Taylor Lewan is Top performer for OL with 4.87 40 yd dash

Submitted by Duval Wolverine on February 22nd, 2014 at 12:18 PM

Taylor Lewan is Top performer for OL with 4.87 40 yd dash per NFL network



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Lewan is putting in work! He also had a 29 in. vert to go along with the 29 bench press reps. Has looked nice and fluid in the field drills as well garnering praise from the NFL network crew. He's already top ten but he's firmly putting himself in position to be the first tackle taken.

West German Judge

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Just for comparison's sake:

2008 #1 overall Jake Long--6'7', 315lbs, 37 reps, 27.5" vert, 5.22 40
2012 #4 overall Matt Kalil-- 6'7", 306lbs, 30 reps, 27" vert, 4.99 40
2013 #1 overall Eric Fisher-- 6'7", 306lbs, 27 reps, 28.5" vert, 5.05 40


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That's rather impressive!

I was looking at the "analysis" on Jeremy Gallon and they said he was not a natural hands catcher. I find that kind of crazy as I recall him having great hands...


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Well, as a subset of the fanbase around here is wont to say, he still lacks the leadership and toughness that this team needed!  #HOTSPORTSTAKE

That said, pretty crazy a guy that big can run that fast.

Raback Omaba

February 22nd, 2014 at 1:53 PM ^

But count me as someone who thought that he did a poor job representing the program. I give him the benefit of the doubt because in the end he was just a kid (a big one at that,) but his maturity was lacking.

Best of luck to him and hope that he is a better ambassador for the school in the NFL.


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no one will notice if next year he wears a different name and number and suits up for the maize and blue on saturdays, right?


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But he didn't have the fastest time. There where two other guys who ran 4.84. He had the most impressive time in regards to those who have recognizable names. His time is still noteworthy considering his size. He would be a good fit in New England, his style of play is ideal for their type of system.

Space Coyote

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Lewan has the fastest time for an OL in the 40 this year. No one else is in the 4.8 second range. Armstead did better last year, but this year Lewan had the fastest 40 time for OL at the combine. He was also had the best broad jump (9'9", 2nd was 9'6"), 4th in 3 cone drill, 9th in the 20 yard shuttle, and 11th at bench (29 reps).


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Where would you place 40 time on the importance relative to some of the other measurements?

Serious question. 

I can see the value of quickness ... particularly lateral quickness for an OT.

I get speed is a good thing in general.  But it strikes me that other things are probably more important in the grand scheme of things.

Rather be on BA

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The 40 time as a whole isn't very important, but the 10 yard split is very important.  Lewan's was 1.70s which is very good.  Broad jump should be another that is quite important for an OL.  I would say vertical too.

 Tbh though, the combine does a pretty crappy job with their testing.  There are a lot of tests out there that would predict performance much better than many the NFL uses... a 225 lb bench press that players rep 20,30+ times is laughably unrelated to playing football.  There is no true measure of upper body power or strength in their testing battery.  The jumps do an okay job of lower body power, but there are still better methods out there.  

I dumped the Dope

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So I keep hearing calls for Wellman's head.  It would seem to follow T. Lewan made a lot of these training/development gains under Wellman's guidance.  I recall an article on how his body fat was really low...meaning to me if you looked at his raw poundage it was not just a gluttonous big tall dude, he had converted to a lot of muscle and structure.

I'm no S&C guy, that bias duly noted.  Nice job by Lewan to elevate his stock before the draft.  I hope his legacy continues far into the future.  Aside, I really dislike the "Michigan in the NFL" video board advertisement, it looks like a cheap afterthought.  In contrast, I would much rather have players actually go make names for themselves for multiple years ala Woodson and Brady.  Everybody knows those names and not because they are on a video board.