Taylor Lewan Named to AP All-America First Team

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Congrats to Taylor Lewan for being named to another All-America first team, this time AP. From mgoblue.com release:

University of Michigan football senior/junior offensive tackle Taylor Lewan (Scottsdale, Ariz./Chaparral) was named today (Tuesday, Dec. 11) to the 2012 Associated Press All-America first team.

Lewan continues to receive accolades for his play in 2012. The Big Ten Rimington-Pace Offensive Lineman of the Year and an All-Big Ten first team choice by the league's coaches and media, Lewan also was named to the All-America first team by the Walter Camp Football Foundation, ESPN.com and Athlon Sports and second team by CBSSports.com.

See this AP page for the full list.



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snarling wolverine

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Blah, blah blah . . . the only reason to go pro is for money.   The NFL is a job.  Work sucks.  

If he stays, he gets to be a part of Team 134 and have one more year of college football, which he can never get back if he walks away now.  All the ex-Michigan players say they'd give anything to run out of that tunnel one more time with the winged helmet on.



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Those are consensus (Score:5 Normal)

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Those are consensus all-americans. Michigan has 78 of them including Molk. If Lewan is named 1st team all-american by 3 of the 5 orginaztions he will become Michigan's 79th consensus all-american.

The organizations are-


Associated Press (AP) TBA
American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) X
Football Writers Association of America (FWAA) 12/14
Sporting News X
Walter Camp Football Foundation (WCFF)



Roy Roundtree will wear the #1 jersey before he leaves Michigan.

Official 2012-13 Michigan Hockey goal horn: http://www.youtube.com/user/WolverineDevo

Bursley Blue

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Congrats to him.

I personally still don't see how he was the best left tackle in the nation this year. I actually think he was better last year, but of course it always helps to have the line anchored by a guy like Molk.


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Mock Drafts:

Bleacher Report: #6 to the Rams

Walter Camp Football: #13 to the Dolphins

CBS Sports.com: #6 to the Eagles


Guys....he is gone.  And that's not a bad thing long term to say we're starting to place talent in the upper portions of the NFL draft again.  As a fan I would love to see him return.  As a father there would be no way in the world I wouldn't tell Taylor to go pro this year cause you just never know what can happen injury-wise.

Good luck Taylor and congrats!


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Good point but my guess would be they are simply following the "best player available" mantra instead of drafting for need.  If they have Taylor as the best player on the board then you either take him or trade him if you want to maximize your pick's value.


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There is a very good chance Miami will Long him walk in the offseason.  He had a down year this year and they have a number of key free agents including Sean Smith and Randy Starks. Plus they drafted Jonathan Martin out of Stanford last year in the second round.  Martin though I would think would be a reason why they wouldn't draft Lewan.  The Dolphins need a WR badly and I doubt they will end up picing as high s #6 anway.


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I'd probably advise him to leave as well, but if he stays he'll be insured against disability to whatever his draft position was (determined by the NFL Draft Advisory Board). Were he to come back and be perminantly injured, he'd most definitely be worse off than with a few years in the NFL, but he would still be a millioniare.


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Others have him as a top 10 pick...happy for him. He is going to have a degree and. Chance to be taken in the top 10 and in the 1st round almost surely. Even my biased perspective would advise him strongly to go pro. His only reason to come back would be for a shot at the rose bowl but that's not really in his control and doesn't seem to be enough. It will hurt us a lot in the short term but it's good to see Michigan players get drafted in the 1st round again.

Perkis-Size Me

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I don't see how Lewan doesn't leave after this year. He's essentially a top-15 pick, and could be a top-10 guy if he has a solid showing in the Outback Bowl against Clowney.

I hope he stays, and I'm sure we'd all pitch in to buy him a twosie made of solid gold if that's what got him to stay, but there's just too much risk involved if he doesn't declare (injury, underperforming, etc.). I'm sure Kalis is ready to step in and prove himself.


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Congrats to Taylor.  If, as it seems he will, he projects to a high first round pick, he should definitley enter the draft. There's not room to improve his stock when he's at the top already.

Sione's Flow

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Congrats to Taylor, I'd been extremely happy to see him stay, but after Marcus Lattimore's knee injury this year.  You know something like that has to play into his decision making process.  It's a double edged sword if he stays, but if he leaves early it could be the tipping point where h.s school kids start to see that Michigan is getting back to it's old self putting players in the draft in the first round.


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Congratulations to Taylor on yet another honor. Hopefully, he becomes a consensus All-American with a nomination to any of the AFCA, Walter Camp or Sporting News teams, as it always nice to see Michigan putting out highly decorated talent. Like others, I would love it if he would stay, but I definitely understand if he chooses to go given the projections.

I think Mel Kiper had Lewan as his second tackle off the board after Luke Joeckel at Texas A&M, and then right behind him as the third tackle taken, Kiper predicts Eric Fisher from CMU, I think.

Johnny Blood

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Congrats to Taylor.

I said this before in another thread, but I really hope he leaves his twosie behind to pass down each year to the best OL on the team, kind of the like the #1 jersey for OL, only more practical.


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ever played football at Michigan.

For my part, I've been trying to keep all these awards a secret. The burning question, of course, is whether I should retire Adrian (my tired donkey) if Lewan goes.