Tayshaun Prince to resign with Detroit

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You either rebuild, or you're in a constant battle for the 7th and 8th seeds. Joe Dumars clearly has no idea how to compete in this stage of the NBA. Nothing against Tayshaun, but this team nees to start over, and play the young guys. Unless this is a part of a sign and trade. this is just another in a long line of terrible decisions by Dumars.



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4 years when he's already at -2 years of real productivity? And $28 mil more against the cap to go with all the other bad contracts?

They're worse than a 7 or 8 seed...they're praying that the 1 ping pong ball they get every year will turn into the #1 pick. (And yes, I know they don't use ping pong balls anymore).


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My guess is C Chris Kaman of the Los Angeles Clippers.  They are about to (reportedly) offer C DeAndre Jordan a 5 year and 40 million dollar deal, which would make Kaman a backup paid 12.7 million in the final year of his contract.  It is rumored that LAC has coveted Prince in the past, and center is a need on the Pistons that would be filled by the former Central MIchigan product, Kaman.

We'd be *something* like:


Also of note: Jerebko will be re-signed for 4 years and 16 million.


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I have. Reports are that nobody gets amnestied this season.

I personally would give Jason Maxiell the axe.  Guy's making 5 million for the next two years to be an undersized 6th big with no skillset to speak of.  You need to see what the new coach can do with Gordon and Villanueva before you amnesty them.  Neither of them were utilized in a manner close that even remotely resembled their roles when they found success in the NBA (inconsistent minutes, bench v starter, shot attempts, etc.), and it's in our best interests to try to get their trade values up.

Jason Maxiell, on the other hand, is useless to 90% of the teams in the league.


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I side with the posters who say we need to go young.  We're clearly not playing for a championship.  We're probably not even playing for the playoffs.  So let's go young, lose a ton of games while our young guys learn, get another draft pick or two, and watch this team rise gradually over the next few years. 

Seeing a young, talented team grow is much more interesting to a fan than watching a mediocre slew of players who aren't going to accomplish anything and just talk shit all day long.

In other words, I'm hoping this is a sign-and-trade for someone young or maybe just a body and a draft pick.



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basically if they resign Prince it means they are either not re-signing Stuckey or Jerekbo or they going to pay the luxuary tax.  All that and they continue to stunt the growth of Daye.  

Joe could've traded Prince last year to Dallas for their first round that wound up being Jordan Hamilton who would have been a much younger, cheaper option at SF. 


The NBA sucks as a league, but at least when the Pistons are decent I will pay some attention.  Now, I wish they had just cancelled the whole season.

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was a terrible coach, didnt know what the hell he was doing.  Now I am not giving a pass to the players because a lot of them acted like babies but Lawrence Frank can coach, he has proven it.  If you get the right guy in there to motivate the players and bring in some good game plans, teams change...look what Mattison and Brady did.

Tay can still play and they needed a forward.  Free agents are not interested in Detroit anymore because of the losing but with the new coach and new ownership I think we can make it work.



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I want to see him and Rip finish their careers out on some championship team. The Pistons need to start rebuilding and get rid of Dumars. I wish these were still the days where I thought Dumars was a doing a great job...

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Sorry, Pistons fans. I live in Cleveland and hate the Pistons. I also never like Prince. I never understood how his bony ass was ever so effective in the NBA. I'd beat the shit out of that guy.


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disgusting. Let's re-sign Stuckey, too. Then we'll have the quadfecta of awful, overpaid, dumpster players: Stuckey, Tay, Ben Gordon and Charlie V. 


This team needs flushed. Loved the Brandon Knight draftig. Hate this...


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4 years for 27 mill

he was making 11 last year

Very affordable, also we singed jonas

Big $ coming off the books will be Rip, not Tayshaun

We need to figure out something to do with Rip as we have multiple shooting guards


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This would be a solid deal, if this team were a competitive team. This is not a team that is a playoff competitor, that's clear to anyone around the league. Tayshaun is a great piece, to a playoff team who needs a long armed defender, and a good open shooter. Granted your point about Rip is a solid one, and combined with Villanueva's contract, are two prime trade suspects. But, I believe something else is at play here. I think they really believe that Lawrence Frank will make all the difference.


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Jerebko is back. That's all I really care about.

I'm indifferent about the Tayshaun signing. Maybe this means he likes Lawrence Frank? It's not a huge contract and he can be easily moved if they are out of the playoff hunt or just don't want him anymore.

I think Rip needs to go. On his last legs and his contract is more obtrusive.