Tayshaun Prince to resign with Detroit

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You either rebuild, or you're in a constant battle for the 7th and 8th seeds. Joe Dumars clearly has no idea how to compete in this stage of the NBA. Nothing against Tayshaun, but this team nees to start over, and play the young guys. Unless this is a part of a sign and trade. this is just another in a long line of terrible decisions by Dumars.



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I've enjoyed the NBA for 30 years, but at this point it seems like the players are posturing for a league in which a half dozen teams have all the all-stars, and the rest are also rans jockeying for draft position.

People want to go young, but I feel that's true for half of the league.  How do you propose going young?  Trade older junk for young players with potential?  Exactly which team will be the trading partner?  And if not through trade, who would you sign?  All the amazing young players who are free agents?  A.  There aren't many.  B. They don't want to go play for a franchise that has had several dysfunctional years and no realistic title shot.

So Joe (and I'm not being a homer defender) did what he had to do.  Kept a veteran who still has value when healthy and signed him to a contract that's actually a bargain in this market.  Prince will either bring a leadership role to young members of the team (Monroe, Jerebko, Knight, Daye) or be great bait for a trade deadline move to a contender for a raw talent and/or draft picks.  Meaning...for those who want to go young, signing Prince make actually be the most likely way to go young.  Sign what's there to get draft picks later.


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Tay is a solid player and we got him pretty cheap. Also with the new Nba deal every team is allowed to get rid of a bad contract. So I'd assume the pistons would get rid of either rip, Charlie v, or Bg.


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I can't fault Joe for holding onto his assets as long as he is open to making moves and plans to buy low and sell high. Any player can be a valuable commodity depending on how large their contract is and how far into it they are, which is why Rip was virtually untradeable last season but his increasing value from here forward. This is a net positive transaction considering Prince took a pay cut when his productivity hasn't yet fallen.

Our biggest issue was at starting SD and now he can refocus on clearing up the logjam at SG. Overall I approve.


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Dumars has some serious work to do
with this roster, and this move will make
it feel like he's treading water, but he
just signed Prince for approximately 60
percent of his previous salary. As
frustrating as it might be to admit, it was
the right move. Not to mention it should be no problem trading him down the line without the oversized contract to scare teams away ie Rip Hamilton. Dumars has made some mistakes, not drafting Anthony and trading Billups away for a has been in Iverson, but all his moves have seemed like the right moves at the time. They just haven't worked out. I like Dumars and believe that given the time he will get the pistons back to a championship caliber franchise. We just have to be a little bit more patient!