Taylor Lewan chooses settlement over trial

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"Lewan, 23, was arrested shortly after midnight on Dec. 1 after allegedly hitting two men outside of the Brown Jug, a restaurant in Ann Arbor. Hours earlier, Michigan lost to Ohio State 42-41 in Lewan's final game as a Wolverine.

Lewan said he was breaking up a fight, but the alleged victims and another witness refuted that claim."


Here's an old thread about it.



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I realize Hoke blaming a lot their problems last year on leadership, namely Lewan, was a bunch of crap, but this dude was probably one of my least favorite players to play for Michigan in a long time.


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Defendant most often admits to the contents of the police report, which, when taken with witness statements, almost certainly establish guilt of the charged offense. Any difference is a matter of semantics and entirely aimed at avoiding civil liability on the basis of the plea(and even then it really doesn't matter). It is of no consequence with regard to the nature of the conviction or sentencing.

Everyone Murders

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From the article, there was one aggravated assault charge and two assault and battery charges.  I wonder if he pled to a single count of A&B, or a single count of disorderly conduct or some such.

In any event, it seems like a good outcome from Lewan.  Even though the victims seemed especially douchey, the evidence that came out afterward seems to indicate that Lewan was doing something other than breaking up a fight - by which I mean punching a loudmouth OSU fan and his friend. 

With luck, the judge will include some anger management sessions as part of the sentence.

Perkis-Size Me

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Lewan shouldn't have put himself in that situation, granted, but any OSU fan that's dumb enough to hang out in an Ann Arbor bar, especially a student bar, right after the game and start running their mouth is going to get exactly what they deserve.

I don't remember exactly what happened to the OSU fans, but if they got their asses kicked, I feel zero sympathy for them.

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Agreed. Shoe on the other foot, they would show zero mercy. A Michigan fan doing the same down there would be seriously jeopardizing his existence. I used to live near the Horseshoe, I once had to follow some little shits out of a bar because I thought they were going to jump this middle-aged Penn State couple after a game against them. 


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Is Lewan a loose cannon? 


I respect his athleticism and his awesome career here at Michigan, but it feels like some day we will be reading about him facing arrest in the near future. 


I dont know the particulars of this case, but there is also the story of him allegedly threatening a rape victim. I don't know if there additional incidents (I consider the Will/Tom Gholston situation to be a non-story). 


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I've read some anecdotes here that kind of make him sound like a prick, obviously can't speak to the truthiness of them. 

I do think it was the height of eyeball-rolling, melodramatic bitchism when State fans started calling Lewan "Grand Wizard" over the Gholston thing. If anything that reaction was racist, assuming a guy ribbing another guy over being mistakenly called "Tom" must be racially motivated, just because the latter guy happened to be black.


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that the "victim" had a BULL HORN and was USING IT to talk shit when the said incident occured.  That is a pretty important factor in this.  I have zero sympathy for the asshole.  None.

Avon Barksdale

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The Titans did a great service to Lewan by drafting Mettenberger. /s.

The two are together all the time in Nashville which is great, since they both have had legal problems in their past. Mettenberger was already sucker punched at a bar in Nashville while Lewan was present.


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I thought Taylor obviously was dumb there, but hopefully he gets this behind him. Although, while I'm not upset an OSU fan gets beat, I wouldn't mind seeing our own "fans" get beaten up by him given what was said on here.