Tate, T. Talbott, Tackling, and Touchdowns

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To summarize the weekend of controversial diaries-Denard didn’t play so hot, why not play Tate (or Devin) like #16 did last year? Well you don’t bench the Heisman man (though we don’t endorse or even acknowledge his candidacy anymore-it makes us feel better), because our 2nd or 3rd stringers are there for a reason.  Cullen Christian proved this Saturday, and he was behind James Rogers.  Then we brought in another backup named T. Talbott (btw he is a frosh) who couldn’t tackle a player running a circle around him resulting in a key conversion and ultimately another touchdown. 

Speaking of our D, OMG we hate them let’s switch schemes and coaches at the same time-it makes us feel better.  Or alternatively everything is peachy in time, we just need to score more points on O this year.  Let’s give RichRod a few more years to build a D (it takes offensive geniuses min. 5 years to build a D).  His offense is sweet except against rivals lately due to our frosh/soph qbs though we don’t  primarily blame them or the coaches though some of us still do blame-it makes us feel better.

God bless and (everyone please agree at least to say) Go Blue!


myantoniobass …

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Fun police, sorry for interjecting humor to both sides so we can laugh and prep for Iowa. Mods feel free to delete.

A serious question/contribution then.  You are Michigan's offensive coaches.  You have dominated the 1st quarter against ND (14 pts), IU (14pts + fumble at 1), and MSU (3 pts + TO, O-line killed 'em).

Why is our offense stalling out a bit after the dominating the first quarter in these games? The largest factor to me is our lack of establishing a ground game with a RB to compliment Denard.  Teams are adjusting to him.  I thought Stephen Hopkins actually looked the best Saturday assuming Shaw was injured.  Discuss amongst yourselves.


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that the same crap keeps getting posted over and over again into new board topics?  Going over the coulda, shoulda, woulda doesn't turn that loss into a W....Iowa comes to town this week in case nobody noticed...lets focus on that....no need to jump off the Denard bandwagon and start complaining after one sub par performance.