys already, uh, on the team.  Twitter and Facebook, as used by members of the team with respect to recruiting, are therefore irrelevancies.  Good riddance.


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My comment was specific to Shane, not any current player or such.  He does a lot of good recruiting through social media, so I said he couldn't give it up because it is too important to recruiting. 

Obviously current players and such cannot do recruiting through it, since that would be a violation.

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It might even save the program money, if we didn't have to pay outside contractors to monitor the stupid stuff being posted on Facebook and Twitter.

Who knows; it might save Hoke eight or twelve or twenty or thirty headaches.  And might keep Michigan out of the newspapers.



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Not super significant, but I think it's an inidication that it's gonna be a good season

This is the biggest stretch I've ever seen. Staying off Facebook and Twitter isn't going to help us against Bama or MSU.

I like that we have a focused mature team, but this is a nonfactor


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Not being on facebook and twitter certainly won't make a difference in and of itself. But if you think optimistically about it, this probably shows the team has collectively taken on the mentaility of being entirely focused on working as hard as possible to reach their goals, starting with fall camp.

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Staying off twitter and Facebook won't help them beat Bama, but it definitely shows a high level of maturity and focus. I commend them for it if they stay true to it.

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Can't help but think this is tangentially related to last year's Denard hack incident. Interesting contrast with the AD's need to push the social media side (hashtags on the field for Spring Game and whatnot.) Keep the social aspects about the fan experience and try to keep the team the team the team out of the fray. It's an old-school mindset and I'm fer it.


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Jerald Robinson's feed hinted at going offline too - I saw his "see you in a month" tweet  earlier today. A few other players seemed to hint at the same thing. They seem eager to jump into practices this month too, and that's certainly great to hear. The focus is admirable. 

I assume the idea is to be as prepared as possible for the season, in which case I think that it is awesome that they seem to be on board with going offline (insofar as social media is concerned) for the duration of fall practice. There is definitely a connection and a spirit of teamwork that seems apparent going into August, and that will hopefully translate into a great season for these players.