Taylor Lewan: Michigan Man

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I know there is already a thread on his announcment, but I think a thread celebrating what appears to be a completely selfless decision on Lewan's part is needed. It just goes to show you how much character and determination he has. Truly a class act!


Thanks for showing us all what it truly means to be a Michigan Man, Taylor.

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Did anyone read the post by 277Gunson:

He is a moran, pure and simple.

He can only hurt his draft stock and body.



It does suck for them as three guys with 3-5th round grades bolt ASAP, but Lewan and his top 10 grade stays....that burns man...Thanks Taylor


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I'm excited to think about the effect this decision will have on all of the young OL both what they'll learn from Lewan next year and the example it sets and what it means to play at Michigan.


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Of all the blown redshirts in the Rodriguez era, thank goodness his wasn't one.  Here's to a senior season unlike any other and a number one pick in 2014.

Billy Ray Valentine

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I sure hope so. 


When was the last time we had a player who was projected to be drafted in the first-half of the first-round return?


Not that they're similarly-situated players, but it makes you wonder ... what if Woodson would have returned in '98?


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Perhaps his RS Freshman year - he met Long on the sidelines and commeted that Long was as wide as Lewan with pads on, and that Long told him to "take care of that number".

Mission accomplished

Billy Ray Valentine

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but rather, what would it had been like if he returned?  It's a purely speculative thought.  I wholeheartedly agree with you.  Woodson had virtually no personal motivation to return.  The only argument for staying I can conjure up would be to equal Archie Griffin's repeat.


Would he have played more WR?  Blitz more?  It's fun to think about, IMO.


That said, this is Taylor's thread.  Hooray Taylor!  I'd love it if the coaches could figure out a way to get him a TD on a tackle-eligible play on senior day.

Son of Lloyd Brady

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While I am happy that Lewan is coming back, this decision does not make him a Michigan Man in my eyes. I believe that he already was a Michigan Man, even if he left, due to his hard work and representing the university with class and dignity. That being said, WHOOOOO!!!!


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first, hoke didn't sound surprised. He probably knew Lewan was staying and is still going after more OL. Second, anyone coming in for 2013 was going to redshirt. By the time they would have played, Lewan was going to be gone anyways. This doesn't change that. I bet we still do get that 6th OL.

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Awesome news!   For some reason I had a gut feeling he would be back, but I tend to trust my head more than my gut so I wasn't optimistic (perhaps I should change that?). 

Good luck to Lewan on having an awesome final year and raising his draft stock even more.