Taylor Lewan Under Investigation For Assault

Submitted by Bando Calrissian on December 24th, 2013 at 8:43 AM

AnnArbor.com/MLive have confirmed yesterday's report by Bucknuts.com that Taylor Lewan is under investigation by the Ann Arbor Police Department for his possible role in a fight outside the Brown Jug the evening of the Ohio State game. While they're not going as far as the Bucknuts story, it looks like this might have some legs.


Police confirmed Lewan, a projected NFL first-round draft pick, was in the area of a fight involving Ohio State University fans about 12:30 a.m. Dec. 1 in the 1200 block of South University Avenue, but his level of involvement had not been determined as of Dec. 23.
Lewan has not been arrested and no charges have been filed in the incident. Police confirmed an investigation is taking place into the incident, but would not confirm any further details into the incident.



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Yeah, you read the Bucknuts report and it is a slew of "I was just minding my own business" and "everyone around us was ignoring the facts".  It just reads like a couple of idiots who got drunk, probably got into a fight, and then are trying to piece together a juicy story for some stupid reason.  I'm sure Taylor Lewan is not above getting into bar fights, but the facts surrounding this circumstance are extremely suspect.

And more generally, can people around here stop acting piously about incidents like this.  People who want to believe that Lewan is somehow a major cause of this season's struggles will point to this as proof he is a thug, despite little evidence that "leadership" was the major missing ingredient during the year.  People who unabashedly love UM act like Lewan was in the UGLi all night and wasn't anywhere near the incident.

When I was at UM, you'd hear stories about random linemen and safeties knocking guys out at random parties, the famous tales of Griese stumbling out of bars, etc., and I guess I just took it as par for the course.  LOTS of college students get into fights, get drunk, etc. at times, but because they are 5'10" and 175lbs and are History majors nobody cares.  Girls will rip hair out of each other's heads and you don't see it on the news.  But for some reason, a bunch of massive guys who are easily singled out by rowdy drunks get treated like morally bankrupt criminals because they don't walk away every time.  It just seems silly to me, and that isn't the same as condoning it.

This particular story seems incredibly illogical and silly; doesn't mean similar events have occurred and will occur in the future with other players.  With the calendar turning hopefully 2014 will be a bit better for UM faithful, but the "concerned fandom" act some are portraying should be left in 1960, er 2013, where it belongs.


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I really don't care.  They guy got in a bar fight.  His season is over in less than a week and off to the NFL he goes.  This won't change his draft status. 


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As a fanbase the Buckeyes have zero credibility. Most will lie to themselves and others to justify their idiocy. No charges have been filed because either others have not corroborated the bucknut's story or their are too many inconsistencies. Maybe the drunk bucknut just fell off his cooler and hit his own face and Lewan, in the vicinity, laughed at him.


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Anyone remember when some guy accused Marlin Jackson of hitting him in the face with a bottle? Didn't have any evidence to back it up. Everyone that was there backed Marlin's side of the story. But it didn't stop the guy from dragging his name through the mud for a while before backing off and dropping the charges.

Well, the guy then popped back up right before the NFL Draft to start making the accusations again and he filed a civil case against Marlin. Marlin fought back and won defimation case against the guy and was awarded more than $200,000.

The moral of the story is obvious, but that doesn't mean people know that story. Wouldn't be surprised at all if someone targeted a future NFLer in a bid to get rich quick. Especially if it was a drunk OSU fan targeting a Michigan player.

Wasn't there. Don't know what happened. But this is just what popped into my head as I read the Bucknuts article and how it differed from more reputable sources. Even if you didn't know what Taylor Lewan looked like, uhhh, he is 6-8, 300+ pounds. Kind of stands out a bit.



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Only difference is Marlin Jackson didn't spend every Saturday night wasted at the bar causing trouble. 

If this were Lewan's first time in the news for this, I doubt anyone would give the story the time of day.

Anyone around Ann Arbor the past 4 years, and they had to put money on whether Lewan hit this guy or not, would probably be betting that he hit him. 

That's where my money would be at least.   The kid has some issues he needs to get hashed out or he is going to waste away his talent once he's paid.

We really could have used his leadership this year, instead not a single person on the team took him seriously.  How could they?


December 24th, 2013 at 2:30 PM ^

You know nobody on the team took him seriously?  I get that he's a bit of a hothead, but unless you know something more than most I don't see how you can assume the struggles of this team were due to a lack of leadership and, I don't know, a misguided offensive philosophy, poor recruiting, and stunted player development in addition to other issues.


December 24th, 2013 at 2:55 PM ^

Yes, I know.  Obviously, I'm just some internet poster to everyone, but I do know a person in the athletic department that deals directly with the football team.

And "nobody" was probably too strong of a word.   I'll say this, there were some younger guys on the team that were  turned off by Lewan's personality this season and how he conducted himself outside the locker room.  Unfortunately no upperclassman stepped up to Taylor telling him to knock off the crap. 

Lewan came back for his 5th year not to win a B1G championship, and it became evident early.  He came back to party.

There's a clip during the MSU game where Lewan was yelling at the O-Line, and not one of the younger guys looked like they cared what he was saying.  That's what will happen when they know your Senior Captain will be wasted 4 hours after his tirade as if the game meant nothing.

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December 25th, 2013 at 6:41 PM ^

Don't be obtuse. That's not what he was saying at all, and you know it. What he's saying is that he has been on campus the past 4 years, or has spoken to people who have, including those in the athletic department, and the general consensus is that Lewan is a bit of a jerk who parties too much for the taste of some of his teammates. You don't buy it, that's cool, but don't twist what he's saying. 

Maized and Confused

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But it sounds like something he would do. I'm sure neither side was innocent, but I can definitely see him having an "I don't give a f*** that was my last regular season game of my college career " kind of attitude. He's def an angry person and if a drunk ohio state fan did something to piss him off right after that loss, I can see this story being true.

My only problem is.... Seriously, you wore a RED shirt out after losing to OSU?? C'mon man... You're better that that


December 24th, 2013 at 1:11 PM ^

We are just seeing one side of the arguement from the OSU side.  Let's see the full investigation unfold before we start throwing stones.  Some people on this thread are having a hard time seeing this, being so far up on their high horse.


December 24th, 2013 at 1:27 PM ^

Speculation from this thread leads me to believe that Lewan was likely getting (verbally) harassed by OSU fans, in an AA establishment, of course.

Which kinda gets under my f'ing skin a bit. There's no friggin' way, NONE, that the OSU contigent at a bar in Columbus would allow a group of UM fans to torment/harass one of their players. Not a chance. That matter would be settled and done long before it escalated.

Of course, OSU's recent domination over us has given them a really annoying sense of entitlement. They treat Ann Arbor like a northern extension of Columbus. And hey...there's not much we can do about that until we actually start winning this game once in a while again.

Note that I am NOT excusing Lewan's conduct (if he did do what was alleged). NOT at all.

Just win in Columbus in 2014, guys. Just do it.


December 24th, 2013 at 2:27 PM ^

Fine with it, if it was osu fans then they were running their mouth, I ran into many arrogant, cocky, asshole buckeye fans that Saturday. We will kick their ass next season.

This is called Karma, doesn't Ohio have some stupid song about karma anyways? Or was that Radiohead?


December 25th, 2013 at 12:32 PM ^

Running your damn mouth. Let's not pretend they did nothing in this whole ordeal...now you sound like your hero that you carried off the field last year, the same guy who has/had cheated most of his coaching career.

E. Gordon Gee

December 25th, 2013 at 1:32 PM ^

First, I don't know how you can say I sound like Jim Tressel after I simply asked "Karma for what". The "hero" the players carried off the field, the guy who you say cheated most of his career,  the guy who beat....I'll stop right there. 

I'm not pretending the people in this story didn't do anything. I know my own fanbase and I hate most of them. I've seem a few, not all, make fools of themselves on the road from going to games in Madison to College Station.  I've also seen well manner fans as well, so I won't create an image that belies their innocence in Ann Arbor nor confirm what you think they did.

Lastly, there is Karma in order for running my damn mouth as to why you want to beat OSU next season? Lol. I think you might want to take up your karma problems with those Buckeyes you ran into, not a random poster on the Internet.  

The much larger point I was making is why did karma exist following a rivalry game. I guess I got my answer. See you in Columbus next year! 


December 27th, 2013 at 8:12 AM ^

in Columbus, a streak starts in the other direction next year. You've had the better team the last 2, yet have squeeked by the youngest team in the B1G. It's coming to an end soon my friend. As far as Karma, you said it, most of your fans are a-holes, they run their mouth a lot and hardly get punished. You are right, see you in Columbus next year!


December 24th, 2013 at 1:36 PM ^

This happened a few weeks back now.  Don't we think if Lewan really was guilty of something Hoke would have suspended him by now?  Hoke doesn't seem like the type only to suspend a guy that's getting publicity to make the media/fans happy, no?  I get the feeling if Lewan violated team rules he'd be suspended the day after it happened.  To me this means there may not be much there.

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December 24th, 2013 at 1:40 PM ^

Well... boys will be boys yknow

Seriously though... read the Bucknuts article... not looking so hot for Taylor and the AA PD. Id be a bit surprised if Taylor was suspended since this thing is only just now out there, with the game in four days. His draft stock is more likely the concern after this, not that I think it will take a huge hit. I think it was already out there that he can be an asshole, as much as I love the guy.

I was conflicted when i read the bucknuts account, part of me knew it was all so wrong... the other part of me was like yeah, kick his ass, god knows the do they same kind of dirt ball shit to our people in Columbus.


December 24th, 2013 at 1:40 PM ^

Okay, so what Suckeye fan would be walking around downtown AA after they just beat Michigan.  Looking for trouble.  nah...

A Michigan fan would be smart enough to stay out of colonumbus after a football game.


December 24th, 2013 at 2:27 PM ^

This feels like "football players at bar, fight breaks out, let's presume the biggest guys started it" kind of story.  If nobody got arrested and the incident happened weeks ago, I'd chalk it up to a bunch of college kids getting into an argument and move along.


December 24th, 2013 at 2:37 PM ^

Campus. When you go South to the toilet bowl your grandma couldn't walk the streets in blue. The most classless people on this planet. Actually, it doesn't a "maize" me sense we have common sense and class. I hope he clocked someone since they probably were assaulting our fans. I call it even.


December 24th, 2013 at 2:44 PM ^

BTW, this might be silly, but the Bucknuts links to a medical form that says the accuser's diagnosis was "ASSAULT".  Last time I checked, that isn't a medical condition, but does anyone know if that is an actual statement UM medical center would even put on a discharge form?

Section 1

December 24th, 2013 at 3:13 PM ^

It was put on the patient's Discharge Instructions. Now "Discharge Instructions" do not equate with "the medical record" as asserted by the Bucknuts staff writer(s).

Yeah; "Assault" never was and never will be any sort of diagnosis. I don't know if it could possibly be some billing or medical records shorthand within the hospital, but I frankly doubt it. To whatever extent that Bucknuts wanted to use that page of the Discharge Instructions to prove that an assault actually occurred, it is just bullshit. There is undoubtedly a real medical record, and it hasn't been posted. The real medical record has a history (the patient's version), a physical examination report, laboratory and imaging results if any, a REAL diagnosis, a record of treatment, and a final disposition for the patient. The "diagnosis" of "assault" is bullshit, I am sorry to say to the UMMC emergency staff. I expect that those records may be reviewed by the investigating officers. I'd absolutely expect the medical staff to say that all they know about any "assault" is what the OSU fan told them.

btw; if anybody is suggesting that the document posted by Bucknuts has been forged or falsified... UMMC does electronic medical record-keeping and they would likely have an e-copy as well as a hard copy. (He probably signed Page 2; all we were shown is Page 1). And it would be obvious if there had been any alteration. I can't imagine such an alteration. But I also absolutely reject any "diagnosis" of "assault."


December 26th, 2013 at 5:51 AM ^

It's inconceivable that the ER docs, whose names are on the purported discharge instructions, would make a primary diagnosis of "assault."  It isn't a clinical diagnosis, and without a clinical diagnosis and the corresponding ICD-9-CM diagnostic codes (which are used for billing), UMMC and the doctors won't be paid.

The only codes for assaults in ICD-9-CM are E codes, which are supplementary codes intended to provide statistical data about the external causes of injury and poisoning for research on injuries and prevention strategies. As a research center, UMMC may use E codes (they aren't mandated by the Healthcare Finance Administration and generally aren't used) but E codes are explicitly "never to be used as a primary diagnosis code."

Medical records are legal documents; altering or falsifying them is unlawful. I know nothing about possible penalties for altering discharge documents and publishing on the internet. But I'm certain the doctors would detest being used to sully a reputation. 



December 24th, 2013 at 3:10 PM ^

"Contusions" might be a diagnosis. Doesn't make much sense for that would be on there. But if that is legitimately on the form, it still doesn't actually mean anything.

If a patient comes in and says he needs to be treated because he was assaulted, it’s not like the hospital is going to send out it’s crack team of investigators to check out the crime scene and interview witnesses. Unless there is obvious evidence that he is lying, I imagine they just write down what they are told. 


December 24th, 2013 at 3:50 PM ^

So the Bucknuts story is that these poor innocent OSU fans, pure as the snow in their actions and of course completely sober, did not see the fence outside The Brown Jug and one of them tripped over it. Then Lewan, like a wild preditor sensing vulnerability, savagely attacked them.

Isn't the fence they're referring to like three and a half feet tall? That's well above the hip line on an average person. How would you trip over top of that. It doesn't even sound possible. Did Manute Bol come back to life as an Ohio State fan?

Seriously, how could a sober person miss this and trip over it?


December 24th, 2013 at 4:08 PM ^

I think it's no coincidence that we appeared to lack senior leadership on the field this season and the fact that Taylor Lewan was a senior captain.  I expect him to be held to higher standard than not just the general student body, but the rest of the football team.  His name has been on 3 separte police reports involving serious crimes now.  He's been rumored to be drunk at bars and acting out in the past. 

Think about it for a minute, a captain of the Michigan Wolverine Football team is out drinking late at night after the biggest game of the year, he's then accused of beating up on much smaller guys.  Just not the level of leadership I expect from a team captain.

If he gets charged with a crime this week, I do not want him playing Saturday night.  Doubt this gets sorted out before then though.  Maybe Hoke should talk to him and supsend him regardless, I don;t know.


December 24th, 2013 at 6:27 PM ^

He isn't going to be charged without being interviewed. Without a charge, he won't be suspended. He isn't returning to A2 after the game, and his agent will be hiring an attorney if one is needed. You don't have to worry yourself about him any longer, the streets are safe.


December 24th, 2013 at 5:00 PM ^

have not shown a pattern of looking the other way where Michigan athletes are concerned. In my unhumble opinion, it seems extremely unlikely that Lewan would not have been arrested and booked if he commited an assault on an unsuspecting and innocent person. 

In any event, Lewan enjoys the presumption of innocence and all of us are best served by letting the legal process proceed. If he proves to be guilty of assault, then he should pay the same price as anyone else, if not then he deserves better than being trashed by "fans" of the program. 

I understand that some here don't like him and/or feel that he fell short in his role as a team captain. The simple fact is that he walked away from millions of dollars to play another year at Michigan. Look into your hearts and ask yourselves if you'd have done the same. From my perspective, Lewan literally put his money where his mouth is, and that buy him a great deal of credibility in my book.

Nosce Te Ipsum

December 24th, 2013 at 6:03 PM ^

He seems to have no character at all. Add this to the fact that he threatened the rape victim and he obviously hasn't learned how to be a good human being. Excited for him to leave the team. 

Section 1

December 24th, 2013 at 6:14 PM ^

There was a "rape vicitm"?  Do tell us who was charged in that "rape."  And tell us how Lewan comunicated any "threat" to that "victim."

And since it's silly to play games with rhetorical questions, and since we know that there were never any charges in the Gibbons case, where do you get off talking about  "rape victims"?


December 24th, 2013 at 6:52 PM ^

I'm not sure I get your point; are you saying that as long as nobody is charged with a crime that there isn't a victim? No one here knows what exactly happened on the night that gave rise to the allegations against Gibbons, but to summarily say that there was no victim isn't just short-sighted, it's downright idiotic. Our criminal justice system is a long way from perfect, guilty people are not charged or go free all the time